Zeta Global: The Power of People-based Marketing

David A. Steinberg, CEO Delivering the right content at the right time to the right buyer—and connecting dots across their varied touch points—can be a game changer for brands today. To grasp the true potential of this strategy, organizations today are becoming “data-driven practices” that augment revenue, boost efficiency, and create a compelling customer experience. “We realized the potential of data-driven marketing early on and went on to set a high bar: to build a next generation data-driven marketing company with technology at the core,” begins David A. Steinberg, CEO of Zeta.

Steinberg and John Sculley, the co-founders of Zeta knew that a massive change is underway—powered by the proliferation of data, fast penetration of social media and smart phones, continued increase in processing power and a massive drop in the price for storing data. “It had the potential to disrupt how marketers gathered, stored and acted on data,” says Steinberg. “Data is the fuel that takes marketing to a new level and ultimately, it is the foundation of what we’ve built at Zeta,” he adds.

Meanwhile, with several operational and marketing systems offering significant amounts of data to optimize the value of customer relationships, challenges bounding disparate data, siloed departments and conflicting and competing ownership of customer data were augmenting at the other side. Zeta has always focused on consolidation—bringing this data through a customer data management process to create a master audience profile and orchestrate this data for internal and external uses. “Today, we are among one of the biggest database marketing companies, which is transforming data into information to be used cross-channel, cross-device, both internally and externally,” says Steinberg. Evolving from strategic unions of market-leading technologies and elements, Zeta has four decades of engineering experience and strategic leadership.

People-Based Marketing

Zeta Hub—the company’s end-to-end multi-channel, multi-dimensional marketing solution allows marketers to identify their best customer, send the right message through the right channel and analyze the campaigns accordingly. With advanced segmentation capabilities and industry-specific models, “we fulfill the marketers' desire to consolidate all customer data relevant to marketing in a 360 degree view and expose that data in an understandable and accessible way,” asserts Steinberg. “Zeta Hub transforms data to insight and insight to action.”

Zeta Hub delivers powerful BI tools built on a relational database that allow a marketer to profile and understand customer behaviors online and offline. It allows brands to manage the entire customer lifecycle within one platform, across all digital touchpoints. The company’s CRM specialists navigate today’s challenges and opportunities and offer an integrated, cross functional services for technologies, marketing objectives, audience and programs.

At Zeta, the foundation of our approach is bringing data driven marketing to life

The important fact is that Zeta Hub sits at the center of a broader ecosystem–the literal hub in a hub and spoke model–yields further optimizations, by giving Zeta the ability to design custom processes that leverage the platform via API integration and patterns instead of a GUI.

Enhanced Marketing Insights

Zeta’s core competency lies in wholesome data management with a goal to provide complete insight and marketing control for a true cross-channel view of customers, locally or globally. The company believes that better data management can find important marketing efficiencies with improved targeting and reduced promotional waste. Through Zeta’s comprehensive, multichannel marketing solution— organizations can unify and unlock data, driving return on marketing investment. It integrates the core requirements of today’s marketing technology solutions for a true cross-channel 360-degree view of the customer—marketing CRM database with a real-time operational data store, identity management for cross-device targeting, centralized insights and digital marketing platform for syndicating with anonymous media platforms.

Zeta’s solutions are designed to transform data through a combination of database and data management, marketing technology platforms, strategy and analytics into competitive advantage. This empowers the marketer wherever they are, with easy-to-use tools and enable them to extend customer and prospect conversations with two-way dialogs across all channels based on their preferences. Steinberg explains how Zeta helped a home security leader to increase home security leads simultaneously across all channels while maintaining strict cost-per-sales goals. On leveraging Zeta’s multi-channel capabilities, the client was able to target highly relevant users at scale by retargeting, vertical targeting, lookalike modeling and click to call campaign. As a result, the campaign saw Cost-Per-Sale (CPS) greater than 50 percent, and gained first-touch advantage to reach engaged prospects. Also sharing private, internal data between email and social ad environment provided measurable lift to campaign performance.

Providing the Right Ingredients

Zeta’s focus on practical innovation driven by their customers’ needs, along with the competitive analysis on industry ensures that they are directionally aligned to the demands and are not missing the next wave. From a portfolio perspective, Zeta is always developing the solution sets to overcome a CMO’s broadest set of challenges in acquiring new customers, growing their value, and keeping them longer, instead of solving specific sets of technical problems. “We have built the relevant solutions portfolio, the Zeta product development process, executed in an agile manner to accommodate Zeta’s dynamic environment, which includes all of the industry best practices,” adds Steinberg.
Zeta also invests heavily in enhancing their R&D to give their solutions an edge over the competitors. “Our R&D is centered on three broad areas: Machine Learning, Personalization, Online-offline integration via Location-Based Services (LBS) and Beacons,” adds Steinberg. With machine learning, Zeta tunes the existing proprietary algorithms for finding patterns (knowledge) in marketing and transactional data repositories. The goal is to leverage these optimized algorithms to drive increased lift and better campaign performance. The firm also builds optimized machine learning infrastructures that are helping them utilize existing and proprietary algorithms in a high-performance environment.

Zeta has also developed advanced multi-variate testing methodologies and technology to support people-based (1-1) marketing at scale. The Zeta testing technology has automated the process of scoring alternatives within and across segments and deploying the best alternatives once the winners have been chosen. With online-offline integration, Zeta knows that closing the loop on transactional information is one of the true keys to successful customer engagement. “We started by creating deep integrations between offline systems and our own online systems and then moved into the realm of real-time connectivity—integrating mobile technology, LBS, and online beacons for closing the data loop,” explains Steinberg.

"At Zeta, we continually focus on enablement; leveraging a proven customer data management process delivering a master audience profile"

Growing with the Customers

Zeta’s approach to competitive differentiation starts with a deep understanding of customer pain points. By focusing on helping client’s improve their business rather than obsessing about matching or beating competitors’ features and functionality, Zeta is able to compete on their own terms. Another key differentiator is its aggressive data-driven approach to cross-channel, cross-device marketing optimization, enabled by its massive proprietary database, delivered with professional support.

Recently, the company made two key acquisitions—Ebay Enterprise’s CRM and Acxiom Impact. Both of these assets contribute towards advancement of Zeta’s technology platforms; complimenting their services and deepening the strategic partnerships in driving solutions for the clients.

“When developing a high-performance SaaS company, one has to strike a proper balance between entrepreneurialism and robust organizational behavior. At the end of the day, the equation around customers, shareholders and employees has to be in proper balance,” states Steinberg. Everything the company designs, develops and delivers is tied to improving client’s performance across the metrics that matter to them. “The foundation of our approach is bringing data driven marketing to life–improvements in our processes and platform that move the sales needle for the clients,” says Steinberg.

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