Zeta Interactive: Big Data to Acquire, Engage and Retain Customers

David A. Steinberg, Co-Founder
Most industry experts will tell you that the secret behind Big Data-based marketing is the ability to combine, parse, connect, and correlate various pools of data. Three-steps ahead of his peers, David A. Steinberg, the CEO of Zeta Interactive and an Internet marketing pioneer, has never been one to blindly accept conventional wisdom. “The knowledge gained from Big Data means very little without an actionable plan to use it. One must harness the power of Big Data in order to yield big results,” explains Steinberg. As is true with any essential contrivance, Big Data technology can only leverage a company to compete and win in the marketplace if it is expertly utilized.

Zeta has been one of the winners in the emerging Big Data space; it has been featured as a “Magic Quadrant” Company by Gartner, acknowledged as an industry leader by Forrester, and recognized by Forbes as “One of America’s 50 Most Promising Private Companies in 2014”. Zeta has achieved all of this acclaim by building a unique mix of assets and capabilities to help Fortune 500 and Middle Market companies acquire, engage and retain customers. Zeta’s unparalleled Customer Lifecycle automated marketing platform includes a 350-million record database, Patented web technology, and Omni-channel managed services - including Social, Mobile, Display and Search.

What can Zeta Interactive do for you? Zeta employs actionable data, insightful analytics, and proprietary marketing technology to deliver 1:1 marketing at scale within a client’s ROI target. Zeta is laser-focused on helping CMO’s address their three biggest challenges: acquiring new customers, increasing their value and retaining their loyalty. The company’s platform powers measurable, scalable, market-leading brands such as American Express, Travelers Corp., US Airways and ADT.

Zeta’s Email Service Platform (ESP), Zeta Mail, is an industry-leading, integrated-messaging solution which enables marketers to manage subscriber communications and schedule email, inbound and outbound SMS campaigns, as well as Twitter and Facebook posts from a single interface.
With its latest version, Zeta Mail 7, marketers can extend their reach to mobile devices more efficiently and effectively than ever before. The company’s email Demand Side Platform, ZetaXchange, leverages ZetaMail to connect brand advertisers with high-end digital publishers. ZetaXchange offers publishers transparency, control and incremental profit. It also provides advertisers with targeted, premium placement into the consumer’s inbox. The focus is on integrating the hub with Zeta Mail to create the first end-to-end customer lifecycle platform in the marketplace.

Zeta’s core value proposition is centred on mass customization, best in class data management, flexibility of managed service and self-service modules plus the ability to communicate with existing customers and prospects across the lifecycle. A nascent introduction is an integrated offering combining an enterprise-grade ESP with a top tier marketing automation platform.

With expertise across all digital marketing channels, the company’s proprietary solutions power end-to-end marketing and CRM programs. Zeta deploys over 20 billion messages each year for Fortune 1000 companies spanning a variety of verticals from retail, financial services, entertainment, publishing, travel, and more. For a large wireless client, Zeta’s Big Data driven marketing solutions provided a competitive advantage. The client’s customer file extract was matched against Zeta’s record database to identify best prospects for particular products, messages and channels. This lookalike modelling analysis resulted in a set of clusters that were targeted initially through email marketing and ultimately across all digital touch points. A feedback loop which was set up with the client enabled attribution modelling which drove additional refinement of the clusters and targeting strategies to maximize ROI.

Steinberg is determined to insure that Zeta remains focused on clients rather than competition. He says, “Our strategy is to bring data-driven marketing approach and tactics to CMOs of Fortune 500 and middle market clients to enable them to acquire loyal customers at a greater scale within their ROI targets.” The strategy is proving to be effective.

Zeta Interactive

New York

David A. Steinberg, Co-Founder and John Sculley, Co-Founder

A Big Data-driven marketing company that uses insightful analytics to acquire, engage and retain customers.