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Ford Blakely, CEO
As a daily routine a decade ago, Ford Blakely, a finance professional, would visit his favorite coffee shop for "single shot, soy mocha, two pumps, no whip" every morning on the way to work. Tired of waiting in long queues every day, the avid texter wondered why businesses couldn’t find a way to communicate with customers and receive orders through their mobile device.

Ford bought a cell phone for the coffee shop to keep by the register so he could text his order in each morning. The idea quickly caught on and out-grew the capability of a cell phone. Realizing the huge potential, Ford developed a text-to-print solution that allowed businesses like the coffee shop to receive, confirm and print orders via simple text.

Ford quit his job as a CPA and launched Zingle in 2009. While many companies were developing mobile applications that required consumers to download and use new apps, Ford continued to innovate his messaging-based platform. Today, Zingle has become the pioneer in providing businesses a seamless way to communicate in real time with customers on the messaging channels they prefer.

Thousands of hotels, health and fitness businesses, law firms, retailers and other brick-and-mortar businesses are using Zingle’s messaging-based customer engagement platform to increase customer satisfaction, drive staff efficiency and generate revenue. “Too much technology today deflects conversation and delays real resolution,” says Ford, Founder and CEO, Zingle. “Customers don’t just expect faster service, they demand it. Our platform saves time and enables businesses to combine high-touch with high-tech and deliver a truly differentiated service experience that customers will remember.”

Zingle’s platform is based on five foundational elements— data integration,messaging, automation, analytics and AI. By integrating with virtually any system through API, flat file imports or third-party connectors, Zingle makes it easy for businesses to map, sync and segment customers.
From there, messages can be sent and received across the channels customers prefer, including SMS, web chat, Facebook Messenger, WeChat and more. “Our platform addresses one of the key points businesses face in the CEM space: taking advantage of their wealth of data,” says Jason Hekl, SVP of Marketing, Zingle. “Businesses can create dynamic segments, personalize communications and even promotions to help design and execute relevant experiences.”

Automated workflows are easy for businesses to create, customize and execute. By using “If This, Then That” protocols and templates, businesses can trigger automated responses to customer requests and Zingle’s artificial intelligence can identify and escalate complex or urgent requests to the right manager for personal response. By analyzing messaging volume and trends, businesses can benchmark response time, make better staffing and investment decisions and gain real-time insights into their customers’ experience.

Ford explains the use of Zingle with an example from the hotel industry. The moment a guest checks in all her data is synched with Zingle and an automated welcome message could be sent moments later to ensure she’s happy with her room. Rather than walking to the front desk or calling from the guestroom phone, she could then send messages from anywhere with her mobile device to ask for the WiFi password, request more towels, schedule a wake-up call, make reservations at the restaurant or to complain about an issue. With automations and intent recognition, guests then receive real-time responses answering their questions or accelerating a service response. Zingle’s artificial intelligence identifies and escalates complex requests and urgent issues to staff for a personal response when necessary.

“Rather than wait for a customer to complain or for them never to ask for what they really want, Zingle helps business proactively check in with customers, create a two-way conversation and identify potential problems while they can still be repaired and turned into a positive experience,” says Ford.

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A Zinger by Zingle!

Guest Experience is a significant concern for every hotelier, and they keep no stone unturned to achieve the highest points out of it. The platform of Zingle works to increase loyalty and personalize end-to-end travel experience that can help them reach the peak.

FREMONT, CA: “Too much technology today deflects conversation and delays real resolution,” said Ford Blakely, CEO, and Founder of Zingle. “Customers don’t just expect faster service; they demand it. Our platform saves time and enables businesses to combine high-touch with high-tech and deliver a truly differentiated service experience that customers will remember.”
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Ford Blakely, CEO and Jason Hekl, SVP of Marketing

Enables businesses to connect with customers when and how they want with Zingle’s customer engagement platform, using real-time messaging to deliver an exceptional experience