ZIVELO: Interactive Self-Service Kiosks

Chris Augur, President
Brick and mortar businesses are witnessing a paradigm shift with consumers developing an affinity for the digitally-enabled shopping experience. Moreover, the rising labor costs and workforce availability crunch are forcing restaurants and retail chains to rework their consumer engagement strategies. According to recent research by IBM and Kiosk Marketplace, 88 percent of retail customers now expect to be engaged digitally at physical stores, while another 52 percent actually prefer self-service technologies. To address this situation, ZIVELO is pioneering the art and science of designing self-service customer experiences with advanced environmental and system design to favorably attenuate to the new attitudes of the customer. “We are leaders in deploying self-service solutions that redefine consumer experiences while dramatically improving revenue, margins, and ROI for our customers. Effective design and deployment strategies are critical to the overall program success. We therefore leverage our experience in this field to develop a strategic approach for each deployment,” mentions Chris Augur, President, ZIVELO.

The company’s approach to boosting sales for brick and mortar stores involves allowing consumers to browse and explore various products on large display screens, which Augur opines, creates a different mindset among consumers promoting them to buy more than usual. He states it is critical to design the experience such that the users begin exploring rather than simply entering orders; this makes the key difference in revenue lift and margin improvement. Well-designed large screen kiosks deliver this immersive experience. For companies requiring rapid deployment of solutions, ZIVELO offers specific turnkey product suites with hardware and software for retail, hospitality, quick service restaurants (QSR), healthcare, banking, public spaces, and other domains. Furthermore, ZIVELO’s self-service kiosks and digital signage have a “cohesive brand design aesthetic” to ensure a consistent design language for customer-facing digital elements within the space.

To deploy the solutions, ZIVELO’s customer experience design team along with their industrial designers map out a client’s environment to prepare an overall deployment schema.

We are leaders in designing, manufacturing, and deploying self-service solutions that redefine consumer experiences to dramatically improve revenue, margins, and provide a very attractive ROI for our customers

The schema covers everything from foot traffic, queuing, and the kind of experience that consumers are likely to receive at the kiosks, as well as the additional features necessary to make it more attractive. ZIVELO follows the “public art with brain” precept while designing their systems to create the best impression on consumers within the critical first three to five seconds. “We take the hardware, software and the user interface very seriously because they constitute our key success factors,” says Augur.

The consumer experience enabled by ZIVELO has given it a towering presence in several markets such as QSR, where digitally enabled experiences are fast becoming the norm. The company has deployed self-service solutions to thousands of outlets of the three large QSR companies in the U.S. With program management and technical support teams to handle the logistics of deployment, ZIVELO’s sophisticated systems for inventory, distribution, and warehousing ensure their large-scale programs are successful. Post-deployment, QSR outlets reported an increase in customer satisfaction as well as a 20 to 30 percent jump in revenue per ticket. The kiosks also present a seamless opportunity for ZIVELO’s customers to onboard a digital relationship with the consumers.

Moving forward, Augur states that, “ZIVELO is focused on both the hard and soft factors needed to make its customers successful—we are happy to provide substantial, experienced resources to help design solutions and programs for each large-scale deployment.”


Scottsdale, AZ

Chris Augur, President

Provides solutions for self-service kiosks and digital signage to create an immersive experience for consumers at brick and mortar locations