Zones: Comprehensive Cloud Solutions Addressing IT Priorities

Firoz Lalji, Chairman, President, & CEO
In 2016, RightScale, a universal cloud management platform, conducted its fifth annual State of the Cloud Survey for the latest cloud computing trends. In the survey, several IT professionals in the U.S. reported about their adoption of cloud technologies and around 95 percent of respondents are now using it in comparison to 93 percent in 2015. As the adoption grows among enterprises, the demand of cloud-based solutions and services is increasing, but the market lacks expertise in managing IT. As a one-stop-shop for IT solutions and services, Zones, a cloud services company, provides cloud deployment capability for the comprehensive design and implementation of complex infrastructures. The company delivers its solutions and services cost-effectively without compromising on security or functionality. “Zones provide solutions for cloud, data center, mobility, security, unified collaboration, and IoT markets,” begins Firoz Lalji, Chairman, President, and CEO, Zones.

Zones’ Cloud solutions are segmented into four categories: Infrastructure and Business Continuity, Email and Unified Communications, Security, and Applications. The company provides an array of infrastructure and business continuity solutions to meet the storage, compute, backup, and disaster recovery necessities of organizations. Zones Cloud solutions evaluates the customers’ existing IT infrastructure, shows the true potential of the current IT resources to the client and how to utilize it, and provides recommendations based on the organization’s goals and strategies.

Every enterprise needs an integrated environment for hassle-free communication. With Zones’ Email and Unified Communications, enterprises can obtain complete integration of communication mediums—email, video, messaging, and VoIP—to optimize business processes and enhance productivity. These cloud-hosted applications enable the customers to achieve collaboration in their workplace. “Our priority shifts from simply fulfilling product to teaming with our customers on their far-ranging technical and business strategies,” says Lalji.

At one instance, Zones had rectified an issue of collaboration for a natural gas and electric utility company based in California.

Zones provide solutions for cloud, data center, mobility, security, unified collaboration, and IoT markets

The client had versioning issues when the 2D CAD drawings were shared through email. At the same time, the utility company needed a simple solution for allocating their business expense and professionals to idle tasks as it was complicating project management. After assessing the concerns, Zones recommended Oracle’s AutoVue Enterprise Visualization to address critical versioning issues. For solving the project management challenges, Zones delivered Oracle’s Primavera Enterprise Project Portfolio Management solution to the client. Post implementation, the client was able to manage their projects at all phases, from capital planning to project delivery and cost control. This helped the utility company to establish repeatable processes, improve project coordination, and avoid costly surprises.

Zones’ Cloud solution features Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) that enables the enterprises to continue their operations despite serious disasters having them interrupted, and recover to an operational state within a reasonably short period. For strengthening the network from cyber threats, Zones’ Cloud Security incorporates a broad set of policies, technologies, and controls deployed to protect information, applications, and the associated infrastructure of cloud computing. The solution protects the organization from numerous areas of security including internet/web security, email security, and endpoint protection.

In the years to come, Zones is planning to expand geographically and evolve their service in the core lines of business. “We’re focused on data center and security, mobility, cloud and unified communications. These areas are niches that we’ve developed and we’re working to further refine our presence in IoT and develop a niche there,” concludes Lalji.


Auburn, WA

Firoz Lalji, Chairman, President, & CEO

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