ZorroSign: Taking eSignature to the Next Echelon

Shamsh Hadi, CEO & Co-Founder
In today’s age of digital transformation, a majority of banking and financial services organizations are still leveraging pen, scanner, printer, fax, and email to sign and share mission-critical documents. As a result, they often get wedged in traditional pitfalls related to authenticity, fraud, the complexity of business processes, legal acceptance and working with legacy technology. There is a need for a flexible and customizable robust platform that offers highly secure way to eSign and share digital documents while ensuring that the digital documents are not tampered with, revised, revoked, or replaced. “The biggest missing piece in the electronic document transaction puzzle is an efficient Digital Transaction Management (DTM) solution,” says Shamsh Hadi, co-founder and CEO of ZorroSign, Inc. ZorroSign fills the gap with its state-of-the-art eSignature and DTM platform that provides bank-grade security with the added advantage of biometrics and post-execution fraud detection for all the document-based transactions. “Our ultimate aim is to help the banking and financial firms go digital in a very secure way,” says Hadi.

ZorroSign DTM platform comprises five components that include: an electronic signature solution, Document 4n6 (Forensics) Token, workflow automation engine, Document Management System, and ZorroFill. ZorroSign’s patented electronic signature is one of the significant components of the DTM platform that allows users to create an encrypted eSignature using their computer or mobile device. Unlike other competitors, ZorroSign offers a highly secure and encrypted electronic signature that places real eSignatures in documents.

To comprehensively validate and authenticate both electronic and paper versions of eSigned documents, ZorroSign offers a patent-pending technology called Document 4n6 (Forensic) token. It provides a complete audit trail and document DNA based forensics. As the token supports all file types and biometrics, users can verify whether any document has been tampered with or modified. The 4n6 Token Reader mobile app allows users to request permission to view, verify and authenticate eSigned documents.

For financial services firms that find it challenging to manage the huge volume of document-based transactions, ZorroSign’s Document Management System (DMS) enables them to manage all documents from one centralized location, without additional costs of a third party DMS.

Our ultimate aim is to assist banking and financial firms go digital in a secure way

With its tagging based intuitive user interface, ZorroSign DMS enables effortless document management and retrieval.

ZorroSign’s workflow automation engine helps users create simple to complex workflows to automate business policies and practices. It also allows firms to convert regularly used documents into re-usable templates and automate the document signing processes.

ZorroSign leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to make any form an intelligent form. ZorroFill enables auto efilling electronic forms by recognizing the questions and remembering answers. This results in tremendous time and cost saving and eliminates errors.

The company also ensures that it complies with regulatory bodies and agencies around the world to maintain the standards in terms of safety and privacy of documents and user information.

In addition to public Cloud SaaS offering, ZorroSign can also be deployed as a private Cloud POD and on-premise. In addition, many customers prefer to integrate ZorroSign into their business applications using public API.

Facilitating a paperless office, ZorroSign allows organizations to eSign documents, secure them, store them, efill forms, while enhancing operational efficiency and increasing productivity. As a proponent of eco-friendly and sustainable initiatives, the company has a built-in Environmental Savings Calculator that allows users to understand how they are positively impacting the world by saving trees, water and fuel consumption and reducing Carbon emissions by adopting ZorroSign’s paperless solution. According to Mr. Hadi, “In terms of product innovation, ZorroSign is planning to implement advanced mobile biometric technology and more innovative methods of fraud and tamper detection.


San Francisco, CA

Shamsh Hadi, CEO & Co-Founder

ZorroSign provides state-of-the-art Digital Transaction Management (DTM) solutions to banks and financial firms to secure the entirety of financial transactions