Zudy: Vinyl – When You Need Your App Now. Powerful Yet Simple Low-Code/No-Code Application Development Platform

Trish Kennedy, Founder, COO At a seemingly uneventful social gathering, the CEO of a multi-regional insurance company happened to strike up a conversation with another guest about the hardships they were facing in application development. To summarize his dialogue, the CEO had approached IBM, who stated they could build out and implement the project in two years, for about 55 million dollars. Upon hearing this, his new acquaintance--Trish Kennedy, COO, and co-founder of Zudy, a visionary software company--offered to develop their application within a week. Unable to believe what he heard; the CEO decided to give this opportunity a shot. They discussed the integration processes, signed confidentiality agreements, and developed a running application by the end of that week. All the CEO was required to do was pay 10 thousand dollars per month for the platform and approximately 80 thousand dollars for the entire implementation, including integration work and training for his in-house team. But how did Zudy manage to do the impossible?

Zudy used VinylTM, a Low-Code/No-Code Application Development Platform. "Vinyl is the platform that teaches companies to think about a solution differently. Using Vinyl, you can build an enterprise-grade application after three days of training and easily diminish the technological challenges previously faced with enterprise level app dev," remarked Trish.

Flipping the Model

The chief architect behind the platform is Tom Kennedy, the visionary Co-Founder & CTO of Zudy. “Tom calls himself a ‘Listenary.’ He believes in listening to customers and solving the actual problems companies have; not just selling another piece of software. Tom also believes his title of CTO stands for Chief Testing Officer! He feels a major duty to ensure the Vinyl platform performs perfectly and he spends hundreds of hours each year working with his development teams to make sure everything in Vinyl provides a high value for Zudy clients. He tests every little feature, finding every problem, and along the way, he helps build in major advancements for enterprises that want to build powerful apps fast,” said Trish. The company also prides itself on a talented and highly-skilled workforce who are well aware of the current pace of the application development landscape. Combining a truly visionary platform with talented, experienced staff means Zudy clients achieve amazing value within weeks of signing their first purchase order.

In a world where most companies point prospects to visit their website, download something and log into online training videos; Zudy engages directly with their customers by providing access to top-level software developers and experts. "We love teaching our clients how to build flexible and powerful enterprise application using Vinyl. With its ‘Data First’ architecture, and the Zudy Iterative Development Methodology, Vinyl enables clients to experience immediate success and quickly build out new strategies for delivering value they never dreamed they could achieve.
And yes, while Vinyl is built to handle all the requirements of global enterprises, Zudy has provided value pricing for Mid-size and even Start-up Companies so they too can build scalable, powerful apps fast, we believe it is important to serve a wide range of customers” said Trish.

Vinyl enables everyone from Start-ups to large Enterprises build and deploy mind-blowing solutions in weeks

Why do you need an All-in-One Platform?

Vinyl is ranked as a Leader and “Best in Rapid Application Development” by several, highly respected independent ratings firms. The reason Vinyl is ranked so highly, is because it is an endto- end application development platform. This means, from ideation to production and the entire life-cycle-management of development, Vinyl delivers everything in a seamless, intuitive easy-to-use framework. “Development becomes possible for Power Users but, Full Stack developers love using Vinyl as well, because of the power it gives them to deliver fast results” said Trish.

Vinyl means organizations can fully integrate systems, without the complexities they used to face. With Vinyl you no longer need large groups of highly experienced coders to deliver beautiful and powerful applications that run on the Web and on any device, without duplicating effort. Vinyl also means you can deliver fully integrated dashboards with: cross-platform capability, full blown analytics, beautiful charts and reporting from multiple data sources; without compromise and without moving any data. Vinyl single-handedly hits every item on your app dev check list. Code becomes a thing of the past and all of its cumbersome, expensive, time-consuming complexities can eventually be eliminated.

Zudy's end-to-end, enterprise-grade, low-code/no-code platform caters to industries including: manufacturing, transportation, agriculture, retail, pharma, entertainment and telecommunications, to name a few. The company's Vinyl platform is designed to enable business analysts and IT professionals to feel empowered to build, iterate, and execute real-time web and mobile applications in a matter of weeks.

"Vinyl helps companies think about a solution differently. Vinyl removes the risk from Enterprise App Dev. Vinyl means you can build and deploy enterprise-grade applications in a week or two eliminating previously insurmountable political and technological challenges"

How does VINYL deliver such remarkable results?

The answer lies in the flexible “Data First” architecture that allows Vinyl to create a "design and build" environment. Vinyl’s architecture consists of three underlying layers: the design layer, business logic layer, and data access layer; which together help accelerate application development from a matter of months and years to days and weeks, which is unique and gives Zudy an extra edge over its competitors in the market.
By using an intelligent, dynamically-responsive environment without code, the Vinyl presentation layer allows enterprises to iterate the application until they get the desired results. Also, by including user-defined workflows that support notifications via emails and text, Vinyl's business engine allows enterprises to automate their processes freely. Additionally, the data access layer uses Vinyl's patented universal translator that enables all development to occur in a single environment, across all data sources, and securely reads and modifies data with complete enterprise security alignment. Vinyl’s robust, business-logic layer helps deliver powerful apps, without the overhead of code. Legacy systems become data sources and all customization is handled through Vinyl. Customers also experience extremely flexible UI capabilities so their enterprises can efficiently deploy the customized look and feel they need, without headaches.

Once again, Simplicity is the Way to Go!

The buzzword in the industry is data protection. Be it authorization, authentication, security protocols, or HIPAA, Vinyl can align with all enterprise security protocols. "With Vinyl, you can build in any level of security needed including: encryption, federated services, single sign-on and many others,” said Trish.

To illustrate the power of Vinyl, Trish described a client story where Zudy was approached to help a start-up build out an application that digitized and modernized highly complex, emergency services infrastructure. The client had worked in the industry for 25 years and knew precisely what he needed to build, but the expense and timeframes quoted to him were not feasible for a start-up. Zudy signed him onto their Start-Up Package and helped him build out an MVP necessary to reach his next level of funding. As a result, the start-up was able to demo the app in less than a month and secure the funding to move forward with building out a robust solution for emergency services infrastructure. Trish commented, "He finally realized the American dream. With our platform, he was able to turn his passion into a reality in less than 30 days.”

So why call Zudy?

If a company needs an app fast, or if they have highly complex systems and need to build out a more modern, digital solution; Zudy can provide ideas, strategy and help deliver quickly and without risk. With offices all over North America, in Europe, Australia, Singapore, and soon Asia extended. "The need for innovative technology like Vinyl and our expertise is in great demand worldwide. We look forward to geographically expanding further.” Trish said, “We also are focused on major initiatives in Healthcare improvement including telemedicine and enabling pharma to digitize processes and improve timeframes for development of critical medicines and therapies. We are seeing incredible advancement in clinical settings using Vinyl and we are truly proud of this accomplishment,” concludes Trish.


Miami Beach, Florida

Trish Kennedy, Founder, COO and Tom Kennedy, Founder, CTO and Charles Nardi, CEO

Zudy is a visionary software development company that delivers the Data First Low-Code/No-Code enterprise application development platform, Vinyl. Through Vinyl, Zudy plans to digitally transform enterprises by empowering IT professionals and Business to iterate and deploy real-time applications within days