Zumobi: Mobile Content Marketing Platform for a More Engaging Consumer Experience

Consumers today are experiencing information overload across all mediums. As a direct result, there’s an immediate need for highly personalized marketing messages and content that can infiltrate through all the noise.

With mobile devices recently taking over the digital platform as the top form of use, app use and engagement is simultaneously surpassing desktop with digital consumers. Millennials alone spend 61 percent of their digital media time on smartphones. At this stage in the game, the power of mobile is obvious. Brands are spending a lot of money on their apps, but users are not returning to them. Separately, they’re acquiring great content through things like social channels, blogs, branded videos and magazines but not leveraging it within their most highly trafficked medium—their branded app. The challenges CMOs today are facing is not where to focus marketing efforts, but how.

Zumobi creates highly engaging in-app Content Hubs and leverages consumer data to deliver relevant and personalized content on an individual level

Mobile content marketing is the ideal solution to capitalize on the mobile trend, and this is where Zumobi, a leading technology provider of mobile content marketing solutions, comes in. Zumobi creates highly engaging in-app Content Hubs and leverages consumer data to deliver relevant and personalized content on an individual level— resulting in greater customer engagement and a more positive user experience. And while consolidating all of that content from sources like YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and blogs into a brand’s mobile app and dispersing it across a variety of marketing devices is difficult, Zumobi’s Mobile Content Marketing Platform is able to deliver engaging, in-app content across varied smartphone platforms and related mobile devices.
Ken Willner, CEO
The company’s Zumobi Brand Integration (Zbi) Platform is a cloud-based, fault-tolerant content processing platform optimized for rendering and delivering fully responsive, mobile-first formats over a secured network transport layer to Zbi-enhanced native and mobile web applications. The design of the platform enables deep content personalization, a key metric to converting customers, along with analytics to help structure broad, multi-channel marketing strategies that enhance cross-channel marketing efforts to activate consumers.

When leveraging the Zbi Platform’s “Shoppable Content” feature, which dynamically merchandises relevant products next to related content, branded content becomes more easily shoppable and monetized—translating to more conversions and an improved customer journey.
Keeping creativity and vision as its secret weapon, Zumobi is able to stay ahead of the competition as the first-to-market in carving out a technology-based approach to mobile content marketing, and they don’t intend to stop there. The leading mobile content marketing platform has big plans on the horizon.

“We have a long history of innovation in the domains of mobile content marketing and emerging trends in all areas of mobile technology,” says Ken Willner, CEO, Zumobi. “Upcoming releases of our Zbi platform will leverage an expanding dataset of engagement metrics to render increasingly elegant mobile user interfaces that bring users even closer to the brands they love.”


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Ken Willner, CEO

Zumobi is a leader in Mobile Content Marketing Solutions. Global brands leverage the Zumobi Brand Integration (Zbi) Platform to power dynamic Mobile Content Hubs to increase discoverability, customer engagement, activation and conversion in their native smartphone and tablet apps