Phil Dixon, CEO It's a common scenario within enterprises; every day, sales reps are expected to capture and input customer interactions into a CRM system. Sales reps get paid to interact with customers, yet they spend an incredible amount of time tracking and reporting activities. “What we’ve learned is that sales reps and their managers need two very different solutions for customer relationship management,” says the industry veteran and CEO of ZynBit, Phil Dixon. “Sales and customer success teams need customer insights to help them proactively engage and support their customers, whereas managers and executives need summaries and dashboards to help steer the business. Traditional CRM has very little value for an individual contributor and many companies find it difficult to get buy-in for CRM on the ground floor. Adoption can cause the entire CRM initiative to fail before it ever gets started.” With an intelligent Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform in place, meaningful customer insights such as email opens, web page views, opportunities, cases and support tickets can be displayed for a sales or service rep as they are interacting with customers; embedded in their inbox or mobile experience. Activity data such as calls, meetings, emails and tasks can be captured automatically and reported up through dashboards in lieu of hours of data entry.

CRM companies like Salesforce.com have increasingly fulfilled the need to track and organize customer interactions and many companies are looking to capitalize their investment in CRM by harnessing more customer data and driving internal adoption. This is where ZynBit comes in with a mission to “change the way sales, marketing, and customer support happens.”

The North Carolina Research Triangle-based company supports enterprises with its analytics and automation toolset, while also simplifying the adoption of Salesforce. ZynBit stands for a simpler way to connect and organize customer bits in one place by seamlessly integrating clients’ most valuable customer communication systems—making it easier to attract, acquire, and retain more customers. With its tagline, ‘CRM from your Inbox’ ZynBit enables organizations to operate Salesforce alongside email platforms such as Gmail and Microsoft Outlook. “We put information at their fingertips and enable customers to automate data collection. At the same time, ZynBit enriches CRM data with web visitor history and email communications which collectively drives CRM adoption and ROI,” says Dixon. ZynBit customers range from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses and across all industries.

ZynBit’s broad array of solutions enables sales teams to capture contact information and create opportunities or customer cases by providing editing, searching, and updating capabilities inside their inbox. Zynbit combines inbox productivity with customer insights from websites, emails, and CRM, helping customer teams analyze their opportunity pipelines and revenue forecasts using customer data.

With the tagline, ‘CRM from your inbox’, ZynBox enables organizations to fully operate Salesforce alongside Outlook or Gmail

“Our product is one part productivity, one part analytics, and one part automation. We help customer teams answer some very important questions; Who are my hottest leads? What are they interested in? Where should I spend my time following up this week? We help managers and executives answer different questions; Where is the work happening?Who is doing the work and how much? Who is producing the best results? How can I help improve the process? We believe CRM should happen from your inbox or mobile device, data entry is a waste of valuable time and companies can most efficiently grow their pipelines when they have Customer IQ. These are the three pillars we build our products upon,” says Dixon.

Embeddable Tools to Capture Information

ZynBit provides a set of add-ins for Gmail and Outlook through which users can integrate them to Salesforce to acquire new contacts, create leads, update opportunities, log activities, and sync their calendars and contacts instantly. “Gmail shouldn’t be viewed just as a messaging platform; It is a rich data set that can be integrated with Salesforce or any other enterprise application,” says Dixon.

The company’s product line includes an array of add-ins and modules such as ZynBox, ZynTrack, ZynSync, ZynMobile, and ZynIQ that deliver prescriptive and automated insights. ZynBox and ZynMobile collect and deliver important customer information alongside your email conversations.

ZynTrack, for web visitor tracking, shows web history that indicates specifically who, when, and what page a particular contact is looking at or which one-to-one emails have been opened. ZynSync, on the other hand, synchronizes calendar and task views and records activities automatically. The two-way sync technology ensures Outlook, Gmail, and mobile devices are synchronized with Salesforce. Another unique feature of ZynSync is its ability to detect missing Salesforce contacts and bulk import leads, contacts, and accounts. Finally, ZynBit helps organizations gather email, web visitor and CRM activity history through ZynIQ, which is built as a customer analytics platform. ZynIQ presents users and teams with the ability to convert hot leads to opportunities, view customer interactions across teams, close deals quickly or re-engage cold prospects.

“We have customers on Salesforce sales cloud and service cloud, but also partner with Salesforce developers like Altvia (formerly ApplicationXperts) and OnePlace which provide Force. com solutions to the private equity and legal industry respectively,” says Dixon. “Our customers and partners recognize the need for both productivity and intelligence as the must-have capabilities to drive sales efficiencies.” ZynBit’s offerings are finding wide adoption across multiple platforms.
For example, ZynBit helps clients who need the ability to integrate Salesforce and SharePoint or other document collaboration apps for greater sales productivity.

Simplifying Salesforce Adoption

According to Dixon, Salesforce is a highly configurable and customizable enterprise platform which requires you to take a flexible approach when building an integration. “Our smart integration approach requires no service or set-up,” notes Dixon. When customers connect ZynBit with Salesforce, ZynBit generates its interface on the fly to work with their existing Salesforce configuration and user permissions. “When we set out to build ZynBit, we pulled from our experience both technically and operationally having implemented CRM’s and marketing automation in prior companies. We knew it would be technically challenging to pull off, but in the end we’d be able to deliver a seamless experience for our customers,” says Dixon.

"Gmail shouldn’t just be viewed as a messaging platform; It is a rich data set that can be integrated with Salesforce or any other enterprise application"

Salesforce administrators and project managers spend a great deal of time mapping business process, defining the CRM database and managing user profiles. “We wanted to leverage this work and make it reusable for simple, centralized management. Our customers are not interested in going through a 300 page user manual to use the software. So we try to keep it as user-friendly as possible,” says Dixon.

Uniquely, ZynBit has also built a centralized integration framework, which can be leveraged to connect all its interfaces such as Outlook desktop or Gmail and iOS or Android. “Each app uses the framework to connect with Salesforce, which allows ZynBit to create a seamless user experience regardless of platform or device - they can have the same Salesforce experience embedded alongside their email,” says Dixon.

Expanding Horizons

Thus far, ZynBit combines a unique data set with CRM, email and website visits and will continue to extend its reach to tap other customer centric data sources such as Google Analytics and Google Adwords. “We want to break down the barriers between sales and marketing to provide a cohesive solution for the entire customer journey, highlighting campaign sources, ad spend, customer acquisition costs and the opportunity pipeline. To help accelerate sales, we’ll let customers determine the important triggers to push notifications and content or create follow up recommendations. For example, a customer rep might be prompted to reach out to Jane Doe because she’s recently come back to the company website or viewed a proposal email that is 30 days old,” says Dixon.

“We are enhancing our portfolio at the intersection of relationship intelligence, workflow automation, and sales productivity”

Dixon believes the future of business will be driven by customer data and he wants to help companies connect all of their customer-facing applications so they can take advantage of what he calls “small data”—the vast amount of data organizations already own, yet can’t integrate in a meaningful way.


Rocky Mount, NC

Phil Dixon, CEO

Focuses on changing the way sales, marketing, and support work with Salesforce.