Zypha Corporation: Secure and Seamless Mobility

Darryl Keys, President & CEO
With BYOD practice trending among organizations; it has become a tough task for administrators to manage the diverse mix of laptops, PCs and tablets making their way into the enterprise. BYOD can also create a potential conflict between the user’s personal data and business data. Moreover, this creates a conflict with the internal user policies designed to prevent privacy breaches and virus attacks. In a venture to provide organizations with a state-of-art BYOD platform, Zypha Corporation offers a full desktop to data center IT solution using a cloud-based virtual desktop system for small and medium sized businesses. This improves their productivity, flexibility and significantly reduces costs, while offering high end, enterprise level security.

Zypha believes that employees are increasingly more comfortable using their own devices rather than those provided by the enterprise, and this familiarity drastically improves productivity. With Zypha’s cloud based virtual desktop, employees logging in with relevant credentials are redirected to their usual company interface as the central hub, allowing various user devices to be connected to their organization’s data storage, business applications, data transfer functions and complete day-to-day operations. “We standardize the operating system for users using multiple devices. For instance, a Windows or Mac user can use his or her own device to access their Zypha virtual desktop,” explains Darryl Keys, Zypha President, and CEO.

Through their highly stable platform, Zypha allows a customer’s employees to have access to the same set of applications across the organization, implementing automatic system and security updates within the virtual desktop so that compatibility and security of the user’s device are no longer areas of concern. The firm’s virtual desktop platform incorporates user policies and critical control of administrative privilege rights by preventing users from making any changes to system files or programs. These changes can only be performed by a Zypha administrator, allowing robust security and data protection alongside multiple daily backups and a sophisticated geo-redundant backup system which significantly reduces the risk of data loss.

We standardize the operating system for users using multiple devices

Zypha uses the most competent Citrix gateway system that provides 2,048- bit encryption while data and company documents are being continuously accessed or worked on in the cloud server.

Once partnered, Zypha becomes an organization’s complete IT provider. Included in the low fixed monthly fee, Zypha offers unlimited premium support and state of the art technology.

Zypha offered an innovative BYOD solution to an employee benefits firm with representatives in multiple locations. Previously, to ensure compliance, each representative received a company issued device sent by courier, resulting in time and cost issues, while subsequent updates remained a continuing challenge. With Zypha, the firm was able to centralize all their applications and ensure compliance instead at server level. These representatives could now use their own internet or 4G connected devices to access their secure corporate desktops and were able to work on the same server as if they were sitting next to each other in the same office.

Today, Zypha has evolved as an extremely competent platform offering best-in-breed mobility solutions for SMEs and those organizations which have multiple locations or which have embraced work from home policies.

“Our unique platform, built around security for mobility, greater productivity and BYOD means that a user’s complete desktop travels with them instead of it being only available in the office. We envision our service will also be attractive to celebrities who need to use their full computer desktop and require secure access to all their data while on the move,” concludes Keys.

Zypha Corporation

Port Charlotte, FL

Darryl Keys, President & CEO

Provider of BYOD services using cloud based technology for small and medium sized businesses

Zypha Corporation