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Kevin Greenway, CTO
Unlike other endpoint providers who provide a range of generic solutions, this company, 10ZiG specializes in thin and zero clients for VDI and the software to manage them. This niche focus allows them to excel in customer support, hardware sophistication, and integration with their VDI partners. For instance, how quickly can 10ZiG react when a trusted Integration Partner such as Citrix releases new product and platform updates and rollouts? When the Citrix Workspace App was released, 10ZiG was shortly thereafter listed in its Citrix Ready Marketplace as being the only provider to have verified endpoint devices for both the Citrix Workspace App for Linux and the Citrix Workspace App for Windows categories. Being “the first” is often the case with 10ZiG, as they are much faster and nimble compared to larger enterprises.

The 10ZiG core business model as a whole has much more “depth and meaning” relative to other providers. “We answer your calls, stay by your side, and serve as a coach, advisor, and troubleshooter right from the day you receive the demo device through to post-launch and beyond,” states Kevin Greenway, CTO of 10ZiG. During the testing period, customers can avail personalized one-on-one device installation walkthroughs or Q&A sessions with the 10ZiG technical support team. 10ZiG offers a unique level of service and customization that is rare in the endpoint industry. “We provide a multitude of custom embedding options and hardware configurations to ensure that our devices are tailor-made to fit seamlessly into our customers’ environments,” adds Greenway.

When T. Hasegawa, a major food and beverage manufacturing company needed to upgrade its desktops to support a Citrix XenDesktop environment, the company experienced issues with both Dell Wyse and HP, where neither vendors’ pricing matched their value. Additionally, the endpoint management software was either failing to detect the server, or had configuration complexity issues, and/or longer boot time, causing unstable video connections and delayed response time for email-based customer service.
Fortunately, T. Hasegawa came across 10ZiG via an internet search and was impressed with their brand and device lineup, immediately requesting a pre-customized zero client for testing. As a result of 10ZiG’s superior device performance, the ease-of-use of its endpoint management software and the outstanding support they received, T. Hasegawa placed a large order of the 10ZiG 5848q Series Zero Client specialized for their Citrix environment. According to Wilmer H., T. Hasegawa’s Senior IT Admin, “The big difference we experience with 10ZiG is the quality of their customer service and tech support. Their service compared to the service of their competitors is like day and night.”

10ZiG has plans for several product launches; its R&D team has been hard at work completely re-engineering its client-and manager-based UI from the ground up. This will enable administrators and users to modify settings regardless of their device and location, all from a single HTML-based GUI.

Greenway is also excited to announce that by embracing the changes in the end-user computing market and the shift toward digital workspaces, 10ZiG is bringing further enhancements to its zero client products that were traditionally used in desktop virtualization/VDI environments. “Our strategic partners with their digital workspace platforms—such as Citrix Workspace—are revolutionizing the way users access applications and files,” he adds. This offers a great UX and presents end users with the applications and services they need, all from a secure single platform, with features like SaaS, web apps, files, and collaboration tools. Coupling this with a zero client provides users with a low-powered, secure, and centrally managed endpoint, enabling them to access all that a digital workspace offers at their fingertips. Such ventures will further position 10ZiG as a full solution provider for not just VDI hardware and software, but also digital workspaces, and all the future changes in the end-user computing marketplace.

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Kevin Greenway, CTO

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