22 Miles: Rejuvenating the In-Store Experience "On the Go"

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Tomer Mann, EVP & SVP of Sales
Over the last few decades, the retail industry has undergone a tremendous transformation, witnessing a handful of updates and technological shifts that have propelled the sector forward. While the emergence of digital and e-commerce has rocked the retail landscape, the in-store experience still matters. According to PwC’s recent Total Retail report, most people, including millennials, prefer brick-and-mortar shopping over e-commerce for two major reasons: the ability to see, touch, and try the merchandise pre-purchase; and the immediacy of in-store buys. This places physical store owners in a tough spot because the competition to stay ahead of the curve has only increased. In the face of today’s rapidly shifting consumer landscape, brick-and-mortar store owners are on the lookout for innovative technologies that will help bridge digital interactions with brick-and-mortar interactions and pave the way for enhanced customer experiences. Carry2MobileTM by 22 Miles, an industry-leading, award-winning digital signage software and solutions provider based in Milpitas, CA, is one such offering that is creating unique in-store experiences for customers. As a digital signage content transfer solution, Carry2MobileTM uses HTML5 technology to seamlessly transition the user experience from a digital sign to a mobile device’s web browser. Tomer Mann, EVP and SVP of sales at 22 Miles, says, “We wanted to empower the end-user to experience content on a mobile phone with no app download necessary, leading us to develop Carry2MobileTM, a mobile integration tool that further drives digital engagement and enhances user experience.” The new solution offers benefits to both the digital signage owners as it leads to higher usability and the end users as it provides a seamless way to consume content on the go.

In an era where shoppers lean toward quick purchases and lesser wait times, 22 Miles’ Carry2MobileTM is emerging as the ideal solution that ticks both of those boxes. The solution is not only leaping forward by bringing a fresh approach to digital signage for retail but also facilitating an intuitive shopping experience that drives bottom-line sales. Any retailer from big box to Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) can provide real-time and dynamic information to their customers on the go.

A factor that makes 22 Miles’ HTML5 platform a cut above the rest is that it can be accessed from QR codes, custom texts, and even other read-to-write technologies. “In addition, the platform’s capability to integrate with any media player and Chrome OS, and its ability to serve multiple users at once, adds to its key uniqueness,” adds Mann.

Using Carry2MobileTM, retailers can display promotions, provide users with custom content, and enable them to drag-and-drop items into a digital cart instantaneously. They can also view the demographics of their users and accordingly provide a personalized user experience. Moreover, Carry2MobileTM uses Wi-Fi technology to track geo-location. “We were determined to create an out-of-the-box solution that not only benefitted digital signage providers but also provided a personalized experience to the millennial shopper, which is exactly what Carry2MobileTM does,” affirms Mann.

As a forward-thinking company, driven by the zeal to disrupt the market, 22 Miles keeps itself up-to-date with the latest technologies. With the belief in innovation and constant improvement, the company converts innovative ideas into a well-designed, feature-rich, all-in-one digital signage solution. Laser-focused on delivering a unique and sustainable experience for all users, the company is constantly working to advance its offerings in-line with clients’ growing needs. In the days to come, the company is looking to integrate augmented reality with in-store image recognition for a new way to show video ads and reroute large store navigation to any product or promotional item through their SDK mobile offering. “We also hope to continue providing applicable, real-world solutions that will outlast, evolve with the time, and enable us to leapfrog our competitors,” wraps up Mann.

22 Miles

Milpitas, CA

Tomer Mann, EVP & SVP of Sales

Provides a digital signage content transfer solution that seamlessly transitions the user experience from a digital sign to a mobile device’s web browser

22 Miles