5150 Digital Marketing Group: Bridging The Digital Gap In Asset Management

Joe Worden, Founder and Director
It’s called digital Darwinism, and it’s already determining which firms will flourish and which ones will fight for relevance. The good news… 5150 Digital Marketing Group is ensuring that their clients not only continue to exist but thrive in the digital age.

By combining two decades of fund marketing and distribution experience with digital marketing expertise, the firm created Digital Bridge — an all-in-one marketing and communication engine that enhances asset managers’ fund distribution, marketing, and investor relations/press relations. By using 5150’s platform, small to mid-sized wealth and asset managers can leverage data-driven technology to streamline their marketing initiatives, lowering costs, and removing the risks associated with internal technology adoption.

Asset managers can access digital marketing, fundraising, communications, and IR/PR solutions through the firm’s proprietary digital platform without investing in technology, taking on integration risks, or hiring additional staff. Digital Bridge transforms into a perpetually improving marketing engine by aggregating data insights compiled across multiple users and digital campaigns. This anonymous data offers smaller firms a competitive advantage over their larger market peers by providing data driven insights on investment trends and decision-making.

“We started as a traditional marketing team helping asset managers acquire capital. We soon noticed that small and mid-sized firms required a fully integrated, cost-effective system for fund marketing," says Worden.”

With the mutual fund industry serving as its bellwether, Worden began to see large asset managers transitioning to data-driven marketing and communications as a way to combat ongoing fee pressures and shrinking margins. Believing this data-driven approach would eventually become the industry gold standard for private equity, hedge, and venture capital funds, Worden recognized the challenge that would soon face small-to-mid sized firms trying to compete on a digital landscape—and 5150 was born.

5150 was created with a focus on helping small and medium-sized investment managers achieve their marketing objectives. Inspired by his frustration with traditional fund marketing and distribution strategies, Joe Worden— founder and director of 5150 Digital Marketing Group— sought to enable small and medium-sized businesses with low-cost fundraising solutions.

The marketing technology firm offers four main service packages (Market Ready, Fundraising Base, Fundraising Alpha, and Social IR/PR)—each of which represents a fully-supported, turnkey solution through an IPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) subscription model. With various packages and a la carte options, 5150 can enhance marketing teams’ efforts or act as a fully outsourced digital marketing department. By outsourcing the technical responsibility to the firm’s specialized group of digital experts, investment management firms can avoid technology integration risks as well as the need to hire additional marketing team members.
5150 Digital Marketing Group delivers efficient, cost effective solutions by combining decades of investment marketing experience and domain expertise with proprietary platform technology.

Worden himself has spent his entire career in alternative investments and fund distribution, becoming a well-known thought leader in financial services distribution and relationship marketing. “5150 arms small-to mid-sized investment management firms with data-driven marketing and communications for less than the price of their next hire,” adds Worden.

A distinctive aspect of the company, which adds significant value to its product and service suite, is its strategic advisory board members that includes unmatched industry stalwarts such as Jim Albaugh (former CEO of Boeing Commercial), Mike Brown (Chairman of Journey Strategic Wealth LLC), Matthew Connors (former Distribution Head of Deutsche Bank), Andy Foote (Renowned social media strategist), John Moore (TD Bank, Vice Chair and Executive Managing Director), Dr. Randall Stutman (leading behavioral leadership PhD), Pat Sullivan (CEO of Act! and SalesLogix) and most recently John “Launny” Steffens (Chairman, Spring Mountain Capital, former Vice Chairman of Merrill Lynch). With each member contributing to the foundation and development of 5150 Digital Marketing Group, every client reaps the rewards of the company’s priceless expertise and counsel.

5150 arms small to mid-sized investment management firms with data-driven marketing and communications for less than the price of their next hire

The successful relationship 5150 developed with Steffens highlights the company’s ability to provide accurate marketing insights. The former vice chair of Merrill Lynch had engaged an institutional marketer to help raise fund dedicated capital but over 18 months, they were unsuccessful. It wasn’t until Steffens sought the advice of Worden that the proper target audience—strategic family offices and wealth management firms, as opposed to institutional investors—were identified. Leveraging a data-driven approach and an innovative marketing agenda, the company was able to do what others could not, and successfully closed the fund in less than nine months.

Along with its team of uniquely qualified marketing experts, the 5150 Digital Marketing Group is poised to become a leading financial technology MarTech company. By understanding the industry requirements, the company has roadmaps, models, and templates to ensure seamless and efficient onboarding of clients. 5150 Digital Marketing Group stays steady on its course of helping enterprises harness the power of data-driven technology while simplifying digital automation through its MarTech platform.

5150 Digital Marketing Group

Phoenix, AZ

Joe Worden, Founder and Director

5150 Digital Marketing Group—a financial MarTech company— provides data-driven marketing and communication solutions to investment managers wanting to thrive in the digital age

5150 Digital Marketing Group