Acceliot: Integrated IoT Solutions to Power Digital Transformation at Scale

Shawn Manesh, CEO and Co-Founder
The Internet of Things (IoT) is maturing, presenting organizations with ample opportunities for growth. However, for all the value that these new IoT devices and applications can bring to consumers, some fundamental challenges within the ecosystem still need to be addressed. For instance, securely scaling IoT technology to billions is a major hurdle for many organizations, given the current adoption. Yesterday’s approaches cannot scale to billions when previously unconnected items are brought into the picture. In this regard, Acceliot, an information technology and services company, brings a holistic and purpose-built solution set in the age of AI, machine learning and 5G. "We are a new company with a decade and a half of experience in RFID and asset tracking. With a novel approach, we help organizations connect everything that matters to power the next-gen platforms that will leverage IoT,” mentions Shawn Manesh, CEO and Co-Founder of Acceliot.

As a provider of integrated IoT-driven digital transformation solutions, Acceliot has developed an IoT platform that integrates sensors, fixed RFID scanners, mobile devices, applications, protocols, and multiple systems to overcome the challenges of interconnectivity among various hardware and software platforms. Consequently, they enable real-time operational visibility and interoperate among many disparate platforms and devices. “We enable a seamless bridge between data sources and data availability across multiple platforms,” mentions Paul Barriga, CTO and Co-Founder of Acceliot. With their solutions, Acceliot aims at improving operational efficiency and reducing system costs, especially for its fortune 1000 customers and for emerging organizations. Acceliot’s IoT implementations generate a reliable ROI for organizations in sectors such as healthcare, logistics, and retail in the post-pandemic business landscape. For example, in the healthcare industry, they provide hospitals with better visibility into their assets using real-time data that can be instantly utilized by healthcare IT platforms. Such capabilities enable hospitals to manage critical supply shortages effectively as demands surge. With their integrated IoT solutions, Acceliot takes data from different sensors and transforms it into actionable insights that enable companies to make real-time business decisions.

During their careers at Mojix, Inc., the company’s founders contributed to the development of the company’s NASA-inspired radio signal processing communication breakthroughs, RFID reader portfolio, and the introduction of real-time asset tracking and management systems with passive RFID economics. When Acceliot was founded in 2019 to deliver IoT-driven digital transformation solutions, the founders negotiated exclusive rights to design, develop, manufacture, sell, and distribute the award-winning line of STARflex™ RFID readers. Combined with the company’s antenna technology and visibility platform, Acceliot’s best-of-breed RFID hardware contributes to its vision of delivering IoT everywhere.

Acceliot products and solutions are employed to identify parts in a manufacturing line oritems in a store, locate people to enhance safety and security applications, or track valuable assets such as equipment or tools, to name a few. More recently, they have solved challenges for customers using smart RFID sensors to detect asset locations and manage temperature, moisture, weight, and other parameters. As every tagged asset has a unique identifier, Acceliot can report its presence, location, movement, status, disposition, or access control permissions. With its tracking capabilities, the company can provide a real-time location of an asset and report its history.
Paul Barriga, CTO and Co-Founder
“Our approach is fluid and adaptable. Our hardware and software platforms are designed to offer high performance at a low cost,” mentions Manesh. He narrates an instance that highlights the efficacy and applicability of their hardware and software solution portfolio. Their STAR system was selected by global integrated energy company BP to deliver track and trace technology for constructing a seven billion dollarClair Ridge platform operating in the North Sea. Acceliot technology provided the client with real-time visibility of oil platform components moving to several warehouses in Europe and South Korea. BP also used Acceliot’s solutions to monitor and manage the supply chain, including everything from crate tracking, out of gauge equipment, heavy lifts to monitoring containers and vessels. These new layers of asset visibility enabled them to improve efficiency and safety during construction and supplier accountability. The STAR system delivered a wide-area passive RFID network which greatly enhanced supply chain visibility and resulted in significant cost savings and risk mitigation for BP. The solution provided BP with round-the-clock, continuous visibility of all materials required for constructing the Clair Ridge platform.

We are a new company with decades of experience in RFID, asset tracking and wireless networking. With a novel approach, we help organizations connect everything that matters to power the next-gen platforms that will leverage IoT

By supporting a large installed base of STARflex RFID customers, the company has developed a powerful collaboration with the next generation of IoT innovators. As these companies represent many of the most elaborate RFID and RTLS deployments in the last ten years, Acceliot’s team fully understands their challenges and evolving installations. While guiding them through these successful deployments, Acceliot gained a high level of customer intimacy. The Acceliot team understands the commonalities of IoT enabled infrastructures and their unique challenges better than anyone. As a result, they have engaged in many industry-leading projects, from planning to installation, and have designed hybrid solutions which incorporate data from RFID, GPS, and embedded sensors. Based on the roadmaps of these innovative companies and discussions with their leaders, Acceliot could essentially get a glimpse into the future. This vision aids them greatly as they work with new and existing customers on their IoT journeys. “While building solutions for existing challenges, we future-proof them as much as possible to accommodate the anticipated requirements of their IoT-driven digital transformation initiatives in the years to come,” says Manesh.


Huntington Beach, CA

Shawn Manesh, CEO and Co-Founder and Paul Barriga, CTO and Co-Founder

Acceliot is an information technology and services company, was founded to deliver a holistic solution set which is purpose-built for the age of AI, machine learning and 5G, to improve the delivery and scalability of IoT technology.To overcome the challenges of interconnectivity and interoperability among multiple hardware and software platforms, Acceliot developed an IoT platformthat integrates sensors, fixed RFID scanners, mobile devices, applications, protocols, and multiple systems. With that, they bring real-time operational visibility and create a seamless bridge between disparate platforms and devices