Accelirate: The Quest for Leveraging Cognitive Automation

Zia Bhutta, Managing Partner and Co-founder
“When businesses start implementing RPA software, it automates some of their tasks, and over a period the robots can be trained using AI, to do more smart business process automation,” states Zia Bhutta, Managing Partner and Co-founder of Accelirate. New Jersey-based Accelirate is a Business Process Automation and AI Services company that leverages RPA, machine learning, and AI to make “businesses smarter” by automating routine business processes such as completing purchase orders, indexing invoices or even hiring a new employee. The firm has deployed its solution across different industry verticals such as banking, insurance, and transportation.

Accelirate’s objective is to reduce the workload from repetitive and rule-based processes within the Enterprises using new age RPA tools, against conventional BPM software. RPA software provides a holistic approach to addressing tactical business automation problems under one umbrella. It has all capabilities of revolutionary technology, creating a significant impact on business process automation paradigm. Accelirate provides a comprehensive evaluation process, capturing both estimated ROI and implementation effort while determining the Process Automation Opportunities of the enterprise.

Accleirate teams have developed a practical delivery methodology, catapulting towards Process Automation Projects, including Demand Management and project delivery systems. Its methodology focuses on user experience, providing significant ROI and value at every stage. “Value to the business” is the methodology’s chief belief. BPM Implementations are typically more substantial projects and can involve re-designing existing business processes and workflows. Accelirate RPA Technology complements BPMS implementations, increasing the level of automation in every process; RPA Technology can provide a convenient substitute to a situation where a BPMS implementation may not be viable.

In one of the numerous cases addressed by Accelirate, Zia Bhutta stated the utilization of the RPA software in automating the Business Processes of a hedge fund Organization.

We provide a secure cloud ecosystem achieved with DevOps behaviors, to our customers in a matter of hours or days—a process that would normally take months

In this particular occasion, Accelirate worked on the portfolio of loans that the hedge fund serviced. The organization’s recent upgrade, with implementing large BPM software, did not help the business attain the anticipated ROI. After screening for alternatives, the organization preferred Accelirate’s RPA software, which helped them in creating and identifying the problems in the pilot project. With the automation solution in place, they handled a complaint with the software in less than one hour, whereas the same specified function took an exhaustive four hours with their previous BPM software. When Accelirate started with them six months ago, they were working with a pipeline of five processes. After they realized the result, now the organization has 200 processes they wanted to automate. “So we have that lot of processes for next three years and a half. The key thing is the duration of the projects and the ROI that you can see, that is the fundamental differentiator of an RPA approach,” adds Bhutta.

Accelirate is a young enterprise, focusing on achieving massive client base from the Fortune 2000 companies. Its broader knowledge base and a focused approach are making it the most preferred organization in the BPM sector. Accelirate has also launched a robust training program for BPA for the college students. It is the passion about process automation that has made Accelirate venture with AI into numerous other sectors like customer services (engagement and acquisition), R&D sector, e-commerce search engines, and OCR software for document management. As the AI domain is evolving, Accelirate also plans to keep evolving from human-machine automation to autonomous automation.


Iselin, NJ

Zia Bhutta, Managing Partner and Co-founder

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