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Peter Duff, Founder and Chief Product Officer
One can’t expect to win at poker if he could only see half of the cards in his hand. Organizations face a similar challenge with “dark data”, most of which is unstructured, leaving them to make critical decisions without all the relevant information. Being able to access and manage the massive volume of content most organizations have today and taking action on the pertinent data is imperative towards achieving broader business objectives. For pharmaceutical companies, the stakes are much higher as they must become increasingly digitally focused businesses to compete in a rapidly changing marketplace.

As Peter Duff, President and CEO of Adlib Software, puts it, “out of sight, out of mind” is true for not only people and things, but also for data. “As modern businesses become digitally enabled, they require assistance in uncovering hidden data within an organization. This high-quality data becomes the underpinning to greater insight, context and understanding to make better choices, improve patient outcomes, accelerate innovation and mitigate risks while reducing costs and inefficiencies,” he adds.

Against this backdrop, the question is: How do pharmaceutical companies make their way in a dark data abyss? Without sound document management practices, there is little chance that data could be easily uncovered. This is what Adlib Software brings to the table by enhancing content-centric processes, unlocking valuable enterprise content, and transforming unstructured data into actionable intelligence. “With our rich history working with life science organizations for nearly 20 years, we are now able to take their digital transformation journeys to the next level, helping to uncover the intelligence locked in their documents,” explains Duff.

Having worked with pharmaceutical companies to assist in the FDA submission process, Adlib creates an enterprise-wide capability to consolidate their systems and combine and reformat their content. The document conversion solution takes standard document-to-PDF conversion to the next level, allowing enterprises to automatically convert documents into the highest quality, text-searchable, submission-ready PDFs that maintain the format, layout, and content of the original documents.
This automated process improves the accuracy and timeliness of submissions, speeds up time-to-market, and overcomes rising IT costs.

Adlib utilized its knowledge of document formats and expertise in document conversion to create Adlib Elevate—a Data Science-powered file analytics platform used for discovering and enriching data from unstructured content. The platform addresses key information governance needs— conceptualize, standardize, analyze, categorize, and visualize—by enabling greater control through enhanced visibility and understanding of the content. “The data goes through the content elevation process, which involves several stages of filtering to find information that will benefit the business,” he adds. Adlib processes a deluge of data to extract essential information and cluster similar pieces of it together while segregating duplicate content. Timely identification of such replicas saves time and resources for client companies, besides allowing them to focus exclusively on important tasks.

Adlib’s success can be attributed to its deep understanding of content creation, suitable formats for the same sets, and the variety of documents it can analyze to understand the content. While Adlib’s products are pre-configured for specific use-cases, they can be modified to cater to individual requirements. The Elevate Platform is architected around the concept of micro-services that can be sequenced together with workflow and adjusted to suit customer needs. “Our product architecture allows it to be tailored to fit client environment while still being off-the-shelf software,” Duff explains.

Adlib’s file analytics capabilities provide the tools and services to support the transformation to a digital business and were among the select companies that Forrester invited to participate in its June 2018 Forrester Wave evaluation, File Analytics Providers. “We’re extremely proud of this accomplishment as Adlib was cited as a Strong Performer and received the highest score possible in the Technology Strategy criterion. We’re excited about the future and look forward to a continued strong partnership with our client base,’ Duff concludes.

Adlib News

Adlib Rebrands to Signal its Evolution into a SaaS-Based AI-Driven Content Intelligence Company

Brett Mellon, Chief Executive Officer and Peter Duff, Founder & Chief Product Officer

TORONTO - Adlib announced a rebrand that represents its evolution into an AI-driven, SaaS-based Content Intelligence and Contract Analytics leader. The rebrand consists of an enhanced SaaS-based solution, a website with an improved user experience, and a new logo and brand colours that use bold, simple graphics to convey Adlibs sophisticated solutions in a simple way.

With the growing demand for data-driven insights, companies from all industries are now able to leverage AI to surface clean data from complex unstructured content to simplify compliance, accelerate customer experiences, fuel innovation and reduce corporate risk. Adlibs enhanced Content Intelligence and Contract Analytics capabilities solve these challenges with a greater level of speed, cost-effectiveness, and agility. The corporate rebrand will allow Adlib to communicate its strong history as a Content Transformation company while signaling its broader capabilities in the Contract Analytics realm.

In the last year, Adlib has diversified its service offering while broadening our global footprint, says Brett Mellon, CEO of Adlib. With this launch, our customers will continue to experience our rich suite of Content Transformation solutions plus additional Contract Analytics capabilities, he adds. This strategic decision supports our future growth and delivers a clearer message behind a clean, reinvigorated brand.

Adlib is always adapting to market shifts, and we have seen plenty over the last year, says Peter Duff, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer. Covid-19 is pressing organizations to comb through millions of contracts in search of force majeure clauses, Banks are dealing with the LIBOR transition, IFRS 17 will be impacting Insurance, and there are other ongoing compliance and risk-reduction initiatives, he adds. Our new brand will guide us forward into the Contract Analytics space while allowing us to stay true to our roots as a Content Transformation company.

The new Adlib brand better reflects our core ethos: to amplify human potential and maximize business performance with intelligent data, says Marc Fuentes, Senior Director of Marketing. Adlibs new logo includes organic upward curves which signifies the performance, profitability, and growth that Adlib helps our customers achieve, he adds. Our new identity is sophisticated, simple, and powerful, much like the solutions we provide.


Burlington, ON

Peter Duff, Founder and Chief Product Officer

Adlib Software has been transforming the way enterprise organizations overcome unstructured data challenges for over 15 years. Integrating with various business applications, Adlib Software enables digital preparation of documents for improved migration, compliance, privacy and security, digital transformation, capture and classification. The firm’s document enrichment solutions allow over 5,500 customers globally to elevate their content and derive the insight that is needed to support critical decision-making and secure competitive advantage. They help you avoid costly fines by ensuring your organization remains compliant based on the requirements of your industry

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