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Reggie Yativ, CRO and COO
Passive viewing experiences are no longer sufficient to satisfy today’s audiences. Therefore, owing to its tenet of real-time audience participation, interactive live streaming is used by several social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitch and more to attract millions of viewers. Live streaming technology’s ability to facilitate user engagement, customer impressions, and cross-promotion has not only become an integral part of internet culture today but also a major source of revenue for both companies and content creators. To leverage this power of interactive live streaming, CA-based cements its cornerstone. Agora has developed a next-generation real-time engagement platform that brings users together through live engagement on its global network. Today, Agora has earned the moniker of a trusted live engagement platform partner by developers and brands across the globe for gaming, social media, e-commerce, education, and healthcare companies.

Agora’s offering can be broadly divided into two main segments. The first is a set of software development kits (SDKs) and application programming interfaces (APIs) for software developers, and the second is Agora’s Software-Defined Real-Time Network (SD-RTN). Through the SDKs and APIs, developers can easily embed video, voice, and interactive live streaming, among other capabilities into any application with a minimal amount of coding. This is all backed by Agora’s SD-RTN, a global network that streamlines the process of going live with an application. Often, live streaming an audio or video on the internet is fraught with poor connectivity, which is exacerbated for users with low-powered devices. Agora SD-RTN is designed to solve these issues and deliver sub-second low latency utilizing over 200 distributed data centres across the world. “You are guaranteed high-quality, stable, and low latency live audio/video streaming performance anytime and anywhere in the world,” adds Reggie Yativ, CRO and COO at Currently, SD-RTN is streaming over 25 billion minutes of monthly usage on its network, and this has been possible because of SD-RTN’s algorithms that monitor and select in real-time the most efficient routing path automatically.

Coupled with the ability to handle large amounts of traffic, Agora brings to the table a blend of experience and expertise in managing a real-time engagement platform.

Today, has earned the moniker of a trusted live engagement platform partner by developers and brands across the globe for gaming, social media, e-commerce, education, and healthcare companies

One of the sectors that Agora focuses on is education. Agora’s solution enables teachers and trainers to provide real-time engagement via live classroom broadcasts directly to their students’ mobile and web devices. These virtual classrooms are designed for any number of students or one-on-one tutoring and support features such as screen-sharing, whiteboarding, and live chatting, among others, to facilitate the learning process.

Agora can scale from one to one million users overnight, and this level of scalability provides great benefit for engaging with a broader audience, whether it’s a classroom or any bigger auditorium. For instance, if a company wants to educate 15,000 global employees about a new product, they could either complete the process in 50 different sessions, which would definitely be a time-consuming and redundant approach. Or, on the other hand, the company could complete the training process in a single instance by holding a global launch event where the product details can be discussed with all its employees via an interactive live streaming session. The company can even conduct surveys and answer any pertinent questions from the employees during the stream.

Displaying such robustness, today, Agora has over 500 million SDK installs and empowers users in over 100 countries around the globe. In the APAC region, Agora is one of the leaders in the online education solutions space, and the company is experiencing similar levels of growth in Europe, and the U.S.


Santa Clara, CA

Reggie Yativ, CRO and COO

Description helps apps increase user engagement and retention with SDKs for live, interactive audio, video, and messaging features at planetary scale. With a dedicated network and device-optimized code, Agora is the only real-time engagement platform designed to cross borders and reach users on low-bandwidth networks and on lower-powered devices.Currently, Agora is streaming every month over 25 billion minutes of voice and video on itsglobal Software-Defined Real Time Network (SD-RTN)