AgreeYa Solutions: Neutralizing COVID-19 Enterprise Disruptions with the Prowess of Microsoft

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Ajay Kaul, Managing Partner
In the wake of the global disruption that COVID-19 has bought about, the question on everybody’s mind, beyond immediate health considerations, is about the economic fallout. Given the unpredictable nature of the virus’ onslaught, it isn’t easy to pronounce definite economic outcomes. After months of lockdown, as businesses prepare to reboot their operations post-COVID-19, they find themselves in uncharted territory. The absence of a vaccine means that businesses need to ensure social distancing at their workplace by operating with reduced staff density. But directionally, it is clear that organizations and individuals need to gear up for a period of uncertainty and a ‘new normal.’ They need to build upon their strong digital technology foundations to ensure resilience and adaptability during these difficult times.

The Microsoft Technologies Leaders

Today, CIOs are looking for solutions that could mitigate their challenges related to business continuity planning, resource optimization, process automation, and remote working security. To this end, leveraging Microsoft’s technologies helps organizations ensure seamless collaboration, strengthen organizational data security, and drive a work culture that centers on data. As a Microsoft Gold Partner and a certified Cloud Solution Provider, that’s where AgreeYa Solutions can help. The company has been working with Microsoft for more than two decades now. The close association with Microsoft has enabled the company to create viable and powerful business solutions for customers.

AgreeYa’s deep understanding of Microsoft technologies has in fact enabled the organization to launch a powerful stack of business continuity solutions as a part of their COVID-19 response. The solutions can be rapidly deployed and easily integrated (with existing processes) without compromising security, which enable seamless productivity. “We see ourselves as an extension of the Microsoft ecosystem and continually work towards the latest technology direction that is taken by them. We have been leveraging Microsoft technologies to ensure that businesses can reopen with confidence, rebuild and regain the business momentum in the digital-first postpandemic era," says Ajay Kaul, Managing Partner, AgreeYa Solutions. “As testified by some of our clients, our solutions have proved to be strong drivers of how companies adapt themselves in the present scenario, which can be delivered by our stack of services which are a part of COVID-19 response.” As a part of their COVID-19 response, AgreeYa had to transform into a remote working organization, almost overnight. The company utilized Microsoft offerings such as Crisis Communication app (to strengthen itsinternal communications), Microsoft Teams (for seamless remote communication and collaboration experience), Microsoft Azure (for anytime, anywhere, and secure access to corporate information), among others. In the following months, AgreeYa was helping businesses implement these solutions. Additionally, its Microsoft certified experts utilized the Microsoft Cognitive services stack to develop a custom Chatbot solution that could be easily integrated with the Crisis Communication app. AgreeYa also developed another AI powered Chatbot application that would offer 24/7 automated IT helpdesk and customer support.

Exemplary Success Stories and a Promising Roadmap

At its core, AgreeYa is a technology company and therefore continues to invest in training and developing its staff to stay tuned to the latest in technology.

As testified by some of our clients, our solutions have proved to be strong drivers of how companies adapt themselves in the present scenario, which can be delivered by our stack of services which are a part of COVID-19 response

This helps the company in preempting business problems and being prepared with the best-suited solutions for its customers. “We have partnered with technology leaders like Microsoft and by the virtue of this association, we get exclusive access to work and test market some of the newest and emerging technologies,” mentions Kaul. Further, AgreeYa believes that achieving excellence is a journey and not a destination. Hence, it gives meticulous consideration to the processes, methodologies, and people. “Our SUMMIT framework brings together leading practices to provide our customers with high value and high-quality services,” states Kaul.

He further mentions one of the many success stories where AgreeYa helped expedite Microsoft 365 adoption and assisted with Digital Transformation. When a government department in California wanted to upgrade its existing Intranet as part of its digital transformation initiative and keep pace with evolving workplace requirements, they partnered with AgreeYa to expedite user adoption of this new system without putting an additional burden on the IT support team. AgreeYa deployed its Chatbot for Microsoft 365 after tailoring it to meet the City’s specific needs. The solution was based on the Microsoft Cognitive services stack, which means all the enterprise data stays secured within the Microsoft ecosystem. It had a rich built-in knowledge base that enables rapid deployments. As a direct outcome of this implementation, the department was able to rapidly and successfully transition to a new system while mitigating any business disruption.

AgreeYa believes in providing nothing but the best service to help its customers overcome their daunting technology challenge. The one stated above was just an example of this commitment to providing nothing but the best service, come what may have helped them forge deep ties with their client base. As a result, the company is still seeing a steady stream of projects coming their way from the existing customers and business referrals.

AgreeYa is confident of beating the tough times that COVID-19 has spurred, and come out as a more resilient organization. “We are servicing 550+ customers across the globe and this number has been increasing at a steady pace. Our customers include small size organizations to large Fortune 100 enterprises, therefore presenting us with very diverse and unique business problems to solve every day,” informs Kaul. From a footprint and organizational growth standpoint, AgreeYa has been experiencing double-digit growth for many years now. “We have opened new offices in India where we have our Global Delivery Center. We are doing some strategic partnerships, which we believe, will help us in reaching out to more customers and provide stronger and comprehensive solutions together,” concludes Kaul.

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Ajay Kaul, Managing Partner

AgreeYa Solutions is a global systems integrator delivering a competitive advantage for its customers through Microsoft and other solutions. Headquartered in Folsom CA, the company works with over 500 customers, ranging from fortune 100 firms to small and large businesses. AgreeYa Solutions serves a multitude of industries such as telecom, banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI), healthcare, pharma/life sciences, utilities, technology, public sector and others

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