Aiven: Simplifying Data Infrastructure by Offering an All-in-One Cloud Data Platform

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Heikki Nousiainen, CTO & Co-founder
When using open source in the cloud, companies can develop their solutions in house, instead of developing one-size-fits-all applications using proprietary vendors. Many open-source technologies (like Kubernetes, Linux, PostgreSQL, etc.) give developers transferable abilities across the cloud. Open-source cloud solutions are a precious tool for businesses looking to advance their cloud capabilities with features like reduced vendor lock-in and improved security. The resulting cloud solution can be more adaptive, compatible, and resilient to modern business needs. However, open-source adoption is not a piece of cake, with tools that aren't always configured for security, steep learning curve and lack of support.

With its unique fully managed, open source cloud data platform, Aiven combines all the tools needed to connect to data services used on all major cloud providers. It simplifies the cloud database setup process and takes the struggle out of establishing a new cloud data infrastructure with its platform. It offers the latest open-source technologies that help customers get the full benefits of open-source licensing. The software ultimately enhances business agility and data infrastructure scalability, allows organizations to fuel the continuous innovation required to create data-intensive applications and trigger true transformations on a global scale using leading open-source technologies.

Aiven makes it easy for customers to consume its best-of-breed open-source technologies that cater to different business issues. It helps configure fully managed Kafka, PostgreSQL, OpenSearch, Cassandra and more in less than 10 minutes directly from its web console or programmatically via API, CLI, Terraform provider, or Kubernetes operator. Aiven offers a fully managed, distributed streaming, storage and analytics suite deployable in the cloud, ideal for real-time data pipeline, real-time data analytics, logs management, website search, and more. Its managed Apache Flink service is the perfect companion to Aiven for Apache Kafka, enabling reliable and scalable real-time filtering, enriching, aggregating, alerting, and analyzing real-time events. In essence, Aiven helps organizations use and build these technologies to develop applications and perform the operational needs running those systems. It also ensures they are highly available and running the latest security patches.
“Aiven's mission is to simplify developers' and organizations’ work so they can focus on building applications and the best infrastructure that open source can offer,” says Heikki Nousiainen, CTO and co-founder at Aiven.

For instance, Aiven helped Wolt, a delivery service company, achieve major savings using open-source tools, which are easy to use in the delivery technology space. Wolt knew their platform and technology could make or break their business from the beginning. The key factor was to find a technology supplier that offered enough flexibility and a complete feature set to support growth. At the same time, the solution had to be easy to set up and use and reliable. They came across Aiven and were impressed with its rich feature set and comprehensive tooling. They received a fully managed solution for Apache Kafka with a 99.9 percent uptime SLA. Aiven's architecture also made it easy to scale up or down as required, which gave Wolt's business the freedom to expand. Another critical feature was the ease of use. Today, Aiven hosts all of Wolt's Apache Kafka services.

Aiven's mission is to make developers' and organizations’ work simpler and more productive so that they can truly focus on building applications and the best infrastructure that open source can offer

In order to deliver the most value to our customers, Aiven partners very closely with Intel through the Intel Disruptor Initiative. Leveraging the latest Intel Xeon scalable processors and software with built-in accelerators, we boosted the performance of technologies built on open source across Intel-optimized cloud providers to provide the best price/performance to customers.

It aims to build a world where open-source technology is developed by everyone for everyone, ensuring good of the people and the environment. Aiven looks forward to translating the definition of what being a socially and environmentally responsible company implies and turning it into tangible actions and improvements.


Helsinki, FI

Heikki Nousiainen, CTO & Co-founder

Aiven's all-in-one cloud data platform combines all the tools one needs to connect to the data services used on all major cloud providers. Through this platform, Aiven makes setting up cloud databases simpler, and its innovative solutions take the pain out of cloud data infrastructure