Akumina: Redefining Modern Workplace Collaboration

David Maffei, President
In the highly competitive enterprise arena, for a business to stand out of the crowd requires maintaining timely relationships and having a collaboration system that is clear, precise, and instantaneous. Gone are the days when e-mails served the purpose; today, users can modify and share documents concurrently, thanks to cloud-based infrastructures. Besides, the future of an enterprise is no longer dependent upon personal productivity, and it is the collaboration among a diverse and distributed workforce that will decide the days ahead. This is where a company called Akumina is making a huge difference in the market through its unique digital workplace software platform that brings transparency to medium and large enterprises by creating personalized, contextual, and scalable experiences for users. “Akumina’s software platform drives collaboration to enhance the productivity and efficiency of the workforce. Fundamentally, the goal is to allow the entire workforce do their jobs better, faster and easier,” asserts David Maffei, the president of Akumina. The company understands that organizations have different environments and approaches with specific requirements, and to that end, they take an elaborate and consultative approach to develop solutions instead of offering a one-size-fits-all product.

Akumina breaks down the collaboration structure into two parts— team-based collaboration and entity-based collaboration. By connecting prominent enterprise data systems such as Office 365, Salesforce.com and others, the company provides out-of-the-box connectors and capabilities for leading enterprise CRM, HCM, FinServ, and proprietary data systems. On the other hand, Akumina’s indigenous Workspaces tool is an entity-based platform that enables users to collaborate on a single entity or project efficiently and effectively. The uniqueness of Workspaces is that it presents a connected user experience for managing and joining forces on everything about the entity; whether it is a document, an event, a business plan or a project. It allows users to work together, in realtime, without having to jump between multiple applications. Businesses can keep everyone on track and accountable by facilitating them to connect online with their projects everywhere from any device—be it a smartphone, laptop, or desktop, in any language.

The Akumina platform allows our customers entire workforce to do their job better, faster, and easier, allowing every employee to be more productive and deliver the right information

Maffei explains about the customer success story of American Pacific Mortgage, an independently owned mortgage banking firm that offers refinance and home loans. The company’s workforce consists of loan officers, underwriters, and copywriters; their goal was to streamline the loan origination process—in their case, each potential loan has its own Workspace. The client was able to revamp their original process entirely by using Workspaces. This empowered 1,000s of employees to collaborate with the stated goal of ensuring an easier and faster loan throughput process. “Through a wizard-based UI, we deliver custom templates for our clients that let them design the required interfaces for every possible entity—whether that is a loan for a bank, or a Bobble-head event night for a Major League Baseball team and everything in between,” says Maffei.

Akumina’s cloud-based solution delivers a unified and connected experience across Microsoft Office 365 and various other business communication systems. It focuses on driving the user-based digital workplace and value realization into a real-world heterogeneous IT landscape. “We do that with a highly polished employee experience. The platform allows the entire workforce to do their job better, faster, and easier, allowing every employee to be more productive and deliver the right information,” concludes Maffei.


Nashua, NH

David Maffei, President and Ed Rogers, CEO

The company provides a digital workplace platform that delivers contextual and personalized digital experiences for enterprises