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Joe Morant, CEO (US team)
From the executive management positions held at several asset managers and consulting firms, Joe Morant brings a depth of experience that spans across all aspects of asset and wealth management industry. As the CEO of the U.S. division of Alpha Financial Market Consulting (FMC) touches base with his company’s core principles, he says, “Our job is often to solve our clients most complex challenges, to do this we often need to leverage technology to enable the change which drives positive outcomes” Alpha FMC is a consultancy that focuses solely on the asset and wealth management industry, helping to address the gap between businesses and technologies. To help asset and wealth management firms get the best out of their technology investments; the Alpha FMC team recommends clients adopt an active and conscious perspective to their transformation strategy. With the aid of unparalleled benchmarking data, methodologies, and accelerators, Alpha FMC leverages this experience and helps provide its clients a fresh perspective on their business.

Alpha FMC helps clients seize the opportunity and keep up with the current trends that are impacting the asset and wealth management industry. One of these is the need to truly understand the value of data; not only from within the company but blending it with external data from across the industry to turn it into an asset. Alpha FMC helps its clients in not only leveraging such data to drive business-critical decisions but in order to do so, also ensures that IT is viewed as an enterprise-wide entity, rather than in silos. The team helps in identifying opportunities to build an end-to-end technology platform to manage the business and drive better performance and client experiences. While such drastic changes require strategic planning, Alpha FMC walks alongside its clients in the entire change management process, helping them through the complete lifecycle of projects—from advisory, selection and evaluation through to implementation and execution—all drawing insights from working closely with other leading asset and wealth management companies.
In this fast-moving environment, Alpha FMC has expanded its capabilities to strengthen support in compliance and regulation, playing a prominent role in helping organizations adapt and prepare for the impacts of newer regulations. This is particularly beneficial in the current scenario, where companies are skeptical of integrating technological advances into their systems, due to the rising concerns of complying with the regulations.

Our job is to solve our clients most complex challenges and help them understand how they can leverage technology to drive positive outcomes

This pace of change has also driven additional guidance when it comes to M&A activity; this is yet another arena, where Alpha FMC’s expertise in understanding the change in the investment management lifecycle has rendered value for its clients. As an example, helping clients add investment capabilities or regional distribution focus and at the same time building out global operating models and technology platforms to drive scale.

Alpha FMC recently went public on Alternative Investment Market (AIM) on the LSE. Commenting on the achievement, Morant says, “We have grown our business globally and have expanded our offices in all regions across the UK, Continental Europe, Asia and North America”. By connecting its network of experts and providing a broader footprint for clients, Alpha FMC acquires a deeper set of know-how across various geographical locations, establishing a stronger grip on the global market at the same time, displaying its ability to respond at a local level. Alpha FMC’s focus on delivering across the entire lifecycle of projects is portrayed by their quick and effective response to specific client needs and their skilled set of experts who help clients analyze data to understand their businesses holistically and make better decisions.

Alpha FMC

Boston, MA

Joe Morant, CEO (US team)

Alpha FMC is a global consultancy that provides end-to-end expertise specifically in the asset and wealth management industry

Alpha FMC