AnalyticsIQ: Big Data Experts Fuel Big Results

Dave Kelly, CEO
Thanks to the mountains of data available today, modern marketers have more opportunities than ever to infuse information and insights into their targeted marketing efforts. But how can marketers cut through the ‘data clutter’ and go beyond basic demographics to answer the question, “Why do individual consumers make the purchase decision they do?” Enter AnalyticsIQ. The marketing analytics firm, known for its predictive data expertise, solves this marketing question by leveraging its unique blend of data. AnalyticsIQ’s data taps into consumers’ decision-making factors such as impulsiveness, conscientiousness, materialism, tech adoption, donor behavior, and risk-taking behavior. “We are the BMW of the data business, focused on building the best-engineered, most reliable data products to drive better analytical and marketing results for our clients,” says Dave Kelly, CEO, AnalyticsIQ.

Today, many organizations such as insurance companies and non-profit fundraisers are investing heavily in customer analytics, often employing specialized teams focused solely on building predictive models; that’s how important data is to their success. “We are selling the fuel they require for the analytics team,” mentions Kelly.

The company’s data solutions are designed for organizations striving to attract the most profitable customers. For example, AnalyticsIQ offers a suite of sophisticated solutions focused on consumer financial intelligence. This data provides a 360-degree view of a household’s financial situation that goes beyond simply income. The firm’s Affluence Scores include a household’s overall wealth, investable assets and discretionary spend.

AnalyticsIQ’s areas of expertise go beyond financial data. “Our data products address important insights such as social engagement, ethnicity, and business ownership in an accurate manner that allows marketers to more effectively target their audience,” adds Kelly. The science behind the art of big data is what sets AnalyticsIQ apart from others. “We take a scientific approach, and thus minimize the errors. We put a lot of effort into each of these smart algorithms so our clients can understand who they are dealing with,” substantiates Kelly.

We are the BMW of the data business, focused on building the best-engineered, most reliable data products

Furthermore, the company’s high-octane segmentation solution, Symphony, empowers marketers to optimize their marketing spend and drive higher response rates. As Kelly shares, Symphony is a lifestyle segmentation system that slices the country into groups of individuals that look and act similarly. “Symphony is comprised of 10 high-level and 90 micro-segments that deliver a comprehensive consumer profile,” adds Kelly. Symphony gives marketers a ‘quick win’ when it comes to incorporating data into their customized and targeted marketing efforts.

In a recent success story, a large charitable organization was interested in utilizing Facebook to acquire new donors more cost effectively. AnalyticsIQ partnered with the organization to build a custom model that leveraged AnalyticsIQ’s Facebook Influencer Model. The result? The cost to acquire a new donor dropped by over 80 percent, from $800 to nearly $150. Kelly agrees that data can be incredibly instrumental in driving the growth of an organization. “Today we account for over 75 percent of the donations that they receive online each month,” shares Kelly.

With a fleet of delighted clients, AnalyticsIQ has a decade-long track record of helping clients across verticals including Insurance, Financial Services, Retail, Travel and Non-Profit organizations. AnalyticsIQ has aggressive plans to continue building innovative solutions to help marketers infuse not just big data, but the right data. In fact, AnalyticsIQ plans to extend their expertise into other countries. “We will continue to emblazon our message in the market that we fit into the big data awakening pretty well. We are responding to our client’s need for increasingly better predictive data,” states Kelly.


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Dave Kelly, CEO

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