Anju Software: Connecting the Dots from Molecule to Retirement

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Kurien Jacob, Executive Chairman Pharmaceutical companies and CROs are constantly striving to optimize time and cost to bring a new drug to market. The approval process is complex, with vast amounts of data to be tracked along with managing government reporting. Once approved, commercializing drugs, managing safety, and tracking any adverse events is a daunting task. It is impossible to keep track of the volume of transactions and data without using up to date technology. To meet the various technology needs, many companies have come up with innovative solutions addressing specific areas of the pharma ecosystem.

Anju was formed in 2016 with a vision of providing a solution that tracks the data from the early stages of clinical trials to commercialization and pharmacovigilance. With five strategic acquisitions, Anju now has solutions in several of the key segments of the lifecycle within the life sciences industry. In addition to the acquisitions, Anju has developed technology to connect disparate systems with Anju solutions, analytical tools that can distill the vast amounts of data to provide actionable insights and the most advanced content management systems in the market. The acquisitions and internally developed tools propelled Anju as one of the most respected solution providers in the life sciences segment.

The current life sciences software market is flooded with a myriad of disparate systems, vendors, and companies rolling out solutions that address small segments of the life sciences industry. However, the underlying challenge is that these different software systems seldom talk to each other. There is no underlying platform that can see through the entire end-to-end pharma lifecycle.

Anju was formed to address this gap. Anju’s solutions span from early-stage clinical trials to the commercialization of the drug or medical device. Each of these solutions can be acquired, independent of each other, or together. To the extent that when the pharma companies have other systems in parts of the life cycle, Anju’s integration tool, Anju BUS, can communicate seamlessly with other systems to provide data flow between the systems. Recently, Anju Acquired OmniComm, a healthcare technology company that provides web-based electronic data capture and eClinical solutions to all clinical trial sponsors. According to Kurien Jacob, Executive Chairman of Anju Software, the merger of OmniComm and Anju positions the organization as a leader in the eClinical market, with solutions in all areas of clinical trial management.

“With this merger, Anju has acquired the stature of the fastest-growing provider in the eClinical arena, where the mutually complementary products of the two companies now form a truly comprehensive eClinical suite,” remarks Jacob.

With a strong zeal to support and guide its clients in meeting their evolving software and service needs, Anju focuses on balancing its strong product offering with exceptional customer support and delivery services. The company’s solutions are used by large and small pharmaceutical companies, CROs, full-service agencies, and medical device companies. The data flow between the systems, ability to communicate with third-party systems, and AI-based data mining solutions provide a unique way for Anju’s customers to leverage critical information throughout their ecosystem. “No single solution can be best of breed for all aspects of the life sciences ecosystem.

End-to-end software solutions help customers manage mission-critical pharma processes and turn their data into actionable insights

Anju BUS, allows disparate systems to communicate with Anju solutions and provide data intelligence from all systems, be they Anju or third-party solutions,” commented Suhas Gudihal, CTO of Anju.

ANJU BUS is purpose-built for data integration and interoperability of heterogeneous applications with ANJU’s Products. The BUS is a unified hybrid integration platform that connects the application network of apps, data, and devices with API-led connectivity. It can drive both real-time and batch processing use cases at scale. The integration is achieved by pre-built adapters, which provide frictionless connectivity with low latency. Pre-built adapters are available for CRM apps like Salesforce, Veeva, and several others. The adapters provide both unidirectional and bi-directional flow of data. The BUS allows ANJU to manage, extend, and integrate all service endpoints in a single place, significantly reducing complexity and risk.

In addition to Anju’s integration platform, Anju SAFE was recently introduced as an intuitive enterprise content management system. SAFE provides a single source of truth in a global repository that can be hosted on the cloud or in the customers’ data center for content in any format (including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, medical images, audio, video in a single database (NoSQL) from any system. SAFE supports multiple languages with configurable dashboards relevant to users.

ANJU SAFE comes built with streamlined workflows that allow users to easily share the work of creating quality content while maintaining control over the content. The CMS allows users to search for all types of content (structured and unstructured), and users can save and retrieve custom searches created on document attributes. ANJU SAFE provides easy integration to 3rd party systems for content capture providing a unified process for managing and translating content.

Business Intelligence and Datasets

Data is key, especially in the modern-day pharma and life sciences industry. Given the diverse use cases of data in clinical trials and medical affairs, Anju offers two crucial datasets, ta-Scan and Zephyr. ta-Scan is a cloud-based, semantically linked life science business intelligence platform that connects data from thousands of sources covering various data classes. The ta-Scan platform provides a unique way to evaluate data at any desired level of detail, including clinical trial data, site information, publications, expert profiles, geographical mapping, and competitive analysis. Pharma companies find this tool invaluable in evaluating clinical trial locations, key thought leaders, and related publications or conferences.

Meanwhile, Anju’s Zephyr offers commercial analytics and targeting. Zephyr merges and analyzes public and private data sets for the life sciences industry and supports marketers, medical affairs, sales, and analytics teams by providing analytics and alerts while being connected to an integrated data lake. Zephyr’s ability to integrate disconnected data sources into a unified view offers users the ability to gain insights across the entire market without going into multiple data silos.
Making good use of the same underlying KOL data, Zephyr provides insights from the clinical side, the preclinical side, and also expert profiling for the medical affairs groups in order to help CROs and pharma organizations looking for advisory boards or experts to identify key influencers and other stakeholders.

Gudihal explains, “We’ve been able to combine what are traditionally different sets of data for different use cases, and then operationally use the same set of data for those use cases, which makes it more efficient. We are among the few companies that can offer KOL related insights generation for both preclinical and post clinical, commercial processes while complying with the various firewalls that one needs to have between clinical and commercial.”

The Distinguishing Elements

Citing an example of one of the best applications of Anju’s tools, Jacob mentions the case study of one of the top five pharma companies that engaged with Anju to consolidate their large number of vendors. Anju has brought together subject matter experts and senior management level executives to design a tool for the customer that made the best use of the existing modules of Anju’s products. “Not only was the client able to perform vendor consolidation efficiently, but by partnering with us, they were able to tackle a new business problem using our existing technology.”

A multitude of Anju’s market peers often claim to offer a similar level of expertise. However, they charge significant fees for the integration or the middleware that will combine their products with the client’s system. This is exactly what Anju aims to eliminate. Apart from delivering products and systems that can easily integrate and talk to each other, the company specializes in a data visualization tool mounted on top of all the different modules offered by the company. ANJU DV is a self-service analytics and data visualization tool that provides a dashboard and reporting features to Anju’s core products. With reliable data insights, ANJU DV provides natural language queries allowing users to ask guided questions from multi-dimensional data and get answers and insight into data in the form of visual charts and reports.

"Our proprietary technology, ANJU BUS, leverages the underlying system data and enables the systems to collaborate in the best possible way"

The company also has a cutting-edge content management system that integrates with all the company’s modules. “On our first demo of the CMS product, because it is so advanced, one of our clients wanted to buy it as a replacement for their market-leading content management solution, even though it was intended to be merely an underlying technology component,” adds Gudihal. With more technology components and products in the pipeline for development, Anju is currently focused on investing significantly in developing the vigilance and safety aspects of its clinical software.

With the Omnicomm acquisition, Anju has expanded its global presence with presence in China, Japan, India, and the EU. “We would like to see our company evolve with a growth trajectory that is both organic and through mergers and acquisitions. We strive to deliver our customers market-leading clinical and post-clinical software equipped with underlying data assets and the state-of-the-art technology components, which communicate with each other,” concludes Jacob.

Anju Software

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Kurien Jacob, Executive Chairman and Suhas Gudihal, CTO, Stephen Johnson, Chief Revenue Officer, Lisa Whinnie, Chief Operating Officer, Rebecca Barr, VP Finance

Anju Software is a leading provider of comprehensive software solutions to the life sciences industry. The company provides an integrated platform spanning clinical operations, medical affairs and commercial divisions including integrated data intelligence. Anju has combined deep industry and software domain expertise to build a next generation platform for the life sciences sector that can scale to provide solutions that meet customers’ needs from “molecule to retirement”. Anju provides end-to-end software solutions that help customers manage mission-critical pharma processes and turn data into actionable insights. Anju’s philosophy is to support and guide clients over the long term in meeting their evolving software needs. Anju’s mission is to complement its strong product offering with exceptional customer support and delivering true quantifiable value