AnswerAide: Tech-Driven and Intuitive Answering Services

Dave Kimble, Founder and CEO
Many small businesses suffer from below-average customer service not because they want to, but because they don’t have a choice. They are most often so overwhelmed with the work at hand that answering customer calls is last on their to-do list. Missed calls are missed business opportunities that have a significant impact on a business. Studies show 8 out of 10 consumers would switch to a different company after just one instance of being unable to reach a business by phone.

AnswerAide solves these problems through its suite of answering services, from offering live virtual receptionists to BPO and chat and text services. Its omnichannel answering services allow clients to communicate with their consumers via preferred channels round the clock, ensuring no communication is missed during or after hours. Besides answering calls, the agents process simple orders, perform administrative and secretarial tasks, and, if need be, patch the call with the required staff through its dedicated call and contact center services.

What makes its answering services stand out is the blended intuitiveness with the help of technology. Most contact centers today remain siloed multichannel entities. While businesses have added social, email, and live chat to their current voice platforms, they are rarely integrated to reduce repetition. That’s why consumers end up repeating their names and crucial details over and over as they are transferred from one representative to another.

AnswerAide aims to completely do away with this undesirable customer experience by prepopulating customer information from CRMs and other software using API integrations. This helps the answering agents avoid redundant questions and cut to the chase. As the call progresses, information keeps updating on the answering agent’s system, which further avoids repetition. The state-of-the-art technology also allows for better scripting controls for setting up daily instructions, including definitive protocols and timeframes for call-backs.

Complementing the technology are the company’s well-trained and intuitive answering agents, who also play a vital role in upholding the standard of the answering services.
All the agents undergo meticulous weekly training as opposed to conventional one-time training to ensure better call quality, where a business is well-represented to build an excellent brand reputation.

“Through every phone call, we aim to create a lasting impression on our client’s customers that helps qualify more leads and increase business opportunities,” says Dave Kimble, founder and CEO, AnswerAide.

Through every phone call, we aim to create a lasting impression on our client’s customers that helps qualify more leads and increase business opportunities

The secret to achieving this remains in its client collaboration approach. Understanding a business’s need to outsource answering services and what they are trying to accomplish as a brand is AnswerAide’s first step in building a customized proposal. A dedicated account manager is appointed to study the client’s brand values, policies, and procedures. It then filters agents fitting the business domain and trains them to be a part of the client’s brand inside and out.

If a client is unhappy with the quality of the services, AnswerAide offers a 100 percent money-back guarantee. This unconventional approach doubles down AnswerAide’s commitment to providing excellent customer service. The company relies on a fully functional ROI-driven business model and only charges for the hours worked. Small and medium-sized businesses drive the most advantage from this flexible payment model.

AnswerAide is a 100-percent US-based business growing swiftly since the pandemic. Since the company predominantly operates from a remote working model now, it has placed greater emphasis on training and quality assurance. To enhance the audio quality of the calls, AnswerAide is also upping its game by utilizing audio technologies that eliminate external noise. Answer Aide strives to provide the best experience for its client’s callers through every minor and major improvement.


Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

Dave Kimble, Founder and CEO

AnswerAide offers a live answering service that efficiently helps businesses to handle all the calls expertly in a polite, business-friendly manner, making sure that there are no missed calls. What makes the answering services stand out is the blended intuitiveness with the help of technology.