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Patrick Storm, Director, Consulting Services
Every business aims to perform large-scale equipment deployment, hardware replacement, or network optimization projects without any additional overhead expenditure. However, organizations’ internal teams often struggle to rightly organize and optimize these operations owing to a lack of scalability and flexibility. To this end, Apex Systems does wonders by drawing a strategic vision through the rapid deployment of qualified personnel and offering project and personnel oversight as well as real-time data analytics.

While engaging with clients, Apex Systems always focuses on the crucial aspect of demand planning. Boasting offices across the U.S. and multiple large national recruiting centers, Apex is well-positioned to support clients seamlessly, without concern of location.The company understands every critical detail of a project—be it the timeline, geographical reach, or budget. Apex Systems then provides clients with all the information pertaining to their resource requirements or upcoming expenditures. “Our goal is to educate clients about every aspect of their initiatives so that they can achieve optimum outcome,” mentions Patrick Storm, Consulting Services Director, Apex Systems. With an unwavering focus to serve clients better, Apex Systems has led a plethora of projects toward success. For example, one of its clients needed to complete an enterprise-level hardware deployment for locations across the U.S. Prior to engaging with Apex Systems, the client worked with another partner, however, due to failure in meeting their rigorous requirementsthe customer turned solely to Apex for their comprehensive workforce management

Working in liaison with the client, Apex Systems’ engagement team designed a desktop deployment solution that ensured agile and scalable demand planning while promising significant cost savings associated with the travel to more than 75 sites.

Throughout this project, the company was able to hire skilled staff and provide them with extensive security as well as technical training.
“We were proud to see that the staff attrition rate averaged merely 3 percent. This was an outstanding metric given the level of travel and client’s demanding schedule,” Storm asserts. More importantly, Apex Systems always provided the client with key metrics and analytics regarding their work to maintain transparency.

The outcomes of this engagement were intriguing, to say the least. Apex Systems was able to offer a cost-effective deployment service that ensured minimum business disruption. It, in fact, exceeded the client’s expectations as the Apex team was able to successfully complete all deployments and even a percentage of those to be deployed in thecoming year, ultimately putting the customer ahead of schedule. In addition to more than one hundred percent of the work being completed, it was done one month ahead of schedule while saving the client 15 percent of the allocated travel cost.

Our Goal Is To Educate Clients About Every Aspect Of Their Initiatives So That They Can Achieve Optimum Outcome

Instances of client success like this always propel Apex Systems to explore new avenues of growth. The company has already extended its footprints across Europe and Mexico. The coming years will witness it engaging in more geographical expansion projects. Not stopping there, Apex Systems believes in evolving with the changing client requirements. It has realized that the world is going virtual, and clients want their problems to be resolved remotely—instead of having people at their location. To this end, the company is striving to build a symbiotic relationship with cloud vendors to deploy cutting-edge solutions. In a nutshell, the roadmap of Apex Systems involves both physical and digital footprint expansion

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Patrick Storm, Director, Consulting Services

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