AppCard: Empowering Retailers to Get On Par with E-commerce Customer Engagements

YairGoldfinger, Co-founder & CEO
One of the major drivers of customer retention is to understand customer behavior and loyalty towards retailers. They can be classified into various categories based on their regularity—as often as every week, not so frequently like once in two months, or once a while. Yair Goldfinger, Co- Founder and CEO of AppCard remarks that retailers need to build a personalized relationship with each group to attract them—either to visit more often or to buy more—based on the frequency of visits. This is where AppCard comes in. By combining a multi-tier loyalty program with actionable data analytic reports and business intelligence insights, AppCard makes retailers’ communication with customer much more effective. “AppCard’s goal from day one is to tie shoppers’ line item purchases in real-time with an offer engine, thus personalizing the communi¬cation to them,” he adds.

AppCard, the company’s innovative personalized marketing and loyalty platform AppCard Brain empowers retailers to bring the functionalities of e-commerce relating to data collection and shopper experience to their business. It seamlessly integrates with POS enabling retailers to comprehend the behavior of their shoppers in real time. AppCard Brain, recognized as an alliance member of the Intel IoT alliance, leverages the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning, segments the shoppers allowing retailers to understand their preferences. “The segmentation is done on the basis of recency of last purchase, frequency, monetary spends, sustainability, profitability, and the overall stickiness of the shopper,” elucidates Goldfinger. Retailers can then set automated turn-key triggers through AppCard Brain to meet customer’s expectations. “We help retailers to communicate with their shoppers through their preferred touch point with personalized offers and rewards that derive from their actual behavior.”

Further, using AppCard Brain, retailers can identify the best communication channel with each customer for highest possible response rate. “We help optimize our client’s business by increasing shopper retention, up-selling and cross-selling the shopper, and re-acquiring those who have churned, whether manually through their success manager or via automated triggers,” points out Goldfinger.

AppCard’s goal from day one is to tie shoppers’ line item purchases in real-time with an offer engine, thus personalizing the communication to them

AppCard Brain’s reporting engine enables retailers get reports on item level detail, employee performance and shopper analysis. The platform automatically continues sending offers working well and stops those on churned customers that may not return.

The company also brings the services that are confined to large-scale retailers to the hands of small and mid size retailers by leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning. The instance of Super King Market, an independent grocer, is a testament to the company’s innovative technologies and services. The grocery store required a solution to address their fragmented demographic shopper base and provide their customers with actionable data based on their preferences. AppCard’s solution enabled them to see 56 percent of all the daily transaction and 72 percent of transaction value within 6 months of implementation. “With AppCard campaigns such as double points on higher margin products and on shopper’s next purchase, they were able to see a significant annual increase in average ticket among their loyal shoppers,” affirms Goldfinger.

The company aims to achieve new heights in the retail sales and marketing arena with more sophisticated targeting and improved personalization. AppCard will continue to add automation to simplify business for retailers. “We continuously plan on adding more services and features that are segment specific and influenced by feedback received from our retailers and shoppers,” concludes Goldfinger.


New York, NY

YairGoldfinger, Co-founder & CEO and Amichay Oren, Co-founder & CTO

A personalized marketing and loyalty platform, which uses smart data capture and artificial intelligence to change the way retailers communicate with their customers