Applied Health Analytics: The Changing Tide of Healthcare Systems

Robert Chamberlain, Chairman & CEO
The healthcare industry is trudging ahead in its transition away from fee-for-service models to a value-based system, focused on population health initiatives that connect patients, providers and payors together. The shift requires an understanding of how healthcare systems mitigate risk in the patient population and ultimately, the cost of care. While population health management is workable in theory, in many health systems, challenges abound.

“The Big data is a big challenge. We hear this from health systems consistently. They often have multiple platforms that don’t talk to each other, and have no viable way of integrating data or creating actionable insights,”says Robert Chamberlain, Chairman and CEO of Applied Health Analytics. This is where Applied Health Analytics comes in. “We position the health system as the preferred provider of population health initiatives for the commercial market.”

“We take in HRA, biometric, and claims data to identify health risks before they impact utilization. In concert with our health system partners, we provide a preemptive, proactive solution based on meaningful analytics to change behaviors and mitigate risk,” Chamberlain notes. The company’s core business is technology disruption; instead of biting off a singular piece of the challenge, Applied Health Analytics combines every aspect needed to address the issue of employer-directed population health into a single, impactful platform.

The company offers technology-based solutions for health systems to work toward a population health business model in the employer market. For instance, biometric screenings can be an arduous business, not only for the employer and health system but the individual as well. Applied Health Analytics has designed a platform that automates the collection and analysis of biometric data in real time and instantaneously pushes results to the clinician and the individual at the point of care. Chamberlain states, “Individuals have the opportunity to understand their risks, and how they can change behaviors to positively impact their health.”

We position the health system as the preferred provider of population health initiatives for the commercial market

The combination of technology, data, and health system integration is beneficial for hospital leadership interested in driving revenue growth, increasing commercial market share and enhancing their payer mix.

Chamberlain explains the company is built on a foundation of 60 percent consulting and 40 percent technology. A great example of this is Carolinas HealthCare Systems. While the organization has long had an innovative leadership team, the system’s relationship with a large local employer was coming to a close. To help retain the employer, the health system partnered with Applied Health Analytics. In doing so, the system worked with the employer to produce a 30-percent reduction in premium expense on the employer level, and increased referrals to the practices of aligned primay care physicans. Applied Health Analytics assisted in creating and implementing a plan that took the strengths of the leadership team and infused them with competitive, value-based practices, resulting in win-win outcomes for all parties.

Applied Health Analytics continues to focus on innovation by cultivating top-tier talent in the industry. Chamberlain states, “Everything we focus on is taking in data, using sophisticated algorithms, and communicating the issue—and the solution— for that individual.” Chamberlain ends stating, “If you’re not coming out with a new vision and a new product a few times each year, the competition wins. You have to be agile and question your competitive position constantly. If you are not walking in the steps of your customers, you will never understand their challenges.” Applied Health Analytics plans to continue sharing its innovative platform with health systems and their users as they transition to commercially insured targeted population health models accelerates.

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Robert Chamberlain, Chairman & CEO

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