Appspace: Reinforcing Employee Engagement Amid Crisis

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Duke Skarda, Chief Technology Officer
Amidst uncertain lockdowns and work from home setups, HR leaders worldwide have been confronted with one question–how do we keep employees engaged in this ever-changing environment? When the COVID-19 pandemic hit early this year, businesses scrambled to address an unforeseen crisis. Day to day operations had to change, and employees were confronted with the cycles of disruption and adaptation as we all adjusted to the new normal. The need for consistent and effective communication between workers and their management teams through innovative, engaging processes became more critical than ever. That requirement is still essential as we continue to ride the pandemic wave and its effect on the workplace.

This is where companies like Appspace are making a difference.

Appspace provides a unique software platform that powers an exceptional workplace experience for employees and their teams. Appspace tightly integrates collaboration tools, digital signage, room scheduling, resource reservation, and many other functionalities necessary to keep employees connected, informed, and engaged. Employees can receive messages and book spaces irrespective of the employee’s location–whether on the office premises, at home, or on the go. “Our workplace experience platform helps bridge the gap between employees and their HR professionals, especially during COVID-19,” says Duke Skarda, Chief Technology Officer of Appspace.

Skarda highlights that, apart from ensuring seamless communication with employees, organizations have been distressed about cost flows and maintaining the usual office culture. Company culture has become paramount for organizations both large and small, and until recently, has been heavily reliant on activities tied to an office location. The foundation of culture is great communication. Using technology such as digital signage in common areas, connected conference rooms, and other displays has traditionally been a great way to keep employees in the loop while in the building. But what about when an employee isn’t in the office?

Skarda shares a case study that discusses this exact challenge. The client sought assistance to replace their existing content management software with a more scalable solution to power displays in common areas, conference rooms, and huddle spaces. However, when COVID-19 hit, they had to alter their strategy accordingly. Because of this client’s new need to reach a more remote audience, Appspace integrated its content management solution with existing business applications, including Slack, Webex Teams, and Microsoft Teams. Using these communication solutions, the client could use Appspace to reach their employees with the same workflows and publishing tools that get content onto the displays across the office space and triggered the same response it used to receive before COVID. In fact, Appspace also helped the client manage its costs by upgrading its existing communication tools and eliminating the need to purchase new ones. This is one of the many success stories that highlight the expertise and efficiency of Appspace when it comes to helping its customers adapt to the new normal.

Since its inception, Appspace has been committed to enhancing employee engagement by constantly inventing out-of-the-box solutions to reach more workers and draw their attention towards their workplace.

Our workplace experience platform helps bridge the gap between employees and their HR professionals, especially for hybrid workplaces

Today, the company has emerged as the leading workplace experience platform. Enabling a safe return to the office by bridging the home office and the new workplace, Appspace is uniquely positioned as a simple platform for the “hybrid” workplace. “In a nutshell, we are a workplace experience platform that works toward ensuring every company provides a great experience for their employees,” says Skarda.

On the technical front, getting started with Appspace is easy. Appspace is highly scalable, very simple to use, and requires little or no training. Even the organizations currently not using the software can sign up for a free account and explore the robust publishing tools called ‘cards’ on the Appspace platform. These easy-to-use cards can be utilized to get on-brand content to display across the workplace and mobile devices. Just like PowerPoint templates, the highly flexible Appspace cards enable clients to edit their content before publishing and allow them to display them in many locations at once, regardless of size, shape, or device. Cards can also be further organized into channels that allow clients to watch content on-demand.

Whether through a single channel (containing a playlist of COVID updates, HR notifications, current social media streams, videos, and more) or multiple channels, Appspace lets employees have an immersive experience similar to “corporate networks.” Appspace even removes geographical barriers and provides HR managers with simple tools that establish consistent, timely communications with their employees. “Keeping COVID in mind, we even recently built a channel where the utmost safety measures like social distancing, wearing a mask, and others were being communicated to employees by their respective HR person. Our customers can access this content for free on our website,” adds Skarda.

Beyond focusing on delivering content displays for organizations at scale, Appspace extends its proficiency to bolster communication endpoints. The company has partnered with leading hardware manufacturers such as Cisco and Crestron to directly connect an organization's devices and add more value to their displays. This is done by removing dead/dark screens and pushing relevant content like the latest company updates, new policies being enforced, COVID news, room occupancy statistics, and or even connecting to back-end systems.

Already creating ripples in the employee engagement space, Appspace looks ahead to promote the hybrid workplace culture as even post-pandemic, the way in which we work will remain changed. Furthermore, Appspace has recently upgraded its room booking functionality–a feature of its space management solutions–to manage building occupancy and reduce physical congestion/interactions as employees return to their offices post-COVID. Moving ahead on this path of innovation, Appspace is set to position itself as a leader in bolstering employee engagement.


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Duke Skarda, Chief Technology Officer

Appspace helps organizations build an exceptional workplace experience with simple communication and space management tools. The company enables companies get all their employees on the same page with workplace digital signage and SaaS-based visual communication programs. Appspace tightly integrates several collaboration tools, room scheduling, and many other functionalities necessary to keep employees connected, irrespective of their location–within office premises, at home, or on the go. Through its robust software platform, Appspace ensures that the communications stands uninterrupted, irrespective of employees working next to each other or in disparate zones