Apptricity: End-To-End Supply Chain Visibility

Tim Garcia, President & CEO Handling invoices, managing inventory, and tracking assets are just a few of many critical workflows that any organization requires for its ongoing operations. Look at a company that owns and tracks anywhere between several hundred to several million active, global assets on any given day: they want to ensure total visibility into its assets and inventory with the capability to track each asset at any given location. This creates awareness to help the company invest optimally, avoiding critical shortages and wasteful stockpiling, which achieves the end goal of ensuring positive ROI. Industry veteran Tim Garcia has brought over three decades of enterprise software experience to create Apptricity that helps companies seamlessly manage these situations by streamlining the supply chain and providing complete asset visibility on every front of the clients’ business operations.

“In order for a business to take advantage of the dynamic nature of the market, it needs a system that covers every aspect of its supply chain,” says Tim Garcia, President and CEO, Apptricity. “Our company provides a catalogue of enterprise solutions that integrate with existing architecture to cover the entire span of supply chain and spend management operations—procurement to retirement and every stage in between. By having unprecedented information and business intelligence in real time across their organization, CIOs are able to make informed decisions and stay on top of every challenge in their markets.” Since 1999, Apptricity has successfully deployed a multitude of Internet of Things (IoT), M2M mobile and web solutions to a global customer base, which includes some of the biggest names in commerce. Companies such as AT&T, Cameron, and TD Bank, as well as government entities like the Judicial Branch of the U.S. Government, the U.S. Army, National Guard, and the U.S. Air Force, all benefit from utilization of the Apptricity end-to-end solution.

Staying Informed of the Landscape

According to Garcia, the need for complete visibility into inventory levels at all locations is what unites both CEOs and managers. For management to make informed decisions, they must understand the market and the analytics behind each different sector they inhabit. Apptricity gives them the overall capability to manage their assets at both company-wide and individual levels. In the decision-making process, it is crucially important to understand what inventory is available in what location, and why certain locations perform better than others. To maximize profitability, it’s vital that inventory is instantly available, with proper placement as soon as it’s received and made available at any given time and location globally.

“If you buy something, you want to have instantaneous information and make sure it is available,” explains Garcia. Apptricity allows CEOs and managers to do full life cycle management of an individual asset through its entire lifespan of purchase, receiving, assignment, and retirement.”

By having unprecedented information and business intelligence in real time across their organization, CIOs are able to make informed decisions and stay on top of every challenge in their marketplace

It is about managing what goes on throughout the entire process and knowing specifically at any given time, where an asset is located. “This allows Apptricity clients to always have the information to maintain the upper hand.”

Seamless Configuration and Possibilities

Unlike traditional legacy solutions that can take years to fully implement and achieve a positive ROI, Apptricity’s quick configuration engine, combined with its ease of use, eliminates the need for long deployment cycles. As such, any corporation can be easily trained on how to use the software and scale it to hundreds or thousands of users at a much lower cost. It’s also not unusual for enterprises in the supply chain space to think they must adapt workflows and processes to their software solutions, letting the software define how they run their business, “which is wrong,” claims Garcia. “The software should adapt to the business, not the other way around. We want customers to see our application and be able to use it on day one.” The software’s built-in configuration engine allows companies to make UI/UX, business rule and workflow changes, and adapt it specifically to the role of an individual.

In addition, Apptricity’s software can run on any environment, OS, database, web browser, or mobile technology platform. Apptricity’s mobile solution is the only one of its kind that allows users to manage their expenses, invoices, assets and inventory offline. Furthermore, by integrating with third-party data sources, companies have insight into the exact number of inventoried assets at an instant, along with complete visibility of each asset’s final location. “For us, configuration is making sure that the right inventory gets on the right vehicle,” says Garcia. Due to the quick deployment and configuration timeline Apptricity solutions allow, clients can see a positive ROI much faster. “At the end of the day, what people want is information provided cost-effectively in real time so they can make decisions based on that.”

An Interactive Array of Solutions

One of the unique qualities of Apptricity’s product line is the way it communicates with other tools. Apptricity’s Asset Management software tracks historic, as well as real-time information for each asset and works with any type of tracking technology. With that capability, clients can track location of anything down to the meter based off a few requirements, whether it be the item’s cost, location, number of times it was repaired, who used it, or its overall condition. On the other side, Apptricity’s Inventory Management software also checks inventory status based on those requirements, ensuring the product is in the right place for any purchase.
The system also accounts for inventory on each vehicle and updates in real time, while providing further cost savings in what Garcia calls “360-degree visibility.”

From an orders standpoint, Apptricity’s Warehouse Management software works with Inventory Management to optimize the warehouse, helping accelerate picks and puts via a heat map showing where inventory can be best located. For financial management, Apptricity’s Procure-to-Pay product allows full life cycle management of a procured asset to include procurement, invoicing and payment. It ensures that purchase orders connect with the invoices to help payments expedite automatically for those assets. Furthermore, Apptricity’s software can track when each asset was put into service after that. “It is a full end-to-end enterprise solution that enables visibility down to every individual item,” states Garcia.

"Essentially, we provide complete visibility of what was purchased, received, put in the inventory as well as put into service afterward"

A perfect example of Apptricity’s integration is with one of their international clients that tracks 2.5 million assets located in 110 different countries. When they initially approached Apptricity, they knew how many assets they had, but didn’t know exactly where each was located. Apptricity implemented a global multi-lingual system that can work in the native language of any one of those 110 countries, while also providing the client with complete visibility of where each asset is located. Moreover, if any of those assets break down, the client knows exactly where it is so they can track warranty, do maintenance and repairs, or remove it from service and add a new one if the asset is at the end of life. “Essentially, we provide complete visibility of what was purchased, received, put in the inventory as well as put into service afterward,” explains the Apptricity CEO.

Between Today and Tomorrow

With over 30 years of experience in the enterprise applications market, Garcia has witnessed the evolution of technology from the Mainframe Green Screen to applications on a mobile device—laying the foundation for Apptricity’s revolutionary solutions available today. Since the beginning, the company’s goal was to create a solution that is very user intuitive and easy to adapt. “When we looked at our applications very early on, we wanted to make sure that we were helping people get their work done faster and cheaper,” says the Apptricity CEO. “Technology is supposed to make our lives easier, and we are only building up on that to ensure we always bring out the next best thing in our products.”

Heading into the future, Apptricity will soon be launching newer versions of their application to further integrate it with current technological platforms, as well as reducing the functionality difference that exists between mobile and web application. It is also moving downstream from the Fortune 500 to 250 marketplace and further expanding its federal practice. Moreover, the company is looking for new potential areas its solution could be applied in. Garcia emphasizes the company’s laser focus on further developing intuitive methods of completing transactions to continually simplify the process. “We are growing as fast as we can, and we want to blow people away with our next generation of products,” concludes Garcia.

Apptricity News

Apptricity Expanding into New Markets Internationally

IRVING, Texas -- Apptricity, a global leader in tracking and monitoring systems for inventory and assets, announced today that its global network has grown quickly during the second quarter.

"We expect our business to more than double this year," said Tim Garcia, founder and CEO of Apptricity. "Our global tracking hardware and software solutions are providing key insights that are helping our customers grow sales, reduce costs, and make more money."

Jason Nance, Chief Revenue Officer, said, "New customers signed this quarter are growing rapidly here in the US, and we are building out our presence. We expanded into new markets during the second quarter with deployments in Mexico and then into Singapore, Greece, Hong Kong, Brazil, Jordan, and Luxembourg." Nance continued, "Our broad customer base in multiple business categories are helping us grow, even during these difficult times. Improving business intelligence for our customers means they are making better decisions with their supply chains, distribution methods, and asset utilization."

Garcia added, "With some exciting new technology capabilities that we will be bringing to the market during the third quarter, we expect this growth to continue, both domestically and internationally for the foreseeable future."

Apptricity Enterprise Asset Management Solution Helping Municipalities Track Assets

IRVING, Texas - Cities around the world are starting to change. They are rapidly transforming into "smart cities," improving environmental, financial, and social aspects of life for their citizens. According to a report from the International Data Corporation (IDC), smart city technology spending is expected to reach $135 billion by next year. Smart cities are the wave of the future and Apptricity is already helping cities in the United States transform.

"Our Enterprise Asset Management Solution is already helping cities and municipalities track their assets and inventory more effectively, especially during the current COVID-19 pandemic," says Jason Nance, CRO of Apptricity.

Here is how Apptricity is helping.

San Bernardino County: They have a need to ensure the adequate amount of inventory and equipment is strategically deployed across the county to efficiently respond to the needs of the community during catastrophic events such as fires, spikes in flu season, and a pandemic like Covid-19.

City of Bethlehem, PA: The real-time tracking of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) and inventory ensures inventory levels are maintained and can be deployed when a catastrophic event such as COVID-19 is being experienced in the community. Our application is being deployed to provide the real-time tracking of the items in the storage warehouse and provide alerts to the managers when certain high-value or mission critical items go below a defined threshold.

Sacramento Sherriff: Our Asset Tracking and Management System is being implemented to track the assets across the Sherriff department warehouse. Additionally, they will be able to track in real-time the assets that are placed inside a sheriff's vehicle. Ensuring a vehicle is equipped with the needed assets every time it is in use will provide an added level of security and peace of mind.

City of Austin, TX: We are partnering with the city to help them evaluate the enablement of real-time tracking of emergency equipment and pharmaceuticals from the central warehouse supply to storage closets at ambulance stations, and in the ambulance as the last mile to patient for critical, emergency care. Improved inventory management processes and optimal inventory levels across the supply chain will result in significant financial savings and improved process efficiencies.

"It is an exciting time for Apptricity, and I am thrilled to be involved with cities and counties that are on the cutting edge of using technology to improve the services they provide to their communities," says Greg Kemp, SVP of Professional Services.

Apptricity 20-Mile Ultra Long-Range Beacon Gives You Control Over Assets

IRVING, Texas - Retailers, rejoice! Apptricity's new 20-Mile Ultra Long-Range Beacon, which has been making waves through the technology world, is now ready to help you take control of your inventory and help you reduce cost. This new beacon, from the Apptricity Advanced Development Group, is the longest-ranging secure connection on the market, with the ability to transmit data up to 20 miles across multiple platforms and radio frequencies, including Bluetooth 4.0 and 5.0, and can be uploaded to the cloud via LTE, Satellite, Lura Wan, and others.

"Retailers face the challenge of tracking 1,000s of assets over a wide range of categories. Our new 20-Mile Ultra Range Beacon set up in the retail establishment can help employees track inventory in shopping carts, alert them to low stock and help prevent theft," says Tim Garcia, CEO of Apptricity. "Combined with our retail asset management software, retailers will realize the competitive advantage and ROI that has been waiting for them."

Highly configurable, the Ultra Long-Range Beacon can be created with or without GPS, and offer multiple battery options to extend life with encryption options available. The signal can be also be tuned for energy savings, and other capabilities can be adjusted to create a bespoke solution that works best for your retail space.

When used with our asset management solution, your business will be able to ensure inventory replenishment happens before you reach the safety stock level. It will tell you how many you have left, where it is located, what kind of shelf life it has and any expiration data that is needed.

If you have assets and inventory that needs to be tracked and managed, Apptricity's Ultra Long-Range Beacon is the perfect solution. With a lower cost, longer distance, and a more configurable solution, we can help you reduce costs and increase security no matter how small or big your retail business is. This patent pending technology will transform an enterprise's ability to get real-time critical business intelligence to decision makers instantly.


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