Asignio: Omnichannel Authentication with a Biometric Signature

Kyle Rutherford, Founder & CEO
The Equifax breach and other recent data breaches have demonstrated the need to strengthen user authentication and verification in order to protect Personal Identifiable Information (PII) and combat fraud. To address this problem, Asignio has created a web-based biometric authentication platform offered as an Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) solution. The platform offers the simplicity and universality of signature authentication across devices to sign in, access data, and validate transactions, without the threat of having permanent biometrics stolen or impersonated.

“We combine the best parts of Knowledge-Based Authentication (KBA) and biometric authentication, an easy-to-remember, changeable sign-in with all the strengths of a biometric. It works for any account, on any device, all with one signature,” says Kyle Rutherford, the CEO of Asignio.

The market at present requires authentication that is more secure, easier to use, and ubiquitous across devices and accounts. Asignio was designed to address these needs, with an emphasis on the user’s data privacy, and protection. The company’s goal is to eliminate the challenges related to forgotten passwords and easily compromised permanent biometrics through omnichannel authentication.

Asignio’s IDaaS is segregated into Identity Verification (IDV) and Authentication. The platform first verifies a user’s identity through a valid government-issued ID, and then digitally ties the user’s biometric signature with the verified ID for KYC compliance. The platform’s users can create their own signature with their initials or a set of unique symbols, and each device is registered with Asignio as a physical token of security. “For the user, it is as simple as click, sign, and go. To authenticate, the user clicks the ‘Asignio Sign-In’ button, draws his/her ‘Asignio signature’ on the touchscreen, and entry or approval is granted. The entire process takes less than six seconds on average,” says Rutherford.

Asignio’s user-friendly omnichannel authentication system with a handwriting-based biometric provides the reliability and changeability of a password and security unique to biometrics.

Asignio’s user-friendly omnichannel authentication system with handwriting-based biometric provides the reliability of a password and security unique to biometrics

The individual styles of users’ handwriting serve as a unique biometric identifier, which cannot be duplicated in any given situation. The proprietary algorithms in the platform further compare the shape characteristics, with speed, acceleration, and timing profiles to ensure unique authentication capabilities.

Asignio easily integrates and onboards clients with just a few lines of code, embedding seamlessly into the clients’ webpage of the mobile app. The authentication platform provides a consistent sign-in experience without the support of additional hardware. Asignio utilizes machine learning, which attunes to the individual user over time, making each signature difficult to steal or replicate.

In the near future, Asignio aims to further strengthen its offerings to better address clients’ security-related concerns. Asignio is also planning to introduce its live IDaaS platform in partnership with IDV providers such as Mitek, in the second quarter of 2018. This association will help the company to enhance its offerings by implementing new types of document recognition. Additionally, the Asignio team is working to capture the global market with its sophisticated solution and effectively eliminate the complexities involved in authentication. Asignio is about to create a new market paradigm for authentication technology by transferring the control over data to the end-users in all instances through its extensively secure technology. The Asignio team very well understands the need for better authentication among businesses and aspires to empower them with unique, private, and secure access for each user.


Seattle, WA

Kyle Rutherford, Founder & CEO

Provides best-in-class biometric authentication through a web-based sign-in platform