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Scott Kasper
Even after a year into the pandemic, the business realm is struggling to address the security-related challenges that it has accompanied. As organizations are rapidly bolstering their digital transformation efforts to seamlessly run their everyday operation, it is becoming easy for cybercriminals to target cloud systems and servers. What adds to the quandary is the continuously growing remote working trend. IT teams today do not have the option to oversee the traditional huband- spoke model, which is increasing the incidence of phishing attacks and mobile phone scams or smishing. Also, businesses typically rely on several different vendors to meet customer demands and improve workflow. This oftentimes exposes them to thirdparty vulnerabilities. Everyone still remembers the SolarWinds data breach incident that exposed a plethora of institutions—ranging from America’s Fortune 500 companies to the Office of President of the U.S.—to security threats.

This is where Atlantic Data Security comes in.
As a premier Cybersecurity solutions provider, Atlantic Data Security is driven by the mission to help clients mitigate risk and maintain a healthy security posture. As a dedicated security consulting partner, engineering consultant, and advisory-based valueadded reseller, the company excels in the analysis, recommendation, deployment, and management of crucial aspects of the security infrastructure. “We have been in the security consultancy business for the last three decades and it has always been our primary objective to ensure customer satisfaction. Also, such an extensive experience has enabled us to partner with leading security vendors in the world and have access to best resources and tools. No wonder, we today serve a wide range of industries, including healthcare, financial, and the list goes on,” adds Scott Kasper, General Manager, Atlantic Data Security.

A typical client engagement process at Atlantic Data Security always starts with listening to clients to understand their requirements. The company then analyzes their existing investments and IT environment. Based on the assessment, its engineers and consultants add necessary technology to help businesses achieve the best and most appropriate security posture or enhance the capability of clients’ existing solutions instead of overhauling their entire IT infrastructure. “Our engineers have an in-depth understanding of various technologies and how to leverage them in the best way to address different risks,” says Kasper. He further notes that every client’s skillset gaps, needs, budgets, and risks are unique depending on their business structure and environment

For example, some companies are more concerned about meeting different criteria for certifications and standards that they should fulfill for doing business. On the other hand, some are worried about intellectual property being stolen or production being shut down. Atlantic Data Security has the capability to address all these different client demands—no matter how complex those are.

Apart from consultative services and staff augmentation, Atlantic Data Security’s well-trained and certified engineers and architects also train clients’ staff. They are the authorized training partner for many security providers like CheckPoint. “Our dedicated training division either conducts independent training sessions or collaborate with security solution vendor and a third party such as Pearson to help clients pass a certification test,” adds Kasper.

We have been in the security consultancy business for the last three decades and it has always been our primary objective to ensure customer satisfaction

To put things into perspective, an energy company was looking for a managed service provider, but even after reviewing several responses, they couldn’t find the desired fit. Atlantic Data Security provided this client with managed services, staff augmentation consultation, and product care and feeding. It also removed the unnecessary technologies from their business environment, enabling the energy company to lower the cost and bolster its security posture.

Driven by many such successes, Atlantic Data Security is continually expanding its footprint across the U.S. “Following the same methodologies and mission, we want to be the best version of ourselves in the cybersecurity space,” says Kasper. From the technology standpoint, the company plans to expand its managed service offering to include incident response, XDR, and a few additional features and functionalities. They also plan to offer advisory services separately. “We have a near zero attrition rate. So, all the employees are well aligned with the mission and vision of the company. They always strive to assist clients in getting most out of their existing cybersecurity investment and expanding it,” concludes Kasper.

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Scott Kasper

Atlantic Data Security offers security solutions and services needed to mitigate risk and maintain a healthy security posture in a rapidly changing threat landscape.

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