ATMECS Inc: Automating Testing Frameworks

Ravi Velagapudi, Founder & President
Having held leadership positions in the software industry for several years, Ravi Velagapudi observed that, most of the work being executed by IT companies was repetitive in nature, involving humungous amount of work force. He saw an opportunity in this disarray and founded ATMECS to automate the repetitive processes and reduce the total cost of operations. To this end, the company leverages cloud, big data analytics, mobility and IoT to augment the core engineering and automation capabilities for enterprises. “We develop automation test frameworks and products to cater to the wide ranging quality needs of enterprises,” says Velagapudi, who also leads the company as its President.

The firm’s Quality Assurance (QA) solution portfolio provides automation services with a business perspective through careful diagnosis of defects, source code and development/QA environment. “Any testing and QA results would be of no use, if it is not effectively analyzed and corrective/preventive actions not implemented,” says Velagapudi. “While most organization tends to do this in a laborious way, or leave it to the engineering team to identify the gaps, ATMECS’ rules engine is configurable, enabling QA managers to add additional rules for self-diagnosis,” explains Velagapudi. He further continues, “Our frameworks also suggests effective corrective and preventive actions to users so that Defect Removal is pro-active than a reactive process.”

Apart from automation, ATMECS provides robust performance testing capabilities, not by merely using performance testing tools, but by providing customized engineering frameworks for performance testing. The services are provided through multiple channels across web— enterprise applications, big data, data analytics, mobile and cloud technologies.

The company has also invested in a state of the art Cloud Lab which provides an opportunity for the ATMECS engineers to perform multiple Proof of Concept (POC) of most of the cloud software as well as Software as a Service (SaaS) tools. The lab also offers a platform for many enterprises to accelerate their project time lines, by providing an on demand environment for various POC’s and by creating test environments.

We proved to be the initial incubator to commence offshore operations of enterprise customers, reducing the dependency on getting complex hardware and software

“We proved to be the initial incubator to commence offshore operations of enterprise customers, reducing the dependency on getting complex hardware and software,” elucidates Velagapudi.

The company leverages its partners with tech giants such as OpenStack, Redhat, VMware and many others to implement their test automation frameworks better. The partners’ frameworks are also used in some of the company’s products to bestow the users with more robust solutions. “Our partnership also enables us to provide the business enterprises testing frameworks in a SaaS model,” says Velagapudi.

In an instance, ATMECS took over the task of identifying the missing links in a Global IT company’s engineering life cycles and discovered that the earlier vendors could not provide any semblance of support towards reducing the cost of services. ATMECS developed an accelerated framework for test automation in a very short span of time and demonstrated the value. This enabled the customer to adopt the framework for their testing needs, thereby drastically reducing their testing duration. The client was also able to reduce the number of potential errors in their manual testing.

Though ATMECS commenced with humble beginnings, over the past three years, the company has grown in strength employing more than 300 resources and servicing several fortune 500 companies. And with the continued investment on cutting edge technologies, and aided by an eco-system of highly satisfied customer base, the company is fully geared up to be the trusted partner for business enterprises, in the future.


Santa Clara, CA

Ravi Velagapudi, Founder & President

Provides Product Engineering, Cloud Services, QA Automation, Infrastructure, Data and Market Research services