ATTENSI: Reshaping Corporate Training

Anne Lise Waal, CEO & CTO
In this rapidly changing business landscape, the successful delivery of large-scale business transformation projects is of utmost importance to most organizations. However, the introduction of new software or a concept rollout is beyond the scope of conventional training programs as these archaic methods do not foster a learning environment that imparts effective training. Here, gamification wins hands down with its incredible capability to effortlessly accelerate the ability of an organization to learn faster and advance ahead of the competition. Excelling in the gamification arena is the Norway-based Attensi with its array of gamified solutions that are cost-effective and have a uniquely high adoption rate.

According to Anne Lise Waal, CEO and CTO of Attensi, the company has had an amazing growth curve due to two primary insights. The Attensi team had figured out the efficacy of simulation-based training taking a cue from its success in different professions, and how akin to an online game, an employee is motivated to keep going in order to reach to the next level, which results in effective training. Owing to the early adoption of smart-phones in Norway, the Attensi team was able to develop and test this technology before the larger, global markets were ready to adopt it.

Attensi’s software-as-a-service solution facilitates gamified simulation-based training across all platforms: mobile, tablet, desktop, as well as virtual and augmented reality. “By making corporate training gamified and a natural part of a user’s “daily cycle” of apps, you ensure the necessary adoption and repetition to create lasting impact on corporate KPIs,” states Anne Lise. Attensi’s gamified solutions have been deemed more effective by 95 to 97 percent of employees as compared to other conventional training methods.

Attensi’s proprietary platform allows creating a framework for gamified simulation training and then customizing the end product according to the client specifications. Customers can create tailored training solutions, leveraging tools present in the Attensi technology platform, without the support of 3D artists, game designers, or programmers. “The platform includes all content, features, and templates they need to craft their own simulation,” says Anne.

The platform includes all content, features, and templates customers need to craft their own simulation

The framework of Attensi’s gamified simulation is based on three crucial pillars. The visual design of the solution renders a photorealistic 3D model of a specific work environment while the training content incorporates fun and engaging game mechanics that can better engage the user. To top it all, customers can track and document the impact on real-world KPIs, a necessary measure to quantify the outcome of the gamified simulation training.

Attensi had its fair share of success stories that can be best reiterated by its numerous customers. As Anne Lise recalls, “A food retail chain with more than 10,000 stores worldwide was looking for a way to improve store standard operating procedures and customer satisfaction. Using Attensi’s gamified simulation training that can easily be translated and deployed globally; the stores not only saw improvements in the target KPIs but also documented a significant increase in revenues and employee engagement.”

The Attensi team is focused on making the Attensi technology platform the preferred choice for organizations worldwide for creating, distributing, and tracking gamified training with documented, real-world impact. “We strive to be a renowned name in the vertical by implementing global best practices through gamified simulations.”

In addition to their core solution, Anne Lise draws attention to them being the first mover in the virtual reality field for employee training. “When the hardware is ready for widespread adoption, we will be at the forefront of utilizing VR as an extremely effective way of training employees in life-like environments,” concludes the CEO.


Oslo, Norway

Anne Lise Waal, CEO & CTO

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