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Abhishek Pakhira, COO
“Microsoft has been heavily investing in creating an end-to-end ecosystem in Azure of late,” briefs Abhishek Pakhira, COO at Aureus Tech Systems. “This encompasses content acquisition and storage using SharePoint Online, aggregating relational data using Azure SQL, and identifying key insights from structured and unstructured data using Azure machine learning.” Headquartered in the vibrant metropolis of Centennial, CO, Aureus Tech Systems aligns itself with Microsoft’s strategy to build connectors and accelerators that help businesses seamlessly adopt the latest technologies. The firm’s inception was inspired by the idea of creating a robust enterprise SharePoint content management ecosystem and operational workflow solutions. “We further extended our solutions into data and insights by first aggregating data using the Microsoft BI stack and identifying key predictive drivers using Microsoft machine learning-based algorithms,” adds Pakhira. Aureus has since then transformed native SharePoint sites to responsive User Interfaces for customers, while adding the mobility quotient to their SharePoint ecosystem.

Addressing the challenges of modern enterprises to transform their departments into internal IT enablers, Aureus’s high touch engagement model enables CIOs to proactively identify optimization opportunities and add value to their business. Concomitantly, Aureus creates a blueprint for using native Azure services and accelerators that help enterprises transition systems to Azure. The company’s recently launched analytics planning platform with a UI natively developed and deployed onto Azure, comes equipped with a predictive analytics backbone where the learning and scoring of data is performed using Azure machine learning capabilities. In addition to facilitating the identification of key efficiency drivers, the platform features a dashboard where clients can change the values of drivers based on investments and visualize the amount of incremental uplift they would receive on their KPI. “Our key differentiator is that we get data from various sources within the enterprise and use Azure machine learning to deliver real-time business analytics,” delineates Scott Schefer, Senior Analyst- Predictive Analytics at Aureus.

Aureus’s innovation lab focuses on identifying a client’s business optimization opportunities and applying technology accelerators to optimize their IT environment. The firm credits this zeal for innovation as a major contributing factor to their significant growth over the years in terms of both revenue and customer footprint.
Scott Schefer, Senior Analyst- Predictive Analytics

Aureus’s Denver-based innovation team collaborates closely with clients across U.S. to develop ingenious solutions. “Our innovation lab, led by a team of Ph.D. data scientists, is focused on Azure machine learning and creating UI and Azure accelerators in the SharePoint and data visualization space,” informs Pakhira.

We introspect along the lines of ‘what would make our client’s team look like a rockstar?’ and then work backwards to design effective solutions

Recently, Aureus partnered with Denver-based Perceptive Control Solutions to develop Audit Prodigy—an Azure-based end-to-end SaaS application—for the risk and compliance space. Audit Prodigy, simplifies and streamlines audit operations for enterprises while driving operational excellence. The application leverages Azure’s security and compliance related services and infrastructure scaling functions to provide insightful data to clients. “We introspect along the lines of ‘what would make our client’s team look like a rockstar?’ and then work backwards to design effective solutions,” delineates Pakhira.

Moving ahead, Aureus is looking at foraying into e-Discovery to close the loop in their enterprise content ecosystem. With a recent acquisition in the e-Discovery space, Aureus has gained over 20 years of deep domain expertise in the litigation space in addition to establishing a credible presence in the Houston area. “Aureus is truly an ‘employee first’ company. We believe in investing in our people which becomes our true asset and eventually helps us perform at the highest level,” concludes Pakhira.

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Abhishek Pakhira, COO and Scott Schefer, Senior Analyst- Predictive Analytics

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