AutoRABIT: Setting the Stage for Salesforce Automation

Vishnu Datla, CEO
A large beverage company once grappled to design a system that would assess the sales of their products across the country. The company shelled out funds to facilitate its in-house development team, but an effective solution did not materialize. That was when the company came across AutoRABIT and its Salesforce Dataloader Pro solution. AutoRABIT leveraged its Dataloader Pro and built a solution within a short span of time, which brought a 360-degree view of sales and data analytics for the client to understand their consumer trends. Founded in 2009, AutoRABIT is adept at solving many such challenging problems in the Salesforce ecosystem. The firm’s comprehensive solutions portfolio is designed for large scale businesses and aimed at eliminating conventional methodologies by automating workflows. The services offered by AutoRABIT simplify the tasks for developers. “By deploying our solutions, organizations can enhance developer productivity by 200 percent, release velocity by 70 percent, and in turn augment their ROI,” begins Vishnu Datla, CEO at AutoRABIT.

In today’s quick paced technology-driven world, end users are thriving for more. The demand to deploy applications quickly is forcing the C-suite to innovate their release cycle. AutoRABIT assuages organizations of these concerns and delivers quick ROI. The firm’s solutions such as Dataloader Pro and Version Control Integration are specifically designed for organizations seeking to increase the release velocity of Salesforce applications. AutoRABIT’s services and solutions are easily customizable and fit perfectly into an organization’s infrastructure. “That was one of the tenets our products were built on—clients should be able to realize and leverage their existing IT investment,” adds Vishnu.

The firm’s Version Control Integration platform seamlessly conforms to client’s tools and systems. “It makes sure that any change made to the code is tracked and reproduced as and when required,” states Vishnu. It also facilitates the creation of code snapshots, which can be isolated, designed, and then later conjoined with the central repository.

We will continue to lead the market by pushing the envelope of innovation in the Salesforce ecosystem

AutoRABIT’s Dataloader Pro is an advanced offering that simplifies data flow between source and destination. This innovative feature also automates the parent-child relationship in the Salesforce domain. Users can conveniently introspect data integrity between source and destination and benefit from various data loading processes and executions such as Run, Edit, Stop, Schedule, Delete, and Log.

Citing another client engagement, Vishnu states that AutoRABIT’s automation solution, Test Automation Factory, has been instrumental in resolving Forrester’s difficulty with historical data that was out of compliance. With AutoRABIT’s assistance, Forrester could seamlessly pull and rebuild those data sets. It is these wide-ranging, reliable, and consistent capabilities of AutoRABIT that set it apart in the industry.

2016 was a good year for AutoRABIT, and with focused efforts, the firm added big names to their clientele. “Our people are our greatest asset. We are particular about hiring passionate people with high customer service quotient,” says Vishnu. This year, the company endeavors to reach out to wider markets such as finance, healthcare, and more. Additionally, AutoRABIT is knee deep in Salesforce DX, the new Salesforce developer experience tool, which according to Vishnu is going to be a game changer. Furthermore, investments in R&D in conjunction with leveraging IoT in the Salesforce domain remain major propellers for AutoRABIT this year and beyond. “We will continue to lead the market by pushing the envelope of innovation in the Salesforce ecosystem,” he concludes.


San Ramon, CA

Vishnu Datla, CEO

Provider of Salesforce automation solutions to large businesses