Avanade: Catalyst for IT Transformation

Adam Warby, CEO Avanade was established in 2000 with a unary mission of delivering innovative services and solutions to enterprises across the globe using the Microsoft platform. Nearing two decades of its successful journey, Avanade today is a renowned name in Microsoft solutions arena—a specialist that catalyzes businesses into an asset-light enterprise through Microsoft solutions. Avanade offers cloud solutions that help companies deliver products as a service in an economical manner. The company blends Accenture’s consulting expertise with Microsoft’s scalable cloud technologies to empower clients tap into new business opportunities. “Established as a joint venture between Accenture and Microsoft, Avanade is unique in our dedicated focus on the Microsoft ecosystem,” says Adam Warby, CEO, Avanade. To put it into perspective, the 12-time winner of Microsoft Partner of the Year has 24,000 plus certifications in Microsoft technology, 90 plus Microsoft partner awards, and 17 Gold Competencies. With this long list of achievements, Avanade has garnered a vast list of clientele including government agencies and organizations in banking, consumer goods and services, health, insurance, retail, and utility industries.

"There is tremendous opportunity in the marketplace and we are uniquely positioned to bring clients the most experienced team and the sharpest thinking that they need to succeed"

Migrating to Growth

Avanade ushers businesses to digital era with cloud solutions while empowering them to minimize capital expenditure on legacy systems and applications. The firm undertakes application modernization as a part of cloud migration. It helps to zero in on the right cloud IT model and clients can select from public cloud, private cloud or a hybrid solution that combines both technologies into a single one. As Avanade possess the deep operational knowledge and experience with Microsoft Azure and Azure Stack to provide organizations with a trusted partner for all of their Azure needs, clients can leap forward with Azure applications. To meet unique industry and flexibility needs, Avanade can deliver Azure Stack on-premises at the client site, at remote locations or hosted in Avanade’s datacenters.
With the suitable model, businesses can maximize efficiency and agility besides having the control while enhancing their application stack at the marginal cost.

At the outset, Avanade’s team of certified professionals for Azure conducts application assessment for cloud and develops the proof of concepts for this migration and deployment. The team prioritizes the applications for migration to ensure efficiency and cost-effectiveness after the migration. From addressing networking issues to application modernization, Avanade solves a wide gamut of business and operational problems. For example, Avanade assists enterprises to process data locally in Azure stack, aggregates in Azure for analysis, and subsequently addresses networking latency issues and connectivity requirements. Furthermore, Avanade partners in application modernization across cloud and on-premises where customers can apply the same Azure web and mobile application services. The firm helps clients to leverage containers and microservice architectures to update legacy applications with Azure Stack using a consistent DevOps process across on-premises and cloud. As these cloud applications are also compliant with regulatory framework, clients can tap Azure power and flexibly deploy application without any code changes.

As the joint venture between Accenture and Microsoft, Avanade is unique in our dedicated focus on the Microsoft ecosystem

Avanade now offers a complete Microsoft Azure Stack solution from a single provider. This fully managed solution provides an Azure-consistent experience at a competitive price point and allows companies to benefit from the Microsoft cloud in the environment. The complete set of Azure hybrid capabilities includes uniformity across identity, security and management, data, and application platforms.

Transcending beyond Azure

Avanade’s cloud solutions are delivered with the eclectic mix of scalability and flexibility by including on-shore architects and off-shore developers that utilize best of breed tools and tested processes. The company defines a cloud strategy that helps to change approach from the current suite of technologies and services to an organic and controlled ecosystem. It meets the requirements of its customers by allowing the data center extensions that act as a data repository while extending full functionality with integrations with on-premises infrastructure, systems, and data.
Avanade’s digital transformation initiatives cover Microsoft platforms including Dynamics CRM and AX, SharePoint, SQL Server and custom .NET applications. Avanade manages these applications, provides 24/7 coverage globally and offers services that would be in sync with the operational needs of the clients. Built on cloud, businesses can reach out to their global clientele with digital marketing and collaboration platforms. They can also offer their services using PaaS and SaaS models with Avanade’s solutions.

While delivering its comprehensive solutions and services, Avanade unleashes agile, an enterprise-level capability that extends to its global delivery network, and its resources include Professional Scrum Master (PSM) and Professional Scrum Developer (PSD). The company practices agile approach to executing projects with module development spread across different geographies.

Avanade has put its skills and experience to practice to solve the real-life challenges and develop cutting-edge solutions. In one instance, the world-renowned Formula One racing organization Williams tasked Avanade to implement technology vision prior to three months of the 2015 calendar’s first race. The company quickly assembled a team of experts that had design, development, business analysis, digital marketing, and workplace collaboration skill under their belt from its talent pool of 22,000 professionals with 24,000 certifications in Microsoft technologies. The team consisted of six .NET and two SharePoint developers, and business analysts who are assigned to work alongside Williams’ UK headquarter based personnel. As team members were based in different geographies.

Avanade designed a process that blended agile iterations with the conventional waterfall approach for simplifying collaboration with Williams. The company utilized its Application Lifecycle Manager (ALM) proprietary IP, including a software repository. Avanade followed the Application Lifecycle Process (ALM) discipline for the deliverables and conducted daily reviews to determine and manage the pace of application development. Prior to the season’s start, the firm redesigned and relaunched the Williams website. It also delivered tire optimization tool to boost track performance before cars hit the track for the first race.

With a mission to define digital future, Avanade analyzes subtle changes in the technological landscape. The leadership of Avanade has recognized the anxiety over the embrace of artificial intelligence and automation and suggested clientele to train their employees in these new technologies and accelerate the digital transformation. “There is tremendous opportunity in the marketplace and we are uniquely positioned to bring clients the most experienced team and the sharpest thinking that they need to succeed,” says Warby.


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Adam Warby, CEO

A professional services company providing IT consulting and services focused on business analytics, business applications, and cloud through Microsoft solutions