Avantive Solutions: Blending Technology With Human Touch To Drive Customer Engagement

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Frank Pettinato, CEO Creating a positive customer experience is essential to building brand loyalty, improving customer relationships, and reducing customer attrition. In today's digital age, providing a great customer experience often means companies leveraging contact centers equipped with artificial intelligence and machine learning. Although these tools can help brands analyze customers' needs, behavior, intent, and actions, successful brands realize that the "human touch" is crucial in providing a true customer experience.

"The right blend of technology and human element is the key to optimizing customer experience," says Frank Pettinato, CEO of Avantive Solutions. "By strategically facilitating it throughout the customer service journey, brands can improve customer engagement, increase productivity, and automate their processes for greater return."

As a leading digital transformation and business services organization, Tulsa-based Avantive Solutions delivers services that combine the human element of skilled agents with emerging technology to help brands deliver better customer experiences and drive desired outcomes.

Avantive Solutions works with recognized brands across the healthcare and life sciences, communications and media, fintech, energy, and e-Commerce and retail sectors to design, build, and deliver innovative customer experience, member retention and engagement, and strategic sales solutions. Its omni channel services help brands meet their customers and members where they are most comfortable, creating and nurturing stronger relationships and brand loyalty.

Improving Customer Engagement with Personalized Elements

When working with clients, Avantive Solutions leverages an array of innovative solutions to create the best plan to meet goals. One of them is Branded Calling, also known as Rich Call Data (RCD)—a feature that makes wireless calls safer and more purposeful, increasing live answer rates. The verified calls provide branded elements such as caller name, company logo, and a custom call reason when a live incoming call is displayed on the end user's device.

A clear picture of caller identity and motive help customers answer calls confidently. For brands, this translates to more successful engagement opportunities. It helps them improve conversion rates and create a consistent and recognizable brand presence. In addition, companies can use Branded Calling to segment their customers and campaigns and finetune their methods of reaching target audiences.
Avantive Solutions has helped many businesses achieve significantly higher sales efficiency with first call close rates and improved conversion rates. In one instance, a service provider observed significant improvement in their outbound calls within 120 days by adding branded calls. The client's conversion rate went up by 26 percent at the device level and 23 percent at the wireless level, with agents presenting the right offer to customers at the right time. This indicated that when callers gave their branding clearly, potential buyers were more likely to answer and become brand loyalists.

Avantive Solutions has also developed a one-of-a-kind Artificial Real-Time Intelligence bot named “ARTI” to guide agent interactions with customers in real-time. The agent copilor combines listening technology and an analytics engine powered by artificial intelligence into a platform to convert raw unstructured voice data into structured, rich data. Avantive Solutions' team uses this AI platform to verify compliance items, monitor speech rate, and recommend language from other successful calls. This results in a lower Average Handle Time (AHT), reduction in customer escalations, and improved Policy and Procedure adherence.

Gathering a significantly higher amount of information in near realtime enables us to predict net promoter score (NPS) even without a survey

“We collect data and correlate actual phone calls using natural language processing. Gathering a significantly higher amount of information in near real-time enables us to predict net promoter score (NPS) even without a survey,” says Pettinato.

The platform evaluates all aspects of the call exchange, predicts CSAT and NPS, automates quality scorecards, and uses the information to optimize scripts, train agents, and feed the model to recommend actionable insights. In addition, Avantive Solutions has significantly invested in machine learning and data analytics systems to better support and coach its agents to reach peak productivity and achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Enhancing Operational Efficiency with Data

To meet clients’ specific requirements, Avantive Solutions takes a consultative approach and starts every engagement by identifying the critical success criteria, client-defined KPIs, and their challenges. ’ They also discuss language needs, compliance requirements, and global location options.
After getting a full understanding of goals and objectives, Avantive Solutions creates a unique solution ’and roadmap to success.

This customized approach has helped many of Avantive’s clients, including a leading telecommunications provider that wanted to transform its operational processes around a B2C inbound sales program in six weeks. The challenge was to meet the client’s goals regarding staffing, sales performance, and the quality of the new system.

To achieve this, Avantive Solutions defined the scope of work, including recruiting onsite staffing agents, updating training material, creating repeatable and efficient quality operations processes, and meeting agreed-upon KPIs within the first 90-days. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, candidates were reluctant to move into in-person positions. Avantive Solutions utilized virtual recruiting options and robust onsite sanitation procedures to quickly build a strong candidate pool. The company then revised the training materials via an in-depth study of the product and system. Finally, Avantive Solutions created competitive analysis worksheets to achieve operational excellence by optimizing staffing, assessing call arrival patterns, and conducting internal and external calibration sessions. As a result, Avantive exceeded KPI expectations and the client expanded their sales opportunities.

Driving Success with Powerful Culture

Avantive Solutions’ successful track record in helping clients achieve their goals has not gone unnoticed. The company recently won three prestigious Stevie Awards, including a Gold Stevie for Innovation in Customer Service.

“The right blend of technology and human element is the key to optimizing customer experience”

While climbing the ladder of success, Avantive Solutions believes in its core values of delighting clients, engaging and developing its teams, and supporting local communities. In 2020, it’s a company started a non-profit called RealPurpose.org with a mission to fundamentally support the people, organizations, and communities where employees work and live.

"We're proud of our purpose-driven culture and it informs everything we do as a company. You will see it in the results we get for our clients, the way we care for our employees, and how we give back.” says Pettinato.

This culture, with a commitment to fulfil client expectations through innovation, is what's powering Avantive Solutions' journey forward. With a global presence in four countries, and plans for continued expansion, the company expects to drive the same positive momentum in the days to come.

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Avantive Solutions offers a unique customer experience for its clients using state-of-the-art technology combined with its purpose-driven culture. It is a global technology and business services organization that delivers innovative customer engagement, strategic sales, and digital marketing solutions

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