Avesha: Bringing Scalability To Cloud Applications

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Prasad Dorbala, Co-founder and CPO and Raj Nair, Co-Founder and CEO
Bringing Scalability to Cloud Applications

It’s been a while since the cloud journey of enterprises began. Initially moving at a gingerly pace, the pandemic accelerated the journey from datacenters to the cloud to facilitate remote work. In light of workforces remotely accessing cloud networks, enterprises are now seeking ways to delegate workloads over the network. However, this distributed deployment of workloads has led to the rapid proliferation of cloud clusters, which in turn has led to the mushrooming of microservicesthat leave security gaps in the network. This signals the need for efficient workload deployment that enables remote work as well as fosters interconnection between the remote clusters without compromising security. But enterprises are currently facing a dearth of talent, resources, and infrastructure to proficiently handle the demands of a large cloud network. Predictably, managing the networking operations aspect of the cloud infrastructure in a more defined manner that doesn’t hamper their application velocity has become a challenge.
Helping enterprises modernize their applications & infrastructure and optimizingthem to support and manage their fast-growing workloads and cloud clusters is Avesha’s main focus. Whether applications are in VMs or in containers, whether in a single cluster or distributed across multiple clusters or clouds, theAvesha software enhances security, increasesobservability, simplifies networking & accelerates performance. This relieves organizations’ NetOps teams from manually modifying network parameters while scaling or segmenting cloud applications. “We’re offering a better way for enterprises to organize their resource clusters and their cloud infrastructure on a single cloud, or across multiple clouds, or between the datacenter and the cloud,” says Raj Nair, co-founder and CEO of Avesha.

A Suite of Networking Solutions

Avesha offers a suite of three-fold solutions to resolve companies’ cloud networking organizational and scalability issues. KubeSlice, Avesha’sKubernetes-based single universalnamespace product offering, enables companies to manage their distributed cloud resources better with uniform policy management. “We are offering segmentation not only at the level of the namespace but all the way down to the traffic level isolation, so that companies can see real improvements in their application velocity. Using one namespace, services across clusters can communicate with each other – it’s like being in one unified network – no namespace or IP address conflicts across clusters.” Nair informs. This also allows unified observability of all the microservices across distributed clusters that are on the Application Slice, thereby helping in the fast identification and traceability of networking issues.

We’re offering a better way for enterprises to organize their resource clusters and their cloud infrastructure

"Avesha’sKubeSliceproductalso offers organizations the ability to have a failover feature on the Slice that allows the transferring of system control to another system in case of a system fault or failure detection,"says Prasad Dorbala, Co-founder and CPO of Avesha.

Additionally, Avesha’s Smart Application Load Balancer, an innovative feature of KubeSlice. offers a new type of AI and RL-based load balancing. In addition to deploying load balancing locally, enterprises can now automatically distributeworkloads around to bring them closer to the data or the users to optimize performance. Using AI, Avesha’s Load Balancer traces the history of workloads and identifies the most overloaded resources, and distributesworkloadsto a more available location, thereby easing pressure on the network.

Avesha’s dedicated team of senior technology experts has vast experience working with telcos and enterprise software, which adds the extra edge to these advanced solutions. Equipped with an illustrious team, Avesha has gathered quite a few success stories in its repertoire. For instance, one of Avesha’s clients had high workloads in their AI-based cloud application. They wanted to offload some of the workloads to an appropriate edge for efficient graphics power unit (GPU) consumption. To that end, they brought in Avesha to extend their service mesh to the edge in an auto-scalable manner. Deploying KubeSlice, Avesha helped the company seamlessly distribute its workload over the cloud network by transferring it to the suitable edge. For another client struggling to manage their large number of namespaces, Avesha provided them with their KubeSlice product, which efficiently organized their numerous namespaces into a more manageable infrastructure.
With a focus on gaining further customer traction, Avesha will be transforming its products into a service offering and open-sourcing parts of its technology. Aiming for geographical expansion, Avesha will also be enlarging its team en route to being a name to vouch for in the domain of cloud application networking.


Bedford, MA

Prasad Dorbala, Co-founder and CPO and Raj Nair, Co-Founder and CEO

Avesha offers autonomous cloud infrastructure building with seamless scalability of cloud applications with easy, anywhere deployment using AI and RL