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Suchit Rout, Director Strategic Marketing
The utility industry tends to be highly regulated, making organizations conservative spenders. They seek products that have durability, round the clock design and in-place upgradeability, but are also field-proven and are manufactured and serviced by reliable partners. Meanwhile, there is also the increasing need for collaboration between multi-disciplinary as well as remote/ field teams, to drive better efficiency. Many organizations struggle to link this need for innovation with the focus on guaranteed uptime. A highly experienced manufacturer, with a track record of 3 decades in utility control rooms, Barco is indisputably the best bet for any utility corporation.

The purpose-built 24/7 overview display walls from Barco are well-known and have replaced map boards in thousands of control rooms around the world. But Barco’s portfolio includes not only displays and video walls, but also hardware and software to share content with all stakeholders. With a collaborative visualization platform like TransForm N, Barco has been enabling reliable and secure collaboration and fast decision-making between operational teams irrespective of their physical locations. In this way, its control room solutions provide operators with the necessary tools to perform their mission-critical tasks. Digital map board solutions guarantee operators’ situational awareness and improved situation management for ultimate customer satisfaction. “We bring together all necessary content from a large number of different sources into one system, while ensuring optimum security. Our solutions span the complete landscape, including power generation, transmission and distribution, industrial process control, and water purification,” says Suchit Rout, Director Strategic Marketing, Barco.

Today, smart utility control centers are also empowering their operators by embracing Barco OpSpace—a revolutionary operator solution for the requirements of the Big Data era. It creates a single workspace—comprising a number of displays on the operator’s desk—for viewing, monitoring and interacting with multiple subsystems that reside on multiple networks with different security clearances or liability concerns. All necessary information can be consulted and manipulated within a single pixel space, and with just one mouse and keyboard. In this way, the operator is at the center of the information, with all data within easy reach.

Our solutions span the complete landscape, including power generation, transmission and distribution, industrial process control, and water purification

The company also delivers the tools needed for all stakeholders to work together in perfect synchronization. Creating a single graphical representation of their process means merging different digital formats easily, and this allows maintaining all assets digitally while integrating live or recorded video feeds from surveillance cameras and television channels. And because deploying these complex and innovative solutions in a reliable way is more than just connecting a few cables, a set of integration and deployment services guarantee the right solution delivery.

As an example, one of the largest electric corporations in North America, Georgia System Operations Corporation (GSOC), recently upgraded its transmission control center to modernize operations and provide greater situational awareness to its operators. The centerpiece is an expansive video wall solution developed by Barco, displaying crystal-clear data and graphics while empowering efficient visual collaboration. As a mission-critical operation, GSOC relies on the security provided by the Barco visualization platform, helping it to fulfill the promise of reliable, economical electricity for its members. Using Barco’s CMS software, operators and managers can control all content on the main video wall and adjacent LCD panels.

Barco’s product portfolio for the utilities and process control market has been successfully deployed in thousands of mission-critical applications around the world. A single point of contact, planning, reporting, validation, and testing are standard services supervised by a Barco project manager to execute the project on time and in full. “Our worldwide support network is at your service to maximize the uptime and productivity of the collaborative visualization solution. To completely fulfill such needs, we provide the opportunity to define custom service and support levels—on top of the standard warranty services,” concludes Rout.


Kortrijk, Belgium

Suchit Rout, Director Strategic Marketing

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