Barcodes, Inc.: Assuring Complete Asset Management

Dan Nettesheim, CEO
As the concept of mobility evolves in the enterprise space, technologies associated with this trend change at a rapid pace thus bringing in complexities around the management of these new IT assets. This ultimately results in knowledge and resource gaps around the management of mobile devices throughout their lifecycle. The need of the hour is a reliable asset tracking software that helps organizations to avoid loss of valuable assets and resources. “Tracking assets is easy when the right software is combined with right device, whether a mobile device or barcode scanner. Barcodes, Inc. offers and supports asset tracking software applications that can run on iOS and Android devices,” notes Dan Nettesheim, CEO of Barcodes, Inc.

Headquartered in Chicago and with offices across North America, the firm d elivers b est-in-class b arcode, e nterprise mobility, payment, and RFID solutions. In short, Barcodes is a total solution provider that has carved a niche in the market for proffering the right software-enabled products for collecting data. “Our software platform meets all common enterprise asset management (EAM) requirements and then efficiently tailors the final product to the organization’s specific needs,” says Nettesheim.

Barcodes, Inc. specializes in mobile technology, and uses this expertise to help customers offload the demands on their IT resources and focus on their core business. Additionally, the firm has developed custom mobile asset and process applications for all common operating systems and mobile devices, including—maintenance check list applications, route accounting/delivery, and field service applications. “Working with Barcodes, customers can tap our resources from consulting t o deployment t o full lifecycle device m anagement, in turn gaining complete visibility of their process and assets,” extols Nettesheim.

Further, Barcodes, Inc.’s mobile technology solution addresses the need for remote IT asset management through its wireless network infrastructure, mobile devices for carpeted and rugged environments, deployment services, and a mobile device management (MDM) application for enterprise and BYOD devices.

Recently, a national book retailer had experienced exponential growth and needed to leverage technology that provided real-time information to its employees and customers about product location, inventory, specifications, and pricing as well as market information.

Our software platform meets the common enterprise asset management (EAM) requirements and then efficiently tailors the final product to the organizations’ specific needs

Barcodes, Inc. deployed its MDM solution to meet the retailer’s productivity and customer experience needs as well as manage their assets. The customer was able to track all the devices with the help of the EAM solution and improve inventory management, customer in-store sales, and manage technology deployed to its stores, distribution centers, and in the field.

In addition to the growth of mobile technology connected via radio to the network, another trend that the economy is experiencing is the real-time tracking of non-technology devices using active Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) over WLAN. Barcodes, Inc. embraces these ongoing shifts with its fixed and mobile RFID technology. The RFID technology is often deployed with Barcodes, Inc.’s customers as part of warehouse solutions where portals are the primary capture point. This allows for fast bulk capture of items when moving from one area to another and helps derive the best ROI. At the same time, mobile RFID can also be tracked via WLAN access points when constant, real-time locationing is needed. “We conduct feasibility studies to determine if RFID is the right technology to solve the problem as well as site assessments to determine the exact software and hardware requirements,” explains Nettesheim.

“At Barcodes, we are focused on deepening our service offering along the entire continuum, from consultation to ongoing support, to enable our customers to further automate and improve productivity and the customer experience,” adds Nettesheim. Barcodes, Inc. over the past 22 years is working towards its goal to make it easier for customers to learn about, purchase, deploy, and leverage technology for productivity and an improved customer experience.


Chicago, IL

Dan Nettesheim, CEO

Provider of barcode, mobile computing, point-of-sale and RFID products and solutions