Basis Technologies: Accelerating SAP Processes for Increased IT Productivity

Martin Metcalf, CEO Craig Oliver, CIO
With oil and gas prices dropping, supply out pacing demand and global economic uncertainty ahead, Oil and Gas businesses face challenging times. These dynamics place increased pressure on CIO’s to maintain the highest levels of performance from their IT infrastructures whilst reducing the total cost of ownership and maintaining environmental health and safety standards. For the majority of large national or global Oil and Gas businesses, this means optimizing what they get out of their SAP systems.

It’s a big task. SAP is the de-facto backbone business system for the industry. Monolithic SAP infrastructures are required to support the global operations of most Oil and Gas businesses across the globe. And, while changing SAP systems is simple in principle, it becomes hugely complex when the scale and pace of change results in complex inter-dependencies.

And of course, every change made has the potential to introduce defects and downtime.

Moving at pace, with complexity are not ingredients for an ‘incident free’ IT backbone.

Basis Technologies provides a solution to these challenges, offering Oil & Gas the tools and know-how to get the most out of their SAP solutions. Their Transport Expresso solution from helps many Oil and Gas businesses to develop and deploy SAP changes faster, without disrupting the business processes.

“To be effective in executing day-to-day business operations and gain that ‘competitive edge’, planning and managing changes to SAP systems shouldn't be a time consuming, complex and high risk task that ties down expensive SAP resources,” says Martin Metcalf, CEO, Basis Technologies. BP were an early adopter.
With the help of Transport Expresso, SAP changes are automatically deployed through a structured and robust change process. The relevant people are automatically notified to approve SAP changes at the right time, reducing risk to the production environment, speeding up the development process and reducing resource cost.

SAP changes are automatically sequenced so that they are deployed in the right order—guaranteeing accuracy and consistency. The changes are also proactively interrogated to identify risks and compliance issues well in advance of testing or production deployment. “In a recent cutover, BP deployed 17,000 SAP transports across their entire business landscape within in 48 hours without incident. Basis Technologies’ customers simply couldn’t achieve the volume and pace of changes without Transport Expresso.
Basis Technologies also offers a range of add-on business Apps for SAP which optimizes the way its clients run SAP. These solutions support faster decision-making, drive innovative business change, improve cash flow, and increase their customer satisfaction. There’s even an App to accelerate standard Joint Venture Accounting in SAP.

“We work hard to innovate with our customers and partners, creating solutions to specific pain points,” says Craig Oliver, Chief Innovation Officer Basis Technologies. “We set out to help optimize our customer’s significant investment in SAP. We’re seeing more and more interest in HANA and Cloud based SAP solutions so we’ve been working hard to ensure that our productions and upwardly compatible and more importantly, provide a clear migration path to the new SAP world.”

Basis Technologies continues to attract new customers and intends to continue building on its core values— providing solutions and services that are creative, collaborative, and value for money.

“At our heart, we’re a software company. But we’re also practical enough to realize that some problems aren’t solved using software alone. So, our teams of SAP experts are also on hand to help deliver greater SAP performance. And customer led innovation is an important part of our focus,” he concludes.

Basis Technologies

London, UK

Martin Metcalf, CEO Craig Oliver, CIO

Basis Technologies offers SAP optimization solutions and consultancy to help increase productivity of oil and gas and utility industries.