Belden: Leading Customers to the Future of IoT

John Stroup, President & CEO
The Internet of Things—the integration of the technologies that power the Internet into control systems—promises to help businesses increase flexibility, profitability, and efficiency. Belden, the St. Louis, MO based firm, which started as a simple cable manufacturer back in 1902, has now evolved as a complete signal transmission and cutting edge technology provider for connecting IoT devices. Belden provides a comprehensive suite of products to enable enterprises and manufacturers to make the move to the IoT, from a variety of high capacity cabling solutions to intelligent industrial connectivity products to high-performance ruggedized Ethernet and WiFi networking equipment to a family of firewalls and complete system-level security solutions.

Starting with physical infrastructure, Belden facilitates end-to-end signal transmissions through multitude of modalities like copper, co-axial, data, and fiber optic cables. Belden’s Category 6 small-diameter cabling solutions facilitate efficient and cost effective wireless facilities and WiFi connections. These cables consume less space and exhibit exceptional signal power and signal-to-noise performance to increase available bandwidth in the Ethernet network. To enhance the overall wireless system through easy cabling processes, the firm’s newly launched REVConnect connectivity system offers versatility and high quality reliable performance. Using universal termination core cable and easy termination method for cable connections, the product eliminates reworks and associated rework risks. “We want to simplify people's lives and installation processes through our high capacity cables by sending high data rates to access points—which is really starting to open up the IoT world,” states Dwayne Crawford, Director for Global Product Line, Belden Enterprise.

Belden IoT innovations in industrial connectivity include products such as the active I/O modules from Lumberg Automation that directly interface with sensors and actuators and transmit data to and from a PLC via an industrial Ethernet network using protocols such as PROFINET and EtherNet/IP to enable the “plug and produce” factory of the future. Belden Industrial IT is a pioneer in the IIoT market, bringing the first industrial Ethernet products to market over 20 year ago, and growing today to offer a broad line of industrial switches, routers, WiFi access points, firewalls and security appliances through the Hirschmann, GarrettCom and Tofino brands.

We want to simplify people's lives and installation processes through our high capacity cables by sending high data rates to access points—which is really starting to open up the IoT world

Most recently, Belden announced the Tripwire Cyber Security Solution for Industrial Automation. Tripwire® Configuration Compliance Manager can now reduce cyber security risks from external attacks, malicious insiders and human error while protecting critical infrastructure reliability, uptime and safety of industrial automation and manufacturing environments.

Belden's efficacy in implementing network infrastructures with quality performance and durability of signal transmission has assisted larger organizations to build productive IoT infrastructures. To quote an example, Daytona International Speedway, known for promoting motorsports-themed entertainment activities decided to innovate its speedway venue in Daytona Beach, FL, with advanced facilities to enable its 101,500 fans tweet, post, link, view and share information along with securing the venue with multitude of cameras and futuristic access controls. The facility being built in 1959, needed an updated cabling infrastructure to reliably support and connect thousands of devices and people, and distribute superior HD quality data. Working with Belden, the entire project was seamlessly completed without disrupting the stadium’s function. “We have the support infrastructure in place for any technology demands we have in the future,” says Craig Neeb, Vice President, Business Development and Chief Digital Officer for International Speedway Corporation.

Over the past few decades, Belden has invested and pioneered in the IoT landscape assisting facilities across industries to achieve desired ROI by specifically fine tuning and customizing solutions to meet customer needs. The firm is working toward improving product development around low power wireless devices and network infrastructures to carry operations for extended periods of time.


St. Louis, MO

John Stroup, President & CEO

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