BellSoft: Holistic Cloud Native Java Experience

Alexander Belokrylov, CEO
Java is a monumental programming language that powers billions of devices and software across industries. Java, however, is not inherently made for the cloud. The diversity of Java vendors and runtime environments has contributed to its evolution, but they are inadvertently a deterrent to efficient cloud migration of Java-rooted software. There is also the undesirability of vendors discontinuing long-term support (LTS) for older JDK versions, making cloud deployments of Java applications resourceconsuming and expensive.

This is where BellSoft steps in with its unique range of products and tech support, presenting an entirely new way of the Java journey. The company's primary focus is on providing Java runtime, which is efficient and optimized for modern cloud deployments and microservices. BellSoft just released Alpaquita Cloud Native Platform (ACNP), which is the set of components that decreases cloud costs for Java applications and hardens security. ACNP consists of a few elements. Alpaquita Linux - the only Linux optimized for Java, a tiny performant OS with a container image of 2.7 Mb available with musl and glibc standard c-libraries options. Liberica JDK Lite - the 100% open source OpenJDK-based runtime optimized for container use. Liberica Native Image Kit - the set of tools based on the GraalVM project allows the production of a native executable out of Java code. NIK compiles JVM-based applications into platform-native executables, allowing containerization with lesser RAM consumption, and higher running and startup speeds. Native images created with Liberica NIK can be executed almost instantly without requiring JVM. NIK supports multiple programming languages. BellSoft NIK is used by and recommended by them for all Spring Native applications.

Bellsoft fully encourages modern and progressive applications, helping to get the maximum out of investments in Java by providing security updates and critical patches to legacy JDK 6 and JDK 7. Many companies are still using these Java versions, and BellSoft is the only OpenJDK provider continuing to support these versions.
BellSoft fully complies with security requirements and more. Liberica JDK releases go live in parallel with Oracle Java SE updates, and they also deliver zero-day quarterly updates for the most popular versions: 8, 11, and 17. The offering is certified for Java SE standard, with the provision of a Technology Compatibility Kit (TCK) license from Oracle.

All in one, it can be summed up in the statement by Alexander Belokrylov, CEO of BellSoft: "In our mission to deliver the most complete Java experience, we are passionately committed to the ongoing business demands and excited to bring in a modernized for a cloud-native world. The other driving force for BellSoft is sustainability, reflected in our strategic agenda to save the resources of time, energy and costs available via integration of our products."

We deliver a complete and sustainable Java experience for our customers

BellSoft enables quick and efficient deployment of Java applications in the cloud, helping enterprises use up to 30 percent less cloud resources and save memory usage by up to 40 percent. The functioning principles of its solutions draw inspiration from Java for embedded device environments, where resource utilization demands optimization.

In more ways than one, BellSoft is a Java-native organization, all the core BellSoft team had experience working for both Sun Microsystems and Oracle, which makes this project strive with its expertise and have a leading position in OpenJDK contributions.

Due to its multi-faceted value propositions, big names, including VMware, the cloud computing and virtualization tech behemoth, Flow Traders, a major European stock trading company, and JetBrains, the global software company, are among BellSoft's extensive clientele. BellSoft also enjoys a 100 percent contract extension rate.


San Jose, CA

Alexander Belokrylov, CEO

Bellsoft's objective has been to provide the best comprehensive Java experience possible. They are deeply dedicated to developing Java for a cloud-native environment and are a major contributor to OpenJDK for the modern enterprise