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Sam paterson, Vp of product managment
With the ongoing digital disruption in the media industry, online media streaming is growing exponentially. With the mass exodus of the viewers to the online world, advertisers are keen to invest on platforms where their target audiences exist. In such a scenario, TV stations, media operators, and content creators have a great opportunity to monetize their existing content through video ads and create new revenue. However, the industry is finding that for these content creators, the quality viewing experience they deliver to their viewers, directly affects their ability to create significant revenue. In an era where content creators constantly fear losing their viewers to another service or website, Bitcentral—a media software company— is helping them to achieve viewership with longer durations while simultaneously monetizing content with server side-ads that are delivered automatically to the viewer.

At the core of these capabilities is FUEL™, Bitcentral’s cloud-based dynamic streaming and scalable solution that augments the media assets with a smooth and integrated workflow to generate digital revenue. FUEL ingests content from clients’ production control rooms and existing onsite asset management platforms. Based on the audience choice, every video is augmented using a web-based user interface that requires no installation. The content owners can apply graphics to the content and manage captions with one toolset. The content is then fed into the channel manager software, wherein different streamlining channels are created and the rules for monetizing content are set.

Making relevant content available to the viewer in a continuous, engaging presentation is key to engagement. Using tags and categories, Bitcentral’s digital streaming solution create new digital channels—be it from news, political content, or lifestyle content—and presents to the viewer in a seamless stream. With access to a pool of relevant content that meets their needs, viewers relish a TV-like viewing experience in the online space. Alongside, the solution offers an interface for ad exchanges and other ad platforms to integrate their ads into the online content without disturbing the viewing experience.

We guide our clients with solutions to help them publish content that engages the viewer and improve their revenue potential

Thus, content creators maximize their revenue potential with ease.

This dynamic experience increases the level of engagement, drives longer viewing times, and provides significantly higher numbers of ad impressions.

“We guide our clients with solutions to help them publish content that engages the viewer and improve their revenue potential,” says Sam Peterson, VP, Product Management, Bitcentral. One of Bitcentral’s clients was facing a challenge in maintaining longer viewer engagement for their online video content. The average viewing session was less than two minutes after which the viewers would switch to another tab or other content. After deploying FUEL, the client witnessed a rise in the average viewing duration by over 6 times to just under 9 minutes across their audience. Also, they were able to better monetize their content with better ad fill rates.

Bitcentral follows an overarching engagement strategy where it not only understands clients’ requirements but also implements the solution, trains a client’s teams for efficiency, and backs their efforts with monitoring and support. With a well-defined process and a team of technology specialists, Bitcentral turns each client engagement into a success story.

Moving ahead, Bitcentral continues to add more capabilities to manage media assets and content production and distribution into a cloud environment. The company continues to invest in enhancing viewing experiences with newer technologies to maximize the value of media for their customers.

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Sam paterson, Vp of product managment

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