Black & Veatch: Innovative Infrastructure Solutions to Optimize Data Centers—Nationwide and Globally

Wes Denton, Managing Director
A common concern of our data center clients is the difficulty of keeping up with growing data demands. For some clients, the deficits are hundreds of megawatts and they have to turn clients down. Often the clients can build the data center quickly, but cannot get power sources permitted, built (or modified) and commissioned in time. The trend has deviated toward the adoption of Edge Data Centers due to unprecedented increase in the levels of global connectivity. “In addition to the clients who want to build data center campuses, we are also seeing an elevated interest in small data centers: 20 rack, 4 rack and even 1 rack solutions,” said Wes Denton, Managing Director, Black & Veatch Data Centers.

An end-to-end data center delivery solutions provider, Black & Veatch is an employee-owned company with more than 100 offices worldwide. The company specializes in human infrastructure that supports mission-critical facilities for energy, water, telecommunications, and government services. The company has been consistently ranked among the best engineers, excelling in environmental engineering design and construction management. Offering concept-to-commission solutions that encompass consulting; site selection and assessment; planning, engineering and design; project management; construction services; and operations and maintenance, Black & Veatch creates sustainable and futuristic data centers next door and around the world.

For the past 35 years, Black & Veatch has made its mark in the data center industry with critical infrastructure solutions that can power mission-critical workloads on any scale. Extensive experience with different types of data center deliveries and technical architecture; collocation; governmental applications; highly secure facilities and “Smart Cities” makes Black & Veatch an ideal partner for both small and large data center clients. “One of our strengths is our ability to connect clients. For instance, a new data center client seeking access to power benefits greatly when connected to an existing client that must decommission a power plant,” emphasized Denton.

Black & Veatch has made its mark in the data center industry with critical infrastructure solutions that can power mission-critical workloads on any scale.

Over the years, Black & Veatch has established themselves as a trusted advisor and a thought leader in relation with improving the Total Cost of Operations (TCO), reliability, and development of innovative technologies and systems that enhance data center operations. One of Black & Veatch’s ongoing assignments is as Owner’s Engineer to the Moss Landing, CA-based DeepWater Desal, to fulfill the infrastructure needs for the client’s deepwater desalination project. The world’s first collocated seawater-cooled data center and seawater reverse osmosis desalination facility will have a 200 MW (megawatt) substation, the capacity to produce 55,000 acre feet a year (49 million gallons per day) of water, a 150 MW data center complex, and fiber and utilities infrastructure.

The company has strategic plans to expand the scope of its operations, propelled by existing, adjacent, and new services, markets and geographies; and a productive and integrated global workforce comprising of thousands of professionals. “Black & Veatch’s data center business is unique, even within the company, due to our freedom and flexibility to act like a small company that is fast, nimble, and cost-effective,” asserts Denton. “We are the ‘go-to people’ for data center consulting, design, construction, operation, and maintenance.”

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Wes Denton, Managing Director

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