Bluberi Gaming USA Inc.: Creating Unique Gaming Experiences

Mike Starzynski, CEO A bustle of excitement emanates from the design room at Bluberi’s Drummondville Quebec office, as a team of expert developers and a client engage in back and forth ideation. After deliberating for hours over Bluberi’s upcoming gaming solution, what finally stares back from the table is a blueprint that amalgamates the company’s vision with the client’s expectations. At a time when dominant gaming companies “carpet bomb” new solutions into the market every month with little regard for the target audience, it is a rarity to come across a company like Bluberi that propagates bespoke game development. Setting a new paradigm in casino technology with the notion of “gaming built around you,” Bluberi Gaming USA Inc. & Bluberi Gaming Canada Inc. today empower clients with niche services and a sense of choice, rarely seen in the gaming world. As a one of a kind boutique gaming firm, Bluberi offers land-based games, cabinets, and slot machines paired with exceptional customer service across Class II, Class III and TLS gaming jurisdictions for casinos across the U.S., South America, and the Caribbean. Backed by over 25 years of experience, Bluberi is replacing a legacy supplier model with meaningful partnerships, along with well-grounded research, advanced analytics, and above all, a passion for gaming solutions.

"While most solution providers in the market are non-negotiable when it comes to purchase or rev/share plans, we provide alternative options for our customers whether it’s a standard game or premium content"

Laser Sharp Customer Focus

Following a “hyper-local” approach, the company harnesses data from multiple sources to derive advanced analytics and empirical insights that help shape games to match the player demographic, and their preferences. A great example, is the way Bluberi built a specific set of games around the military theme to line up with the preferences of players located near military bases, the company has crafted military-themed games that are more popular than adventure games. In another instance, Bluberi is building a game around a local hero with wide online fanfare. “The idea isn’t to flood the market with new products but to understand a player’s consumption patterns and then deploy quality solutions at reasonable price points,” explains Mike Starzynski, CEO, Bluberi Gaming USA Inc. Since user interests keep fluctuating time and again, Bluberi follows a continuous interaction and easy transition model for clients where existing games can be altered based on a unique data driven approach. The company plans to gather small chunks of player information through a sophisticated QR code that is generated by the console itself, just another way Bluberi uses innovation.

With our philosophy of ‘gaming built around you,’ we want to empower clients with niche services and a sense of choice, rarely available from current gaming providers

When a casino operator scans the code, all user data is automatically reported back into Bluberi’s central database. Moreover, through a built-in program that collects behavioral metrics while a player interacts with a touch panel, the company makes frequent recommendations and upgrades in order to leverage the gaming experience for users. “We have a library of games that we can clone and create on-demand themes which make us standout from the crowd, as well as constantly create new and fresh content, as big companies don’t offer the same level of personalization that we bring,” adds Starzynski. Bluberi’s games are primarily casino slots and multi-level progressive jackpots with 3D graphics and cut scene animation.

Apart from state-of-the-art games, the company also offers a mix of high performance cabinets that are built for easy operation and maintenance. While BluKnight™ is the company’s standard “workhorse” cabinet whose reliability is second to none, Bluberi takes innovation to a new level with its Novus Series ™ cabinets that come in two variants, a slant version and an upright version. The premium cabinet line boasts an interchangeable common base that supports six different display modules, flexible player tracking capability, high-definition light and sound, and wraparound screens for an immersive gaming experience. A unique and thoughtful feature in the device is a built-in USB charging point and mobile cradle that makes it easy for players to use their mobile devices while enjoying their favorite game. Designed to simplify floor space planning, the Novus Series™ cabinets also ensure minimal footprint when it comes to building slot banks. At the core of the Bluberi cabinet offerings is a Spider™ game board that is built from the ground up to augment the cabinets and display modules for maximum impact and larger than life effects. The Spider™ game board is designed with security concerns in mind and is also backward compatible with the BluKnight ™ through a simple plug and play feature. To garner real time feedback, the company has even included emoticons that represent happy or sad on the player button panel, through which users can leave their valuable inputs. Bluberi supports both ends of the volatility index and their machines together with their innovative games are tailored to best suit the requirements of casino managers. In addition to the new Novus Series™ Bluberi offer its latest b.POD™ mid premium game console. “We recently rolled the b.POD™ cabinet in California and Florida for trials in 3 locations with great results.
Our clients are already generating higher revenues than before, with respect to some of our competition,” states Starzynski.

Raising the bar with Complementary Tools

The b.POD ™ by Bluberi is an innovative upgrade feature that can be added to existing Bluberi cabinets or new cabinet lines. The b.POD™ sports a third 55” HD screen which is placed on top of the base and display screen to create a vertical theater effect and amplified player engagement. The b.POD ™ is best configured across four or more cabinets with prize announcements made on the largest top screen to attract attention to a player’s achievements from anywhere on the casino floor. Just one more way that Bluberi has leveraged its workhorse cabinet with the b.POD™ enhancement is by including HD-enhanced screens and a mix of new games to significantly boost the versatility and feel of the Bluberi hallmark.

Going all out to redefine customer experience, Bluberi is also flexible in its financial modeling, especially for new casino operators who want access to premium content but are tied down due to limitations in capital and unresponsive suppliers of premium content. “While most solution providers in the market are non-negotiable when it comes to system fee, rev/share, or purchase models, we provide alternative options in funding, we even offer premium content through sale or rev/share,” remarks Starzynski. Never missing a chance to go the extra mile, in case of clients that already have functional cabinets in place, the company offers a number of options that will fit the budget of the casino operator, including games on game cards designed around the needs of the South American marketplace where cabinets may not be required by an operator.

Bluberi is elevating all aspects of their platform by future-proofing their customers. To top it all, the company provides 24/7 help desk and network operating support services on various aspects of casino operations from hardware engineering, graphics and sound, programming, to quality control.

Experience the Difference

Bluberi is further uplifting its operations to render it more responsive through Salesforce implementations for a centralized customer relationship management (CRM). “Introducing simple ways of interacting makes it easy for customers to choose us, and our years of experience make us well versed in latest services, games, and regional expectations,” remarks Starzynski. Our next generation of game is modeling a patriotic theme that changes the nature of gaming from a personal experience of just playing the game, to an innovative new way for the player to have fun and also “give back” to our valued service men and women! The company is also working toward doubling its footprint in North America and Brazil through reinforced partnerships and solutions. “We understand that no two gaming floors are alike and with our surgical precision in game development combined with unparalleled customer service, we are all set to revolutionize the casino technology industry,” ends Starzynski.

Bluberi Gaming USA Inc

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Mike Starzynski, CEO

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