Bluebird Underground, a Bluebird Network Facility: Underground Data Centers for Resilient Businesses

Michael Morey, President & CEO
Over the years, organizations have deployed data center facilities in metropolitan areas closer to businesses to consolidate relationships with customers and enhance customer experiences. But this trend is reversing. Today, building data centers in rural areas has become the new norm to slash operational costs and enhance disaster resilience, especially when those facilities are located underground. “Natural hazards like tornadoes and hurricanes are a constant threat to disrupt operations and connectivity in metropolitan and rural areas,” says Michael Morey, President and CEO, Bluebird Underground. Bluebird Underground, strategically positioned in Springfield, MO, and centrally located to Tulsa, Dallas, Kansas City and St. Louis, provides an extremely reliable and highly secure data center operation for its customers to fulfill their reliability and networking needs while improving their business. “The Bluebird Underground facility is within a mine 85 feet below the earth’s surface, carved out of natural limestone, which provides a safe and secure environment,” adds Morey.

“All of Bluebird Underground’s operational equipment is also located underground to ensure all data center, colocation, and hosted provider needs, including UPS, emergency generators and battery back-up are always 100 percent available,” says Morey. The mine offers a consistent and stable environment enhancing uptime, while the facility’s cooling units and chilled water delivery system ensures standard temperature and humidity set points for customer operations.

When it comes to physical security, “we have six distinct different levels of security that include biometric security, visual inspections, physical guard stations, card access, PIN access, and mantraps,” explains Morey. To ensure secure access control, Bluebird Underground utilizes card access and a biometric scanning system that enables only authorized users to access specific areas including the main data center location and customer specific areas.

Our philosophy for the data center is: Below ground; Above standards

In addition to security measures, Bluebird Underground employs FM-200 fire suppression systems, air sampling systems and a double interlocked zoned sprinkler system, to ensure all preventive steps are taken.

The company is proud to be SOC 2 Type II Certified, which assures clients’ processes and procedures have been verified and their equipment is safe and secure. “Another key differentiating factor that makes the Bluebird Underground Data Center stand out is its diverse connectivity via a multi-state fiber-optic network,” states Morey. Bluebird Network delivers high-speed broadband solutions to rural and urban communities and businesses. “Today, Bluebird Network has over 6,000 fiber route miles of high-speed broadband and fiber-optic connections spanning across the Midwest,” asserts Morey.

With its rapid implementation capability, seamless connectivity, and diverse network facilities, Bluebird has assisted many clients across several verticals. One of Bluebird Underground’s clients on the east coast was taken down by their data center. They contacted Bluebird Underground and were able to go from contract to space ready for installation the same day.

Forging ahead, Bluebird Underground will continue to expand its raised floor space, while Bluebird Network aims to expand its network from 6000 miles to 9000 miles in the months to come. “We are looking forward to adding more data centers within a Midwest footprint and focus on expanding geographically to envelop surrounding states, in addition to gaining deeper insights into existing products, services and needs,” says Morey. “Our philosophy for Bluebird Underground is: Below ground; Above standards.”

Bluebird Underground, a Bluebird Network Facility News

Bluebird Network Announces a New Website and Renewed Commitment to Supporting Business Growth

Michael Morey, President and CEO

COLUMBIA, MISSOURI - Bluebird Network, a communications infrastructure provider and underground data center owner, is thrilled to announce the launch of a new website redesign. New interactive features and site design proudly raise the Bluebird brand above industry standards and exemplify the company’s commitment to wireless Carriers and Enterprise businesses implementing existing and emerging digital technologies. "The fact is everything Bluebird does and all of the services we provide underpin the technologies that make our digital world possible,” said Michael Morey, Bluebird President and CEO.

“Our world is governed by the ability to make connections and leverage bandwidth. We offer world-class fiber services focused on high capacity bandwidth—and business is all about good connections.” A prominent new feature of the website is the searchable network map, allowing users to type in their business’ address to see if their building is on, near or off Bluebird’s extensive fiber network. By adding this element to the website, businesses can get the information they need more quickly.

Bluebird historically focused on providing carrier-class service to the largest telecommunications carriers in the world. While the company continues to support carrier services, now Bluebird is even more aligned to provide needed high-speed bandwidth to enterprise businesses joining the ranks of the larger data-hungry businesses shaping the world today.

“No longer is the internet a luxury,” said Morey. “Whether you are a company with 20 employees or thousands of employees, having access to bandwidth is paramount to a business’ success. Bluebird is here to support businesses of all sizes continue their growth trajectory by working smarter, not harder.”

Bluebird offers ethernet, dark fiber, wavelengths and a host of other network services and is uniquely positioned to offer businesses scalable colocation solutions from small rack units up to large amounts of square footage in private rooms.

With an exciting new platform to utilize, the company focuses on educating its customers about its full suite of services and the industry as a whole. Bluebird plans on continually updating the site to include more information, including articles and blogs written by Bluebird subject matter experts with a focus on tracking industry trends and developments.

Director of Corporate Information Technology for Tech Electronics, Inc., Michael Scott, Shares His Experience Working with the Bluebird Underground Data Center

COLUMBIA, MO – Bluebird Network has serviced customers across the Midwest with fast, secure, reliable fiber infrastructure and high capacity transport since 1999. In 2014, the company added colocation capabilities to their list of services by purchasing the Bluebird Underground Data Center. However, Bluebird’s main focus since its inception has always been providing their clientele with world-class customer care.

With over 20 years in telecommunications, Bluebird Network has had the honor of crossing paths and servicing many customers across various industries including financial institutions, schools and universities, healthcare facilities, government buildings and businesses of all sizes. Their continued patronage and kind words fuel Bluebird Network and its employees. Featured below is a letter from Michael Scott, Director of Corporate Information Technology at Tech Electronics, where he shares the success his company has experienced from working with Bluebird Network’s colocation facility – the Bluebird Underground Data Center.

“Tech Electronics has been working with Bluebird Underground since they first purchased the facility. Anytime there is a change in an organization, the customers wonder what is in store. Often when acquisitions occur, quality of service goes down, and complications go up. With Bluebird, the opposite happened. From day one, the operation, stability, responsiveness, and overall operational quality had an upward trajectory.

In my experience, how an organization runs depends on the people running it. People like Greg Cantrell and Todd Murren exude a passion for excellence and customer service. They live for their customers and their actions bear that out daily. They are meticulous in their planning and implementation of systems, always keeping customers informed on maintenance that may or may not affect operations.

The facility itself is much more than a sight to behold. It is an experience. Just entering the facility and taking a tour is a powerful experience.

Tech Electronics has big plans for the future. As Bluebird Underground continues to expand, we plan to grow with them. With Greg and Todd running their operations, we expect nothing but the best for Bluebird Underground. We are proud to partner with Bluebird and work with them as they continue to take a world-class operation to even higher levels.”

Bluebird Underground, a Bluebird Network Facility

Springfield, MO

Michael Morey, President & CEO

Provides extremely reliable and highly secured underground data center facilities

Bluebird Underground, A Bluebird Network Facility