BOARD International: Ushering a New Era of Decision-Making

Scott Jennings, Managing Director
Making conversant business decisions requisites information to be complete, consistent, precise, up-to-date, and shareable. The businesses, however, are not able to fathom the true view of their data outcomes with the traditional solutions. BOARD International brings a measure to this challenge by unifying Business Intelligence (BI), Enterprise Performance Management (EPM), and Predictive Analytics, into a single, all-in-one decision-making platform to improve business performance. Amalgamating the processes on a single platform helps organizations to analyze, plan, simulate, and find a single vision of their performances more efficiently. As the vanguard of the innovation, Scott Jennings, Managing Director, BOARD International notes, “The functionalities of BI and EPM as symbiotic and mutual catalysts have existed for long, however, coalescing them together delivers, much more than what the individual components would have resulted to produce. Our unique approach has made us the market reference and gold standard for performance management.”

BOARD–the advanced EPM platform allows businesses to decipher the enterprise data in an easy and manageable way. Breaking free from the siloed data sources and manifold Excel spreadsheets, BOARD provides a unitary plinth for accurate governance in strategy, finance, and operations. The multitude capabilities together help in propelling the businesses ahead by permitting the platform to use past data and analytic processes in sync with the present analysis to make superior decisions and get better results.

BOARD International’s programming-free modus operandi supports business teams to design, deploy, and change applications with minimal IT support. With the help of the drag and drop feature of the platform, the business decision makers can select the data effortlessly, find data measures, configure it and run the dataset for analysis. This feature stands out as a handy tool for business leaders in devising minute decisions for their enterprise quicker, without having to depend on IT experts. BOARD International provides the inventive EPM solution as a public cloud, on-premise or on-hosting, with the ability to access data from cloud or on premise.

BOARD is committed to providing cutting-edge, cost-effective, easy to use, and easy to deploy software that has a positive impact on business performance.
“We win 98 percent of deals that reach the proof of concept stage because we show users how we can transform decision-making using their own data sources and information,” states Jennings.

BOARD International caters to brand-leading companies such as Coca-Cola, Toyota, Ricoh, H&M, Lego, Renault Group, Puma, Prudential, The Cheesecake Factory, and Siemens. BOARD’s deep experience in the BI and EPM markets has also produced broad adoption and proven experience within specific vertical markets, such as Retail (fashion and grocery), Legal, Food Service, Logistics, Manufacturing, Insurance, and Financial Services.

We win 98 percent of deals that reach the proof of concept stage because we show users how we can transform decision-making using their own data sources and information

The leading clothing retail company H&M uses BOARD’s Data Fast Track tool to collect planning data from its 6,000 stores and provide a consolidated, worldwide view of the data, thus allowing for complete data transparency from the headquarters to operational stores. The recurrent planning and analysis process using the merged data gives an end-to-end connectivity for the entire organization–from shop directors, business executives, to warehouse manager, and central controllers.

In the upcoming enhancements to the platform, BOARD International wants to enable broader capabilities of IoT and artificial intelligence to bring radical shift in decision-making processes for organizations. Unleashing the elixir of AI for EPM will drastically change the way a middle-management layer of any organization tackles complex decision-making. Simultaneously, the company is also working on updates for its planning and reporting competences so that, they can detect potential problems in the machine-driven data analysis automatically, and notify the right people within the organization with immediate effect.

BOARD International

Chiasso, Switzerland

Scott Jennings, Managing Director

Unifies Business Intelligence, Performance Management, and Predictive Analytics into a single decision-making EPM platform

BOARD International