BP3: Redefining Businesses with Robotics

Lance Gibbs, Founder & Chairman
The influx of the digitalization in enterprises has transformed organizational operations and their performance in game-changing ways. It’s evident that digital transformation is here to stay and has already become an imperative for companies to stay ahead of the competition curve. An evangelist for business process improvement, Lance Gibbs, who is the founder and chairman of BP3, is well aware of the nitty-gritty of digital operations and transformation and underscores an important aspect—the correlation between employee experience and customer experience across the various touchpoints. As companies roll out innovative technologies to end customers, he adds, they must also focus on revamping the legacy systems for better employee experience. Gibbs points out that the perfect symmetry between the two is crucial for an effective digital transformation. For achieving that, underpinning all the pieces of the digital strategy and transformation is robotics. Gibbs observers, “Agility is what businesses are striving for, and robotics could provide that.” Leveraging Robotic Process Automation, BP3 is enabling the customer experience through digital business operations. Connecting the golden triangle of businesses—people, processes, and technologies, BP3 excels in delivering transformative solutions to organizations that improve their overall performance.

BP3’s core competency lies in providing flexibility and decreasing the time to value for companies. The RPA technology that BP3 provides plays an integral role in significant cost-cutting and saves considerable time consumed in mundane repeatable tasks. Gibbs, with his decades of experience in the IT landscape, has realized that these tasks are major dissatisfiers for employees that eventually reflect in the customer experience. RPA aptly fits the bill here by automating the low-value tasks, which drastically improves the customer experience and saves employees enough time to focus on value-added work. “With a background in process-centric consultancy, the adoption of robotics, for us, has come organically whereby we focus on processes holistically,” says Gibbs.

Agility is what businesses are striving for, and robotics could provide that

To begin with, BP3 engages in identifying the repeatable non-complex or dynamic tasks that client’s employees are saddled with. Not to mention, these tasks often incur huge costs on companies that they could have otherwise invested in innovation. “RPA provides them a way to curtail cost and be much more agile to the needs of the business and their customers as a whole, integrating and connecting system to system and humans to systems,” explains Gibbs. Emphasizing people and processes primarily and taking employee experience into account, BP3 leverages RPA to bridge the gap between the digital customer experience and legacy back-office work.

Illustrating the efficacy of BP3’s RPA solution, Gibbs shares an account of BP3’s contribution to a financial institution. The client was overwhelmed with a huge number of requests from customers through voicemails, emails, and also postal mails. The financial institution was in dire need of a solution that could efficiently categorize the requests depending on factors like the type and the channel and also determine who in the organization needed to respond to them. Using intelligent robotics, BP3 was able to consume all the data that was coming through, implement sentiment analysis to identify the kind of the requests, and then automatically orchestrate the work movement to the right person at the right time. This reduced the time to respond to a great extent, eliminated work stagnation, and mitigated manual errors. As a first project, BP3 helped the client achieve an ROI of 300 percent in just a few months.

For the forthcoming years, BP3 will continue assisting their clients in delivering enhanced customer and employee experience. The company also plans to delve into a broader market space, bringing their innovation and solutions to not only enterprise-level organizations but also smaller players in the market.


Austin, TX

Lance Gibbs, Founder & Chairman

BP3’s pre-eminent platform proves instrumental in connecting customer experience with digital business operations utilizing Robotic Process Automation (RPA)