Bright Pattern: Crafting a Seamless Omnichannel Experience

Michael McCloskey, CEO
Customer expectations of personalization and the ability to choose their preferred form of communication while conversing with enterprises have dramatically increased over the years. As most of the contact center software deployed by enterprises are built with yesterday’s technology, today’s businesses are unable to introduce new technologies within their solution and are often burdened with several third-party infrastructures. This often leads to disruption in business continuity due to the absence of a specific solution to address multichannel routing. The silver bullet in this scenario is brought on by Bright Pattern’s next-generation cloud communications platform for the modern contact center market. The platform is designed to encompass all the communication modalities and retain conversation context seamlessly across all channels, which ultimately provides enhanced and contextualized customer experience.

Bright Pattern provides an omnichannel solution that can maintain the continuity of a conversation across several forms of communication channels. The solution provides the flexibility to switch channels—voice calls, messaging apps such as Line, WeChat, Viper, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, and Apple Business Chat, SMS, MMS, videos, and others— during a conversation. “Bright Pattern is tailored to support voice-to-text chat transition by providing voice transcription while transitioning to text and treating the whole chain as a single conversation,” says Konstantin Kishinsky, founder and CTO of Bright Pattern. To bring interoperability within the enterprise communication space, Bright Pattern integrates with the relevant CRM software from Zendesk, Salesforce, Oracle, Microsoft, through powerful APIs.

To provide the distinctive capabilities of AI, the platform integrates with the existing bots of third-party vendors of the client besides providing the capability to build a bot for self-service, voice communication, and agent assistance. The AI-powered bot is leveraged to interact with end-customers through a chat interface to provide enhanced customer satisfaction and eliminate waiting time. The platform also uses bot automation for channel transition and AI to analyze the conversation and continue serving the customer without disruption.

One of the value propositions of Bright Pattern is the solution for the visually impaired, which offers unique browsing capabilities that help agents navigate intuitively through all the functionalities of the product.

Our speed of product innovation and customercentric approach will prove disruptive and be a competitive advantage for us in the future

The software uses voice command to help an agent navigate through the platform and the agent interface.

Konstantin Kishinsky, Founder & CTO
Kishinsky cites a recent instance when they were approached by a large BPO that manages over 35,000 seats. They had trouble with their existing legacy solution, which was expensive and did not provide omnichannel capabilities required to keep today’s customers satisfied. After an intensive search for the best contact center solution, the BPO was impressed by Bright Pattern’s omnichannel platform. “They loved our omnichannel platform, the flexibility, high ease of use, and found the product the most robust in the industry,” says Michael McCloskey, CEO of Bright Pattern.

Forging a successful path to move ahead of the competition curve, Bright Pattern’s team of experienced communication industry veterans have spent the past few years architecting the most advanced cloud communication platform in the industry. As most of the contact center solutions in the market are built on third-party infrastructures or have bolted on products, organizations often have to support various architectures within their product and that creates a far more complex scenario. Bright Pattern’s single built-for-purpose solution brings agility to add new functionalities as required by the market from time to time. “Our speed of product innovation and customer-centric approach will prove disruptive and be a competitive advantage for us in the future,” concludes Kishinsky.

Bright Pattern

San Bruno, CA

Michael McCloskey, CEO and Konstantin Kishinsky, Founder & CTO

Bright Pattern provides effective cloud contact center software and creates an omnichannel to enhance customer satisfaction

Bright Pattern